My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 973

Vol 5 Chapter 973: Wanted Order

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Chapter 973

Lin Chen sat in the lobby and learned all the ins and outs.

Affiliated families of the Chen family, the two princes on the genius list have been attracted to An Xiaojiao and An Yaner for a long time, and they have repeatedly been tough to raise their relatives. This time they even have to rob people!

Their affiliated families, like Anjia, did not have a holy land to sit in, but because of their luck, two genius list geniuses emerged and they were supported by the Chen family.

A family without a sanctuary can only find a chance of survival by relying on great forces.

"Since the two thousand dollars saved me, if the other party comes to raise relatives the day after tomorrow, let me do it."

Lin Chen smiled lightly, revealing absolute confidence!

There are not many people who can threaten him in the Holy Realm. If so, at least the top 50,000 geniuses in the genius list!

The Chen family has only two holy realms, and will not go out for this trivial matter.

"If you really need it then, you'll be troubled by the dragon!"

An Jiazhu clenched his fists.

It's not that they don't try to stop the opponent, but once they do, they are equivalent to standing on the opposite side of the Chen family. They haven't appeared in the genius list, and they have no bargaining chips with the opponent.

If Lin Chen intervenes in this matter, he may be able to deter the opposite with the force behind it!

"I heard that there is an auction in Longxiang City. I have to take a good look."

Lin Chen got up and laughed, at this time it was nighttime, but it happened to be the night market.

An Yaner smiled Yan Yan-"Then let me lead the son."

"Hee hee, I'm going too! The 100,000 silver holy yuan that Brother Long gave me gave me the chance to spend ~"

An Xiaojiao jumped up and down to follow Lin Chen, the laughter made everyone in the lobby dumbfounded, and the corners of his mouth slammed!

Send it as soon as you get it... 100,000 silver holy yuan coins?

What a sacred thing this boy is...

The three left, and a war emperor told him personally.

"Homeowner, do you want to send a guard to protect the lady again?"

"No. No matter how good the guard is, the one next to them, these two nizis, picked up a big Buddha for our family..."

In the eyes of the owner, revealing the light!


At night, the Dragon Elephant City is brightly lit and still full of people.

Lin Chen and the second daughter strolled on the street, and there were beautiful women on the left and right sides. They envied others and exclaimed countless others!

How can the two daughters of Anjia come so close to a young man?

However, today's Dragon Elephant City can be described as fiery and full of excitement!

One is because of the millennium auction feast of the Dragon Elephant City.

Second, it is because the Chen family has just announced many islands and borderlands, and new heavyweight news has been born!

There were many'notices' scattered on the streets. Like the snow, it was the announcement just issued by the Chen family.

On the notice, there are conspicuous lists of several peoples wanted orders, with clear portraits on them!

Many strong men have received some notices, and when they read it for a while, their faces are shocked and horrified!

"Wanted order? The Chen family formally wanted the following characters: Affiliated to the Dark Horse Club, title: Heavenly God Xiafan Linchen, title: One Sword, Supreme Master, Zhende Shuai, Title: Peerless Saint, Zhende Ying, Title: Ghost Axe, Zhenzhen Virtues and titles: Monarch of the Moon, Zhendejiu, Zhendexiu, Zhendepi."

"Characteristics: From the late period of Jiuzhong to Emperor Xiu of the Second Tribulation Warfare, if found, report it in time. Reward amount: if one person finds the report successful, he can get 800,000 silver holy yuan coins, three kinds of purple top-level best-quality exercises, and one piece of alien crystal 1. One of the 7th-tier peak weapons and 5 of the 7th-tier top-quality treasures? My God, what a huge reward!"

Countless powerhouses are ready to move, whether it is to attend an auction or hidden world powerhouses, caravans, passing sectarian elders, everyone wants to share a slice of the soup!

The 800,000 silver holy yuan coin alone horrified the world, and there are many treasures of magical powers, panacea, which is a great chance for many people!

Even if the team is divided into prizes, you can get an objective profit!

But it is a group of young people whose second robbers are around, even if they are the peerless geniuses in the genius list, they can get huge rewards for delaying the announcement of the news, and the fools will not do it!

"This group of people is a special treasure trove of walking! What a terrible disaster this is!"

"Uh, uh, don't you know? According to my grandfather, he just came out of the Chen family, and the atmosphere didn't dare to take a breath. The two saints of the Chen family personally went out to plan this wanted order!"

"Yeah, our uncle also said that it is said that there are several new holy places coming to the Chen family headquarters!"

"His? Is there a new saint going out? This is crazy!"

"The characters who have to be captured even in the Holy Realm, this group of people is afraid to break through the sky!"

"Did you not pay attention to the recent list of geniuses? Chen Wuming, the first genius of the Chen family, died in the hands of Zhen De Shuai in this dark horse club! Even the rankings were replaced! It is strange that the Chen family does not want him!"

The Dragon Elephant City exploded because of this newly announced news. Countless powerful people talked about each other, formed teams temporarily, and helped gangs to find the people on the wanted order.

"Wow, Brother Long Chen Bo, did you hear that, these people are too powerful, and even alarmed several Holy Realms to arrest them..."

An Xiaojiao held the wanted order and shook his head to say something strange.

Lin Chen nodded with a smile-"Indeed, there are still a few handsome men on this wanted order, especially Lin Chen, who is as handsome as I am! How can there be such a handsome man in the world! "

An Xiaojiao pulsed and smiled, "Brother Dragon, why are your concerns so strange!"

An Yaner gave Lin Chen a deep look.

Lin Chen shrugged. "Come on, let's go to the auction. Good things come in the back. I guess we have time to catch up with the highlight of the second half."

The second daughter kept up, and suddenly, a pleasant voice of anger came from Lin Chen's ear.

"Dragon Master, I don't know if Yan'er has a chance to know your real name?"

Its An Yaners voice!

But when the Chen family issued a wanted order at this time, they found another strange young boy who didn't want to reveal the origin, could they not doubt it?

The most important thing is that his method is simply incredible! The wound that waits for one foot to step into the gate of a ghost can be cured in one day?

Even the seventh-order peak apothecary and the seventh-order peak elixir complement each other without this kind of wonder effect!

Even more frightening is that his shot is 200,000 silver holy yuan coins, which is not an ordinary genius's financial resources at all!

Women's intuition is often terrible.

"Girl Yan'er, I don't hate smart girls, but do you think knowing my true identity is good for you."

Lin Chen voiced privately and smiled indifferently.

An Yaner pondered for a moment, smiled slightly, and stopped asking.

The three entered the auction venue, and the auction was full of enthusiasm!

Lin Chen just entered the venue and heard a treasure name that attracted him!

"A bottle of Tianyi holy water, VIP No. 30, bidding 20,000 silver holy yuan coins!"