My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 974

Vol 5 Chapter 974: I Just Want To Know How Poor I Am

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Chapter 974, I just want to know how poor I am

Fu Sheng Ancient Kingdom Royal Palace.

The high-ranking politicians of the sacred country, holding the jade jade that was spied back in their hands, their eyes were dull, their expressions twitched, like hell!

The information engraved on the jade jade seems to be the situation of the Quartet Conference jointly held by Qiyu and Xuanyu!

However, almost all the geniuses in this message have been overwritten by a name!

Dark Horse Club!

The hands of the seventh and sixth princesses covered their red lips lightly and throbbed!

The messages engraved on the jade jade are more outrageous than one, even horrifying the world and subverting common sense!

"His genius is really handsome and handsome, he can barely manage to make the holy sword at a young age. In the later period of Jiuzhong, he has cultivated the orange-level sword skills, and he killed the son of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce with one sword."

"Zhendejiu, the monarch of the title of the moon, the late Emperor Jiuzhong repaired the eighth-order knife device that can be used as an imperial force, and has practiced the orange-order knife method in the sky!"

"Zhende Ying, the title of Peerless Master. The joint refining with Shengzi Pavilion genius Han Ziyun, refining the eighth-order Shengdan, the highest score of refining medicine in the past four parties!"

"Zhengde is long, titled the awe-inspiring workmanship, the strongest genius of the founders of the Quartet conferences in the past, with the strength of the eighth-level caster..."

"All the geniuses in the Black Horse Club are suspected of possessing the level of holy pharmacists!"

"Lin Chen, the deputy director of the Black Horse Club, carries two luck-loving plants with him, and can be rich in the enemy's country! One person singles out all the geniuses in the Tiange, suppressing it positively! All members of the club are suspected to possess more than four orange-level combat skills!

The moment I got the jade jade, the entire senior priesthood and even the sovereign were all in a state of dumbfounding!

Black Horse Club, what kind of fairies are gathered in the end!

Too **** evil!

Eighth-tier pharmacist per capita? Is this still human?

After reading the contents of the jade slips, the Lord of the Kingdom couldn't calm down for a long time. The Lord of the Kingdom shuddered: "What god-son-in-law did I recruit?"

The previous achievements have been called perverts in metamorphosis, followed by the phrase "Eighth-ranking Alchemist per capita"?

On the day of the emotional election of the son-in-law, Zhen Deshuai's lightly written words turned out to be true!

"Holding four orange-order combat skills, my goodness..."

"A few of the top Sipin sects have only one kind of orange-level exercises after the accumulation and inheritance of countless resources. There are four kinds of dark horse clubs?"

The generals of the literary courts twitched their mouths, this kind of heritage is too scary!

Only the legendary five-pin giant forces can have a foundation!

"No wonder this little guy can provoke so many holy realms..." After the master of the country exclaimed, his eyes narrowed!

"I have decided that the imperial conquest, standing in the dark horse club, during my absence, all the political affairs of the dynasty will be governed by the state division and the emperor and the second son!"

The owner made a decision to stun everyone in the hall!

A monarch of a country, how many young people have personally protected themselves?

"Father and Emperor, we are going too!"

The seventh princess and the sixth princess said in unison!


In the Longxiang City auction venue, a large number of VIPs were attracted by the tender offer of a brother in Tsing Yi!

"People Long Chen Bo, bid 50,000 silver holy yuan coins, bid for this bottle of Tianyi holy water!"

The auctioneer made a final decision, and many people couldn't help but cast their eyes on Lin Chen with a "look at the fool".

"Hey, is this a silly person with a lot of money? On this day, one holy water has so little weight, and it is worth up to 30,000 silver holy yuan coins."

"Maybe they are to show their prestige in front of the beauty. You haven't seen the two nizis beside him. They are the two daughters of Anjia."

Some jealous young men sneered, but Lin Chen did not take it seriously and found a place with the sisters to sit down.

"Brother Long, you have spent too much..."

An Xiaojiao's tongue out-"I bought it too much."

"A thing is worth it. It depends on whether you need it or not. Whatever I need is worth it."

Lin Chenyun smiled lightly, he really needed Tianyi Shengshui! Because Chi Jinshu has just entered the growth stage.

What he does not lack right now is money!

He robbed Hong Yan's holy phoenix treasury, and with the recent output of three luck luck plants, Lin Chen now holds more than 22 million silver holy yuan coins!

This has not yet counted the massive seventh-order medicinal herbs produced by Qi Yun Ling Zhi, in a nutshell; now Lin Chen, a person's wealth output rate can rival the four ranks of sect!

A bidder with someone from Tallinn is equivalent to bidding with the entire Sipin sect! No fun at all!

"Next, this is the highlight of the auction of alien crystal fragments. Two pieces of Tianshuang alien crystal fragments, with a starting price of 60,000 silver holy yuan..."

Before the auctioneer finished, a voice came out.


The auctioneer was stunned!

All the guests were stunned!


300,000 silver holy yuan coins?

Did they hear it wrong?

Two precious crystal fragments are no longer worth 300,000 silver holy coins...

The girl's light blame immediately sounded in the auction venue-"Brother Long, you have too much..."

"Ah, that's too much? Or less... 290,000!"

Everyone's mouth twitched... You have so much **** money that you have no place to spend it or come here?

"Brother Long, there are still too many..."

"Then 280,000! If it is less, my conscience will hurt! Look at the auction of people who have been greedy early on. It's not easy. We should consider the hard work of others!"

Duke Long's "hearted and painful", all of which revealed his concern for the grassroots people.

When An Yan'er was about to speak, Long Gongzi sternly said, "That's it, let me fall!"

"2... 280,000 silver holy yuan coins, two pieces of Tianshuang Amorphous Crystal, obtained by bidding by Dragon Master..."

The auctioneer's expression of suspicious life for the first time, he slaughtered the customer for so many years, the first time he encountered such a rich and stunned wonder!

In order to prevent the other party from making trouble, the auctioneer specifically asked Lin Chen to pay the bid amount first.

As a result, Lin Chen took out a few of the ring from Taoyuan planting capsules, and each ring was filled with 100,000 silver holy coins, which shocked the people in the auction venue again!

"VIP! Absolute VIP, this elder brother can't offend, it's definitely a big one!"

The auctioneer was ecstatic, and then launched another fire crystal fragment, starting at 40,000!

"60,000 silver holy yuan!"

Immediately there was a fancy quotation from the VIP, the voice just fell, and the voice of the young man echoed back into the venue.

"200,000 silver holy yuan coins."

Everyone in the audience: "...grass!"

"Two pieces of Yin Amorphous Crystal Fragment, starting price: 120,000 silver holy yuan coins!"


"Three pieces of thunder crystal fragments, starting price..."


Everyone in the auction venue was dumbfounded!

Longzi lay on the seat helplessly, sighing dryly and sadly-"Oh, I was once said that I can't even support my own woman, so I came out carefully to see how poor I am, but I didn't expect everyone No more bidding, I just want to know how poor I am, is it so difficult?"

The audience was silent...