My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 975

Vol 5 Chapter 975: What Is Poor?

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Chapter 975

"This **** poor?"

"I'm Buddha! Which way does the fairy say that this man is poor without long eyes?"

"Is this still human language?"

The genius list of the individual geniuses on the scene was crazy, and they gathered here to buy alien crystal fragments to strengthen their strength. I didn't expect to let Lin Chen take the show alone!

In the past, when you met people who were stupid and had a lot of money, the opponents who bid for each other would set a malicious bid for the other party to raise the price, but no one dared to engage in this'Dragon Master'!

This opening is hundreds of thousands of silver holy yuan coins, in case he does not follow after the bid?

Isn't it necessary to buy several pieces of alien crystal at a price that is several times higher? More than one hundred and two hundred thousand silver holy yuan coins float!

No one dares to take this risk!

Although the VIPs who participated in the auction had a small amount of capital, most of them came from the second-rank forces, and few came from the third-rank sect.

Moreover, even if you are from the Sanpin sect, you dare not bid like this. In just a few auctions of alien crystal fragments, the silver holy yuan coin that this dragon screamed out was more than three million! shocking!

Almost all the auctions of alien shards made the "Dragon Master" strong, and no one dared to bid!

Lin Chen spent more than 4 million silver holy yuan coins this time, and obtained 14 pieces of alien crystals, which were all decomposed and made into a nirvana!

In addition to the previous accumulation, Lin Chen already has 17 blue-level advanced nirvana!

This is one of the few powers he contends with the Holy Realm, and there will never be too many nirvana!

The auctioneer was full of enthusiasm, and this time he made a lot of money! I even met such a big gold master!

An Xiaojiao looked at Lin Chen's eyes more and more admired!

An Yan'er looked dignified gradually...

The auctioneer launched a new counter and opened the jade box, which contained ten brilliant sapphire handles!

"Lili Bodhi, a holy product for treating internal injuries, has a similar effect to the legendary Long Qingguo, but it is more effective than Long Qingguo. Long Qingguo can increase qi and blood and can also be used for healing, while Liuli Bodhi The son's exclusive healing sacred product has no effect on tempering qi and blood, and has the same value as Long Qingguo, each with its own merits!"

"The starting price of each of these ten colored glass bodices is set according to Long Qingguo on the market, one 100,000 silver holy yuan. The life-and-death essential sacred healing product, and there is no drug resistance. , It depends on your bids!"

As soon as this thing came out, the atmosphere of the audience became extremely hot!

Many old powerhouses come here for this. Long Qingguo has a price but no market on the market, and it is a holy product for physical exercise and healing.

Although this glass bodhi does not have the effect of enhancing qi and blood, the healing effect is better than Long Qingguo!

The strong will fight through a lot of life and death. The seventh-stage peak life-saving panacea. After taking it once, the drug resistance is higher. The second use must not have the full effect as the first, and 50% can be considered good.

Ruri bodhi, no resistance! This is higher than some of the seventh-order peak life-saving panacea itself!



"200,000 silver holy yuan coins plus a top-ranking top-grade elite medicine!"

"200,000 plus a volume of purple order top-level mentality!"

All the ways come from the big family, the four robbers and the five robbers of the big denominations have bid, and they have pulled out the bottom of the family for a glass bodhi!

The auctioneer swallowed and focused on Lin Chen's reaction.

That's right, in the final analysis, it still depends on whether the big money master bids or not!

Many strong men are also surreptitiously observing this'Dragon Master'. If he bids, things will not be so simple.

With all the attention, Lin Chen finally responded.

He slowly raised his hand and stretched out five fingers.

"I want all the glazed bodhi, 5 million."

The whole silence...

5 million silver holy yuan?

This number is equivalent to a full month's expenses for all the four ranks of the sect!

It is not ruled out that the top Sipin forces are richer, but this number is really terrifying and shocks everyone in the audience!

If this dragon son is a holy land, no one will doubt his financial resources, but he is just an extremely young boy! How can you look at it in your early twenties?

Even the Jingding successors of the Sipin sect cannot come up with such huge sums of money in one go!

Everyone was caught in a wild guess about Lin Chen's identity...

It took a while for the auctioneer to get back to his mind, and with a final word, ten glass priests were all auctioned by Lin Chen!

Almost immediately, Lin Chen divided two small shadows for Taoyuan capsules and took them.

"Quick recovery speed! It's a treasure with the same name as Long Qingguo. If you go on like this, the little shadow will be completely healed the day after tomorrow!"

Lin Chen's heart was overjoyed, and the restoration of the small shadow represented that he could move freely under the eyes of the Holy Land!

"There is also the finale weight tonight treasure!"

The auctioneer was so excited that he waved his hand, and the beautiful maid slowly pushed a freezer, which contained crystal clear and pure liquid, but from time to time, a faint blue light mist rose.

"Tianyi Holy Water?"

"My God! With so many days of holy water, how much does it have to sell!"

Some VIPs sucked in the air, Lin Chen's eyes shined!

A holy water these days, there must be one cubic meter. For Linchen to plant red gold trees, it is almost a sleepy pillow!

Lin Chen obtained the Tianyi Shengshui in the Taoyuan capsules at about five cubic meters. These days the Shengyishui is comparable to one-fifth of the original!

"Tianyi Shengshui contains the essence of sacred elements, which can enhance the understanding and spirituality of souls, accelerate the understanding of combat skills and cultivation of mind, and even break through the original rank of the combat skills that have been cultivated."

"The starting price is 800,000 silver holy yuan. Of course, according to the original seller's meaning, it is also possible to bid separately..."

Before the auctioneer finished, countless people were almost crazy! Lin Chen raised his hand again!

"5 million silver holy yuan coins plus 50,000 seventh-tier advanced medicinal herbs, I want it all."


The audience fell into a weird silence, the needle drop was heard...

This auction ended with an unprecedented ending. Although there is no heated bidding, the second half of the auction is simply ridiculous...

"Hey, the feeling of spending money is really cool!"

Lin Chen walked out of the auction and felt refreshed!

This harvest is huge! Although it cost more than 14 million silver holy yuan coins, it has obtained a large amount of Tianyi holy water and alien crystal fragments!

Lin Chen didn't distress the money at all. His luck was able to produce this amount in a few days, which made Lin Chen feel deeply that the resources were plentiful!

Walking on the street, Lin Chen witnessed the distant starry sky, a gorgeous and colorful light illuminated the night, colorful and brighter than the moonlight countless times!

"Where is that?"

Lin Chen asked curiously.

"That is the purgatory volcanic island of the Chen family. Isn't it beautiful? Every year, countless tourists come to the island near the Chen family to visit this wonder."

An Xiaojiao introduced Lin Chen lively.

"Yeah, it's really beautiful."

Lin Chen sighed, but the next sentence scared the sisters around him!

"The fire in the crater is so beautiful. If it is used to set off fireworks, it will be even more beautiful."