My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 976

Vol 5 Chapter 976: Yunzi

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Chapter 976

light fireworks? The Purgatory Volcano Island has to be cautious even when entering the Holy Land. Who dares to use this thing to set off fireworks!

The sisters were cold and sweaty, and this Dragon Master was really interested in...

Lin Chen returned to the refining pharmacy, spent 5.2 million silver holy yuan to buy the next dozen of eight-tier heavenly earth and earth treasures, and left more than three million silver holy yuan on hand.

In a giant city like Dragon Elephant City, there are still more than a dozen of the Chen family's territory. Lin Chen is not afraid that those holy realms will come here.

When returning to his home, Lin Chen temporarily closed down and started the avatar to continue refining the remaining silver holy yuan coins.

After many twists and turns, Lin Chen had already touched the shackles of the three robbers and the emperor Xiu Xiu.

Over the night, Lin Chen and all the avatars absorbed a lot of silver holy yuan coins, but the three strains of Yunyun Zhizhi produced more than three million pieces! Training resources are just rolling!

"Before refining 10 silver holy yuan coins, you can get 1 high-level essence of war, but now you need more than 20 pieces. It seems that after my element attribute value and cultivation level are improved, the foundation is more and more solid. The difficulty of breaking through is rising..."

At this time, a noisy festive sound came out of Lin Chen's room!

"Yun Chen and Yun Zhen are here to marry the two families of Anjin!"

At the entrance of the Anjia Mansion, two seventh-order cloud dragons rose in the void, majestic, breathing in fog, and covered with curtains of red color, just like a red sedan chair.

The An Zhu's face was slightly ugly.

The two young men walked slowly into the lobby, dressed in red robes, and saw the head of the family, who smiled and said: "Homeowner, we arrived as scheduled, please invite the two brides out."

Hundreds of people outside and the seven five-robbery warlords of the Yun family ridiculed, and a team carried the gift to send to the Anjia, regardless of whether the Anjia refused or accepted.

"I don't remember having promised to give my daughter to you, saying how many times it is the same! Don't you want to rob someone?"

The homeowner Shen shouted.

The two geniuses looked cold, and Yun Chen smiled and said-"Homeowner, all the gifts are down. Do you want us to be empty-handed?"

"My sister and I never planned to marry your Yun family! Do you still want to fight with Anjia?"

Jia Jiao Jia, An Xiao Jiao and An Yaner appeared in the lobby.

That eyebrow cold and proud Yun Zhen immediately looked at An Xiaojiao with lascivious and greedy eyes, unscrupulous greed in his eyes.

The two women's alchemy talents are top-notch. Their cousins and two marry the sisters not only because of their appearance, but also to gradually annex the family and permanently take a senior pharmacist with them.

"Our home is not muddy, if you dare to marry someone by the name of marrying today, we do not mind setting up a war with you!"

The three elders of the five emperors of the Anjia family stood up, their eyes sharp, and they wanted a kind of unbending momentum.

An old man in a yellow robe stood up, holding an ancient token and jokingly smiled-"Yeah, are you sure you want to die with us?"

That ancient order is engraved with the quaint characters "Chen"! Ling An's face changed slightly!

"Chen Jialing? You even got the token of the Chen family..."

Obtaining this order proves that the affiliated family has become the family cultivated by the Chen family! The weight is not comparable to the home!

If a full-scale war starts, Sebi will cause the intervention of the middle-level elders of Chen's family. If they are deported and left the shelter of the Dragon Elephant City and the Chen's territory at that time, the whole family will be displaced!

"Don't you want to offend the Chen family, don't want to be driven out of the Chen family, don't make it difficult for each other to do it, Master An, how can you say that after Xiao Jiao and Yan'er have passed the door, you are also our old man."

Yun Zhen sneered, the head of the family and the elders shivered with anger!

"None of you here today can take you away. Give you a joss stick time to roll yourself, or, I will throw all of you out."

A young and plain laugh echoed throughout the lobby!

Sister An Xiaojiao's face was overjoyed!

"Brother Dragon?"

The teenager attacked Tsing Yi and walked in front of the sister, patting the head of An's house and laughing. "The owner can drink tea next to me. I will solve the next thing."

The two emperors of the Five Tribulation Warfare looked seriously and looked at Lin Chendao: "Your Excellency, Long Chenbo, who abandoned my Yun family yesterday and showed his talent at the auction?"

Some Yunjia people's mouths are slightly ripped, Long Chenbo? What the **** is this name?

"Isn't there something in your heart that I am safe from today? Are you going to roll yourself or I will throw you out."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, murderous!

"Oh? Xiongtai, do you also like Sister Anjia?"

Yun Zhen is like a smiling tiger.

Lin Chen waved his hand--"Dont compare me with you, Im a little interested in them, its free to be a concubine, its okay to be a maid,"

Everyone was stunned, and the two major refining medicines in the family, Tianjiao Qianjin and Qianjin, became mammoths... This breathless one was gone!

An Xiaojiao's pretty red face cast a curious look on Lin Chen...

Bang ~!

Immediately rushing, Yun Chen slammed Lin Chen with a palm of his face, and the face of everyone was slightly surprised.

"Let's talk nonsense, even low-powered goods are not qualified to grab women with Ben Shao!"

Yun Zhen is even more insidious, with his fingertips like a man's finger, one finger outstretched, and three swords burst forth with anger!

boom! boom!

Light robbery and fighting spirit flashed, the airflow was torn apart, the sword gas was broken, and the afterimage was broken!

When even the Five Tribulation Warlords did not respond, the two geniuses flew out of the gate of their home like an arrow from the string!


The two vomited blood, even spitting out internal organ fragments, shockingly, the fighting shrank and became weaker and weaker.

"Ah! My battle life wheel, you dare to abolish me... you are dead!"

"The Chen family won't let you go, bastard......"

The two screamed, no matter whether they were strong in the Anjia family or the Yunjia family, the corners of their mouths were pumped!

one move!

Didn't even see the Five Tribulation Warlords, the two were abolished?

"How dare you...?" Parent Yun was furious!

Boom~! The hurricane rolled up, and a flying knife touched the old man's neck and neck, as fast as a ghost.

"Why, you also want to join them? Don't say you want to rob someone, even if Chen Wuming of the Chen family is here, as long as I am still there, he can't even take away the root hair in this lobby."

Lin Chen was expressionless and sneered.

The seven cloud parents are cold sweat DC...

Finished, kicked the iron plate!

When the people of the Yun family were previously scrapped, they were still half-confident, and they didn't think that a reclusive person was really hiding in the home.

Yun Zhen and Yun Chen were ranked more than 93,000 on the genius list. One battle against the emperor Xiu Wei was able to abolish both of them in one move. Even the genius list genius ranked more than 60,000!

Will such a person be of ordinary background?

Under the prestigious name, there are no vacant men, and no genius on the list.

Geniuses with higher rankings are more horrible, and ordinary denominations can't cultivate top geniuses at all!

This is almost universally recognized by the Holy Realm!