My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 977

Vol 5 Chapter 977: Genius Gathering Summit Meeting

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Chapter 977, Geniuses Gathering, Summit Meeting

"How could this child have such a deep relationship with Anjia! No one at the auction said how close he and Anjia were to each other..."

"Damn, the Chen family will not offend such a genius for us..."

"With this help, it's almost unrealistic to annex and settle down. Yunzhen and Yunchen are also lost. It's really **** dog!"

Seven embattled warlords withdrew in embarrassment, and everyone in the family collectively shouted in excitement; go!

"Dragon Master, thank you for avoiding this disaster for our family."

The Anzhu family solemnly clenched their fists to thank.

"Dragon Master's kindness is unforgettable. I don't know what Long Gongzi said just now, but I want to take my sister and me as maidservants?"

An Yaner asked with a smile.

"Miss Yan'er is so smart that she can guess that is my joke."

Lin Chen smiled, and then said seriously-"I have something that matters, I will go in two days, and there is only so much I can help."

"Brother Long is going! Isn't it a good day to accompany me for my birthday!"

An Xiaojiao was reluctant. When the day after tomorrow was her birth, Lin Chen had promised to accompany her for the birthday feast.

"Xiao Jiao, Brother Long must have something to do, how can you be capricious!"

An Yaner taught An Xiaojiao.

"Brother Long will not be able to spend time with you at the time, but will definitely give you a big gift! A unique gift that belongs only to you, how?"

Lin Chen rubbed An Xiaojiao's hair with a smile, coaxing Nizi's eyes!


"Really, I promise."

Master An seemed to think of something and asked seriously-"Dragon Master, are you going to participate in the Nanbang Tianbang Conference?"

Lin Chen stunned, "What is the Tianbang Conference?"

The An family was stunned, could this Dragon Master be a success or not a person in the South?

He didn't even know the top list meeting?

Master An explained to Lin Chen the origin of the Tianbang Conference briefly. Lin Chen's eyes were polished!


South region, above an island.

This island has a very extraordinary day today!

The day when the registration of the Tianbang Conference opens!

The geniuses in the genius list are also divided into three, six, nine, etc., just like the genius in the top 50,000 and the genius in the bottom 50,000, are two completely different grades!

The genius list is the top conference of the genius list. Only the top 40,000 geniuses can register!

The convening of Tianbang symbolizes the opening of Rainbow Island.

Every year in the top list conference, the winners will get a place to enter Rainbow Island. There are only 4,000 places, but there are more than 10,000 geniuses!

The Rainbow Island is full of crises, but it has rare opportunities in the world, alien fragments, eighth-order holy artifacts, half-orange-order exercises, and if the chances are enough, even orange-order combat skills and complete alien crystals may be obtained!

Every year the Talent Ranking Conference attracts a large number of geniuses within the top 40,000 in the Talent Ranking.

Hundreds of figures are suspended in the high-altitude cloud.

If the cultivation base reaches a certain level, observe carefully, these figures are differently circulating the Holy Light, all saints!

Hundred Saints gathered!

Such scenes can be called rare for thousands of years!

Moreover, from time to time a shuttle of light will arrive, the number of saints is still increasing!

Tianbang meeting venue.

The two white-browed old men sat in the fighting platform and smiled while touching their beards.

"39,850 genius list Fang Mingkong, sign up for the genius list."

"The genius list is 38977, Jian Taiyi, sign up for the talent list."

"39115 in the list of geniuses Lian Fengchuan, sign up for the list of geniuses!"

A group of young figures came to the two white-browed old people to sign up one after another, all of which were top geniuses from all directions!

The genius list is the ceiling of the genius of the Holy Realm, and the genius conference is the peak of this ceiling!

"Hahaha, the talents cultivated by many forces in this list have great potential."

"It's kind of interesting that the genius of this generation is much stronger than that of our generation."

The two white-browed old men nodded and smiled.

The geniuses who have signed up are all empty in the empty side. According to one side, no one will obey anyone, with a proud look, a ring of visions, superb style, and unique temperament!

Some bear a sword, and a thousand swordsmanship will be born and died.

Some swords across the waist, such as the imperial conquest, domineering Lingtian, will rule the world!

Some hands hold jade umbrellas, Gu Panshenghui, all over the country!

Some slender waist hanging rings, Xue Yan Leng Yan, national color heavenly fragrant, beautiful glamorous things, but like exudes a dangerous atmosphere!

Some are armed with war guns and are invincible in battle.

Some hands are empty, standing on the chest, the chest is full of bamboo, the eyes are like swords, and the spirit is domineering!

There are too many geniuses!

The genius at the bottom of the genius list is comparable to it, just like the difference between a young rabbit and a lion!

The former can trample the fragile bunny with just one foot, which cannot be compared with it!

None of them is a vulgar generation, all from the top Sipin sect of the 36th domain, or the legendary Wupin sect!

Bang ~~!

Shining light, the sea of clouds is surging!

"This time, it is my turn to take the lead in Hongtian Temple!"

Rough laughter echoed into the sky, an ancient red dragon circulated through the light for thousands of years, hundreds of feet huge, rolling from the horizon, and dominating the world!

Above the dragon's back, a red-browed middle-aged man standing proudly with a tiger's back and a waist, is domineering and glorious!

Behind him, there are a group of cool young people, there are as many as fifteen!

This means that fifteen of the top 40,000 geniuses cultivated by this denomination?

"The Fifth Sect, Hongtian Temple..."

A group of geniuses who floated in the air revealed war intentions or fears. They were different, staring at the fifteen people.

The fifteen geniuses unanimously showed a violent smile of war, and even looked at their geniuses with all their eyes in the audience, and made a gesture of'wiping the neck'! Extremely crazy!

The atmosphere is extremely hot, although no one speaks, but the brewing and condensed momentum seems to be a burst of gunpowder barrel!

"Your Hongtian Temple is the gang that plays the most every time."

The two white-browed old men couldn't help crying, and registered for fifteen people.

After the genius of Hong Tian Dian signed up, he was followed by a young man in sackcloth, standing against the sword.

"Sign up, 39999th in the genius list, Ling Jian."

After completing the registration, the two white-browed old men looked at each other.

"Huh, this young man..."

"It seems far more than just superficial ranking..."

The young man with a negative sword walked away slowly, and every step was calm, like a hard-working swordsman who had returned from the experience of the world.

In the past, the world is full of red dust, but a sword.

The second elder has not been surprised yet, the faint clouds are like a fairyland.

The beautiful lady took the wind, her face was amazing.

Her eyebrows seem to be a painting of Shen of the years. Anyone staring at her may seem to be able to calm down the thousands of negative emotions in her heart and return to her original heart.

It is difficult to express the impression she gave to people simply by the appreciation of beauty. She is more like a heavenly immortal who has gone down the world and sent all beings.

The beautiful girl's lips are light, like the sound of a natural sound, and pure and light like water, but clearly passed to the ears of everyone present.

"20001 in the Genius List Ning Qingxuan, sign up for the Talent List."

The faces of the geniuses are especially wonderful!