My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 978

Vol 5 Chapter 978: Happiness Comes Too Suddenly

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Chapter 978

A holy light seemed to have descended from nine days above, and there were layers of cloud ladders overlapping each other.

The cloud ladder is hazy, misty and unreal, and slowly walks down a group of extremely meteorologically juvenile girls! Twelve people!

As the first two people, a man and a woman, a handsome son, Qing Guo Qing world.

Jiagongzi's eyes were swept, his sword was full of anger, his momentum was like a huge sword from the sky, and he came to the sky and smiled indifferently.

"Sure enough, there are still a lot of crooked melons..."

The young son Jia hadn't finished talking. When his eyes were fixed on the lady in Tsing Yi, his eyes flashed a little bit fiery.

"Cough, brother, don't talk about people like that, everyone is also a genius list."

The people in Qingguoqingcheng covered their mouths with a chuckle, and when they saw the elder brother staring at the beautiful lady in Tsing Yi, she was envious of envy...

"Five-grade family, one hundred holy gate!"

Some geniuses have dignified eyes.

The genius of this martial art is extremely powerful!

It is said that the ancestors of this sect once appeared at the peak of the sect, and it was brilliant!

The inheritance and foundation of this martial art, almost all the geniuses selected are as strong as monsters!

"You are Ning Qingxuan of the Wanqing Hall, right? It really is a talented man of heaven. This kind of indifferent state of mind, even the old man is ashamed of himself. It is a sect of a single story."

After registering Ning Qingxuan's name, the old man with white eyebrows surprised him.

"Predecessors have made serious remarks, the juniors have failed to fully enter the WTO, and the peace is peaceful, and life is in a state of affairs. It is always the best practice to experience."

Ning Qingxuan nodded gracefully, but a simple sentence made the saints scrutinize repeatedly!

After Ning Qingxuan left, the second elder marveled.

"Experience is the best practice...I really envy the Wanqing Hall! Such strange women can be found by them!"

"This sect has only three ranks on the surface. In fact, no one knows what they are hiding. Their lord of the palace is indifferent to the world, and does not seek fame and fortune. The center of the temple is based on mood. The woman is simply for Their talents tailored to the Wanqing Hall are average!"

When the handsome young son stepped into the air and fell down, he stared at Ning Qingxuan's back reluctantly, shaking his head and exclaimed: "Ning Qingxuan, is this her name..."

"Senior brother, are you in love with others?"

The beauties of Qingguochengcheng said sourly, Jiayong nodded seriously-"Only she can be worthy of this boy!"

Bang ~!

At this time, the arrogant blood was burning like the holy flame of Huanghuang, and an iron-blooded dragon team was born!

The ten-headed dragon body is as dark and deep as a molten iron. The dragon is flying in the sky, and nearly a hundred geniuses stand proudly on the back of the dragon!

They are full of qi and blood, like the scorching sun hanging high, breathing like a fierce beast exhaling, the flesh of the shell as strong as the sea like the sea, leaning against the sky!

Most of the fighting strength repairs are only four robbery repairs, but the pure strength is not less than 99 million dragon power!

Some are covered with scales, and their pupils are red and orange, exuding a fierce dragon-like breath!

More skin is like a star, circling a domineering tattoo glow.

Some are covered with gritty scale armor, with horns on their heads, grinning teeth, and raising red eyebrows with red light burning, angry flames burning, three or four meters high, fierce and evil!

Geniuses from Manchuria!

The top geniuses of the whole Manchuria have been integrated into a large part, assembled and unveiled, and they are so powerful that they dominate the party!

The winner of the Sky Billiards will receive one of the 4,000 places on Rainbow Island!

The quota of Rainbow Island is different from other secret realms. This secret realm is not under the control of any forces. Not to mention the Holy Realm, even the legendary Supreme King cannot enter!

Tianbang Conference, gathered together!

This feast, every time it convenes, will shock many top geniuses in the 36th domain. In addition to the top 10,000 geniuses and other outstanding talents who have not arrived, at least half of the top 40,000 geniuses will be present!

Every year, the top list is the year with the most changes in the talent list, because the first condition for participating in the top list is to bet on your own ranking!

Tianbang registration continues!


Inside the room; Lin Chen wondered.

"It's a good day list conference, I can't miss Lin Chen! The chance of Rainbow Island is not unique. Someone in Lin Lin can just pick up the light ball to pick up the big chance, let alone many secrets!"

The most important thing is that Lin Chen also got a message that there is no holy realm in the sky list conference!

Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Xiu Wei: Second Trial Battle Emperor-Advanced Essence: 886600 points-(Coming soon to break through the Three Trial Battle Emperor, please prepare the host to meet the Heaven Tribulation)

Ultimate Strength: 49 million Dragon Power-Advanced Qi and Blood: 757566 points.

Advanced spirit attribute value: 495 points (Tiantian Realm is complete)

Advanced skill essence: 6970 points-advanced rune energy: 1280 points.

Intermediate Tiandao value: 7551 points-Intermediate talent point: 2410 points.

Blank attributes: 1.23 million points-Enhanced points: 6.84 million points.

Advanced elemental energy: 215 fire, 181 earth, 140 wood, 195 gold, 188 water, 181 lightning, 174 wind, 199 light, and 121 dark!

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive Talent Bar: (Blue Tier) Double Cultivation Acacia, (Purple Tier) Strike, (Purple Tier) Torn, (Orange Tier) Extreme God Possession Fragment (2/4)-Mortality Skill Bar (Whether open)

Active Talents: (Purple Order) Omen of Thief, (Purple Order) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Order) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Purple Order) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Order) Ultimate Return, (Purple Order) King's Landing, ( Quasi-orange level) fatal life and death, (orange level) instant light splitting, (orange level one-time) God-killer, (orange level one-time) sky-turner (1/2) fragments,

Character Rune Column (Whether open)-Talent Combination Skill (Whether open)

This time, the attribute value has been turned several times over the last time! After beheading a lot of war emperors and picking up attributes after many twists and turns, Lin Chen's attribute value finally accumulated enough conditions for'upgrade function'!

"System, I want to upgrade the enhanced function!"

[Consumption of 3 million reinforcement points, 5000 advanced power essence, 6000 intermediate power points, upgrade and enhancement functions succeeded, all the enhanced powers of the host are lifted, the maximum can be strengthened to +15, and the power consumption is reduced by 15%.

Lin Chen's hard-working hard work has suddenly lost 3 million points!

But he didn't feel distressed at all, because the next big thing!

Lift the upper limit of reinforcement, his background will definitely surge again!

[Note: The host's combat skill level breakthrough after the epiphany will be strengthened according to the grade after the breakthrough, so as to consume the enhancement points.

"Come here, don't worry about anything, just **** strong according to your mind!"

Lin Chen excitedly opened the "Creative Nine Tribulation" mentality and strengthened it!

[Consumed 18450 strengthening points, strengthening +14 "Genesis Nine Tribulation" mentality success, power increase: 80%.

Boom~! Lin Chen's body, startled by the endless nine robbery of the original fighting spirit, climbing to a new level!

Lin Chen was forced!

This **** happiness came too suddenly!

Was the first enhancement after the upgrade successful?