My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 979

Vol 5 Chapter 979: Spray Out

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Chapter 979

+14 "Genesis Nine Tribulation" mentality, overall power increase: 320%!

The strengthening of the mind and law will not only transform the original fighting spirit of the Nine Tribulation, but also increase the shortening of the use time of the "Nine Tribulation Stars" and the power soaring!

This is also that Lin Chen can only use the "Nine Tribulation Stars" once in the previous three days and shortened it to once a day. Now it takes only about half a day to use the second Nine Tribulation Stars!

Following this trend, once strengthened to +15, Lin Chen is very likely to use the "Nine Tribulation Stars" twice a day!

This was something I didn't dare to think about before!

[Consumption of 26,580 reinforcement points, failure of reinforcement...]

Lin Chen ordered another ten times of heart strengthening in one breath, all failed! Directly lost nearly 270,000 strengthening points!

"No, the reinforcement cost is too high. And the chance of +15 is too low. I can't fight luck alone. I have 3.57 million reinforcement points left. I want to choose the most stable way to improve my strength!"

With the tragic results of almost bloodless, Lin Chen did not intend to die [Heart Strengthening].

Strengthening the mind is certainly the biggest step, but the low probability is very likely to make him float!

"System, I want to learn the half-orange-level arrow technique "Jiguang Film Feather"."

[Consumption of 34 advanced exercises and spirits, began to merge memory practice.

Lin Chens avatars shared the integration of his memory with him, and Lin Chen continued to strengthen!

Lin Chen has successively consumed 1.24 million enhancement points and strengthened "Yu Tian" to +13, an increase of 240%!

Although he failed many times, Lin Chen was lucky.

"Yu Tian" contains a type of half-orange-level shooting and half-orange-level defensive combat skills, which is equivalent to Lin Chen having two +13 half-orange-level exercises at once!

Another 1.33 million reinforcement points were consumed, and Lin Chen strengthened the "Tai Si Bible" to +14!

Under the premise that the spiritual power control has skyrocketed and Lin Chen's spiritual power has recovered quickly enough, Lin Chen truly has the spiritual control of the Holy Class Alchemist! And once again use annihilation, the power will surely skyrocket!

Finally, when all the reinforcement points were exhausted, Lin Chen increased the "Creation Nine Tribulation" +14, "The Beginning Bible" +14, "Yu Tian" +13, and "Dragon Flash" by +14!

Lin Chen's strength has explosive growth! Especially the life-saving ability, with +13 "Yu Tian" and +14 "Dragon Flash", Lin Chen's defense and speed have been greatly improved!

"There are still 1.23 million blank attributes, in case of need, and can be ready to be converted into enhanced points at any time."

"The people in Anjia are weak, just give them a hand..."

After Lin Chen merged the memory of cultivation, the avatar began to sacrifice hundreds of red furnaces from the Taoyuan capsule.

With the enhanced promotion of the Taishi Bible, Lin Chens spiritual control became even more extraordinary!

The vision of the finished Shengdan will break through the Taoyuan capsule.

This time, he wants to refine a special eighth-order young pill, which is derived from a method of incubating pill in Yunqiang Pill Saint Record.

There are only two kinds of eight-stage danfang controlled by Lin Chen. One is the former Fuling Shengxin Pill, which can restore a large number of sacred elements and effectively heal the wounds of the Eucharist. It is the one that Lin Chen gave to the goblin. Pieces.

The other is the Tianmenli Shengdan, which is related to sanctification...

The first is to repay the family's favor, and the second is to try the essence of refining medicine today!

Endless visions of medicinal materials converged into the Dan furnace. This time, Lin Chen's refining medicine was extremely smooth.

Originally, it took more than half a month to refining medicine. With the seamless cooperation of the avatar, it was completed in less than one day!

During this time, the red gold trees that have watered all the Tianyi Shengshui are entering a state of rapid growth, which is like the peak period of the impact of broken bamboo!

Two days later, at night.

Anjia small banquet, today is the birthday of the young daughter An Xiaojiao, many people in Anjia gather at the top of the highest restaurant building in Longxiang City.

"Dragon Master is still gone."

The homeowner sighed.

"His origin is extremely extraordinary, and naturally it is not the level we can touch."

An Yaner smiled brightly, and Qian Yan couldn't hide her sadness.

An Xiaojiao was listless and mumbled on the table-"what if I would go with me after my birthday, and say what to give me a unique gift, it's almost time to pass, nothing, huh! Man! It's all big hoofs!"

An Xiaojiao looked at the jade box in his palm.

This is the jade box that Brother Long gave to her before leaving. It is said that he will give him his most unique gift.

"Moreover, there is no such person as Long Chenbo on the genius list..."

An Yaner stared into the distance, thoughtfully.


In Purgatory Volcano Island, a silent shadow sneaked into the island, seeing the boundary of the space as if there was nothing, and smoothly entered the interior.

The small shadow wrapped Lin Chen, and he grinned, "It's beautiful, the space boundary here does not pose any obstacle to the little guy."

On the volcanic island, hundreds of thousands of active volcanoes are flowing with colorful flames and lava, surrounded by towering volcanoes in all directions, magnificent and overbearing, the earth and mountains are red.

Only in the crater was a colorful flame aerosol burned, and the faint afterglow of fire rushed to the sky for nine days, reflecting the gorgeous scene of the steaming Xia Wei, dyeing the sky into a colorful flow of light!

And on the top of the crater, there are five bright flame beads, the size of a fist.

"The Ultimate Moment, Seven Changes!"

Lin Chen circulated a faint blue and glorious brilliance, and the water-robbering fighting spirit covered the whole body, resisting the violent and hot after-temperature.

"The mere volcanic surplus temperature is so terrifying. If it is in the middle of the crater, the holy power of the Holy Land may not be able to resist it completely!"

Lin Chen was shocked in the center, and he quickly rushed to a crater.

The crater is full of colorful flame beads piled up like a hill.

Lin Chen picked up a colorful flame bead, and magically discovered that the colorful light overflowing inside the flame bead enveloped herself and the small shadow, so that the horrible after-temperature emitted from the volcanic group turned into a warm ocean temperature, which was not harmed.

"This is an incendiary bead, one of the important energy condensates for condensing abnormal crystals! Take away, take away all!"

Lin Chen Yixi, took away all the flame beads in the crater!

Taking away the burning flame beads, the red lava flowing under the volcano rolled, Lin Chen was even brighter!

Because there are several colorful flame beads under these underground lava, the light is dozens of times brighter than ordinary flame beads!

In addition, there are hundreds of "attribute bubbles", each of which is engraved with tens of thousands of values, which is a special attribute value for making nirvana!

"It is the Holy Flame Bead. Whether it can make a complete alien crystal depends on it! There are a lot of special attribute values, right, this time it was issued!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, his body flashed, and when he dived into the interior, the temperature began to skyrocket!

Sigh~! Lin Chen's clothes started to catch fire!

"Not good! Burning Flame Beads can't completely ignore this temperature!"

Lin Chen immediately withdrew and almost became a roast pig.

"No wonder the Holy Land personally picks the Burning Flame Beads, this temperature is too abnormal, so can't you get even the special attribute value? Not to mention the cultivation of the strange crystal Burning Flame Beads..."

Lin Chen frowned, the temperature of the purgatory volcano is too horrible, it is worthy of the word "purgatory"! I'm afraid to break into it!

Did you steal all the burning bead and leave?

Or take a risk?

"The Purgatory Volcano will be regularly inspected by strong men. If it is found that the incendiary bead is stolen, it will surely not be long before there will be a holy land. The energy of one incendiary bead can reach thousands of ordinary incineration bead Is the most important resource for cultivating alien crystals. It is not enough to rely on the flame bead alone. I dont have enough time to try it.

In Lin Chen's eyes, a crazy light flashed!

A shocking plan took shape from his mind!

If I don't go to the crater to take the Holy Flame Bead, why don't I let it spew out?

"Hey, let the other party squirt out, I'm good at this, ha ha ha!"