My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 980

Vol 5 Chapter 980: The Club Is Very Busy

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Chapter 980

The Chen family, towering into the cloud in the pavilion.

"Why, we searched for so many days, this group of kids is completely missing."

"Under the condition that the innate shadows have not recovered, can they still escape under our eyelids? The people in the dark horse club only need to find a breath to know their location!"

"There is also a possibility, maybe he is already dead..."

"This seat has launched all the warlords that can be mobilized. As long as he is dead, the body will be found."

"I heard that a junior with a lot of financial resources has appeared in Longxiang City recently. Would you like to investigate?"

"It is unlikely to be a person in the dark horse club. Even if there is Long Qingguo, then the innate shadow cannot be recovered so fast. Without the shadow family, they cannot do such a big swing..."

When the Dark Hall all Saints and the Chen Family Holy Realm were still negotiating, suddenly a figure broke in and stuttered.

"Two ancestors, no, it's not good! An accident occurred on Purgatory Volcano Island!"

Shuangsheng's face changed suddenly!


The night is charming, the giant city near the Dragon Elephant City is brightly lit, and the crowd is surging.

Bang ~!

Suddenly, the space vibrated, the fierce air deflagration echoed back to the sky, and the fire of the five-colored Xia Wei rose into the sky!

"what happened?"

"It seems to be the direction of purgatory volcano? Hiss! Is it a volcanic eruption?"

"Impossible, how could the volcano erupt when Chen Shuangsheng Patriarch sits in town!"

When countless powerful people were shocked and suspicious, the flames rushed for nine days, throwing thousands of feet into the sky, the people in countless giant cities were clearly visible!

Under the eyes of all eyes, the five-color fire burst into the sky when it reached the highest peak!

Brush ~~! Bang~!

The flames exploded, and thousands of colorful splendid brilliances spread out, like the sky-flowers and scattered flowers, and they all rose up to form a beautiful scene in the world!

Countless people dumbfounded! The flame explosion of this purgatory volcano is breathtakingly beautiful!

The people in Anjia, located on the top floor of Longxiangcheng Restaurant, witnessed this scene very clearly for the first time!

"That's the flame of Purgatory Volcano, my God!"

The homeowner was dumbfounded!

An Yan'er and An Xiaojiao suddenly shook their bodies and thought about it!

"Hard...did you say?"

When the second girl's heart throbbed, a hearty laughter voice was transmitted through the fighting spirit, spreading thousands of miles and thousands of miles away at a speed that was dozens of times the speed of sound!

"Fireworks of this level are worthy of my dark horse club, ha ha ha!"

Between the laughs of the teenagers, there were several bangs, and several blazing flames skyrocketed into the sky, until Jiuxiao burst into bursts, gorgeous and dazzling, countless people!

"Dark Horse Club? Is it the dark horse club that Chen Wu wanted tomorrow and the Chen family wanted?"

"My God! Crazy, it must be crazy! This kid uses the purgatory volcano as a firework?"

"How did he get in here! I'm grass! This bunch of people is really amazing!"

"What a beauty"

Countless strong men were dumbfounded and their jaws almost fell to the ground!

A large number of Chen Family Warlords stood in the headquarters of the Chen Family, looking at the beautiful scenery thousands of miles away.

The purgatory volcano that the Holy Realm has to face carefully, was actually used to set off fireworks?

What gods are these gods?

"Quick! Quickly stop him! All the five robbers and the imperial princes go out to Laozi, and quickly inform the ancestors!"

The owner of the Chen family is crazy!

If he let him let go of the crater, wouldnt it turn the sky? The Chen family's millions of years of accumulation have to be floated and will suffer unprecedented hits!

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

The space directly above the purgatory crater cracked a few cracks, and the Sheng Family of the Chen Family and the Holy Family of the Dark Pavilion arrived first!

As soon as they arrived, they witnessed Lin Chen's transformed "Zhen Dexiu" grabbing the fallen burning flame holy beads.

Seeing the arrival of the Saints, Lin even blinked angrily-"Hello, everyone, good evening, have you been having fun with peek-a-boo these days? I have a lot of fun~"

"No! Burning Holy Pearl of my Chen family!"

The two ancestors of the Chen family immediately rushed into the purgatory volcano island, and there were eight volcanoes around them that had been lifted and erupted. If they were mourning, they burst into tears!

"Zhen Dexiu, you are dead!"

A dark pavilion's holy realm revealed a murderous opportunity, smashing a large space above his head, and the desperation of breaking everything condensed between five fingers. When he was about to grasp Lin Chen with a palm, he was suddenly stopped by Ying Jie!

"Don't shoot, this kid counts us!"

Should stop the Holy Realm and suddenly drink cold!

"Two of the Chen's family, leave there soon! Sky Tribulation is coming!"

The cold drink that should be extinguished made the two Chen family ancestors who wanted to kill away suddenly wake up!

They suddenly found out that there was a nine-color flame robbing cloud above the "Zhende Show" head!

"Quick...Quick withdrawal! Our shot will become the target of the robbery!"

Yingmeng was cold again, and the elder clenched his teeth, flashing away immediately!

"Damn it! What kind of evils are these little kings and **** in the dark horse club? Some time ago, Lin Chen just broke through the second robbery war emperor. This Zhende show broke through to the three robbery war emperor again, and used the robbery cloud to deal with us!"

The dark pavilion's holy realm gritted its teeth, and the patriarch's face should sink like water, and his expression became more dignified!

"The situation is not good, he not only wants to use the robbery cloud to deal with us, but also to let us use the mouse to avoid all the resources of the purgatory volcano!"

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

Another group of sacred realms came to tearing the void, even Lian Wanjin, Qin Zhentian, Ying Tianmo, and those gangs of evil sects!

Before waiting for the Holy Land to understand the situation, someone standing in the crater grinned, holding a group of water-robbering and thunder fighting energies into a thunder ball.

"My person, I like spraying the most, hahaha! Shoot him!"

Lin Chen threw water and thunder disaster into the volcano crater, brushing it, the lava inside the volcano suddenly rioted!


A bunch of five-color fires burst into anger, throwing out the burning flame beads inside, and from Lin Chen's perspective, it even blasted the sky's special attribute bubbles!

"No good, withdraw first!"

A cold drink should be extinguished, and he retreated.

One of the ancestors of the Chen family gritted his teeth and stepped into the void with his feet. He rushed past quickly, and thousands of holy lights appeared all over his body.

Bang~! The firelight exploded from the sky of Jiuxiao, and it was beautiful, and the burning flame beads fell down!

The ancestor of the Chen family, who had been burned a little, wanted to use his method to retrieve the burning flame.

Lin Chen stepped on the dragon flash, flapped Hong Yan's wing, and the small shadow helped him to travel through the void, and the speed was extremely fast!

A touch of white light and extreme electricity, instantaneous lasing a few turns, grabbed the burning flame holy beads in the void!

"Damn, you are dead!"

The ancestors of the Chen family were so angry that they wanted to take a shot at Lin Chen, and there was a dangerous opportunity locked in their hearts!

Bang ~! Heavenly Tribulation is coming, aim at Lin Chen! This is a touch of golden flame, containing the power of burning the Eight Wastelands!

"Oops, Heaven Tribulation is going to lock the old man, is this the kid's plan!"

The ancestors of the Chen family were cold and sweating, and immediately retreated. The Baizhang golden fire torch blasted Lin Chen. He stepped on the body method understated lightly. The small shadow traveled through the void and easily avoided!

next moment

Lin Chen flicked his fingers, and a group of thunder and water disasters shot into the volcano crater, inspiring more volcanic lava that has accumulated for a long time!

The two ancestors of the Chen family looked shocked!

This kid comes true!

Someone in Lin's face smiled cheaply, stepping on the ``Dragon Flash'' as the white dragon flew through the sky, and understated to avoid the bombardment of Heavenly Tribulation.

Bang Bang Bang!

The purgatory volcano began to erupt again, and five colors of fire rose into the sky!

Zhen Dexiu stood not far from the Saints. The colorful firelight reflected him in an extraordinary and beautiful way. He took a small space step in the void, and the laughter of Durser spread in all directions, thousands of miles away!

"Woo la la club, with the handsome man running. The little shadow is blowing, and the silhouette is beautiful under the fireworks."

"I use fireworks to write a diary. After introducing the handsome, I will introduce myself~~"

I watched the Zhende show bathed in the five-color brilliance, and the mouths of the holy realm slammed...