My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 982

Vol 5 Chapter 982: Specializing In The Back

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Chapter 982

Time returns to late night, this is the historic night of the Chen family, Purgatory Volcano Island was fired by a handsome as a firework!

However, for this reason, the attention of the entire Chen family was almost attracted to the purgatory volcano.

The "Zhende Ying", "Zhengde Chang", "Zhende Shuai" hidden in the depths, waiting for the opportunity!

In the three palaces; the five emperors of four robbery stared staringly at the colorful fireworks that day, and their eyes revealed despair!

The accumulation of the Chen family may be destroyed once! This time I will be seriously injured!

The three shadows disappeared into the palace!

"Dark horse, just for the back. Hey, drive him!"

The three avatars of Lin Chen's "Ying, Chang, Shuai," rushed into the palace and were divided into nine floors, with each floor being more precious!

In order to facilitate the frequent resource advancement of his own disciples on weekdays, the Chen Family's Treasure Pavilion, Kung Fu Hall, and Pill Medicine Hall basically did not set up space boundaries.

If the space is bound, a specific permission is required to open the three halls, which is extremely troublesome for the core disciples of the Chen family.

What's more, because of purgatory volcanic islands, the Chen family needs two holy places to sit in town all the year round. It never thought that outsiders would dare to approach their headquarters without permission, so they became more vigilant.

Where the three avatars passed, such as the gust of wind sweeping the fallen leaves, take them all away!

Alchemy handprints, combat skills, Danfangfang medicine, medicine ore, everything!

Zhende Shuai pushed open a room bounded by a space, and the interior counter was shining with space.

"It turns out that the eighth floor will have a space boundary."

Zhende Shuai rubbed his hands and laughed.

The eighth and ninth floors are all precious resources, such as the eighth-tier heaven and earth treasure, the eighth-tier holy mine, the seventh-tier peak warrior, the seventh-tier peak elixir, alien crystal fragments, rare earth exercises and so on.

The precious treasures of the eighth and ninth floors condense a small space barrier, and even the holy land has to spend some effort to open.

At that time, even if it exploded, it would be discovered by the Holy Land of the Chen family.

Zhende Shuai touched the counter that shone with space and couldn't help sighing.

"Our club, the last thing you want is to bite the elders. It should be like my own, and get rich with your own hands."

After talking, Zhende Shuai started the decomposition function, and a bottle of phantom heart pill disappeared from the counter.

[Consume 0.5 Intermediate Heavenly Dao value, decompose 13 seventh-level peak medicine "Magic Heart Pill", and gain 4 advanced mental strength points.

"This feeling of working to get rich is awesome!"

Zhende Shuai sighed, and then extended his kinky hands and started all relying on ones own hands, to get rich to get rich, ignoring the space enchantment all the way to break down crazy!

[Consume 3 points of Heavenly Dao value, decompose seven kinds of purple top-level top quality mental methods "Falling Holy Fire" and "Thousand Wind Gang"... Gain: 9 points of advanced skills, 1 point of advanced wind energy...]

[Consume 5 points of Heavenly Dao value, decompose the eighth-order holy material nine-stripe meteorite iron, true dragon blood deposits, point star stone, get: 6 points of gold energy, 4 points of fire energy,]


break down! break down! Quante is a breakdown!

The eighth and ninth floors of the three halls and all the details of the Chen family began to be swept by the three avatars one by one, with no roots left!

Those space bounded by the ancestors of the Holy Land that they thought were extremely safe, did not move, and were all decomposed completely by the avatars!

If you put it in the past, Mo said that the Holy Land, even the elders of the inspection should find it!

But at this moment, everyone was attracted by the vision of the purgatory volcanic island. No matter Chen's family and outsiders could not move their eyes, the two ancestral ancestors of the Chen family had already left, and the avatars were like nothing. The realm of man!

[Consume 10 points of Heavenly Dao, decompose the half-orange-level exercises "Huangquan Jianjue", and obtain: 45 points of advanced skills and 3 points of advanced spiritual power.

[Consumption of 13 points of Heavenly Dao value, decomposition of the eighth order young pill, get: 11 points of advanced spiritual power, 25 points of advanced wood energy,]

Even the eighth-order Chudan and half-orange-order exercises have been brutally venomous! You're not welcome at all.

Since I can't take it away, why not decompose it into attribute values that I use?

[Consume 28 Celestial Dao values, decompose the alien crystal fragment Sky Dao Lei Gang, gain: 120 high-level thunder system energy, special attribute value: Meteor Lei Gang 76 million points,

[Consume 25 points of Heavenly Dao, decompose the alien crystal fragment Water Spirit Bihai, gain: 95 points of advanced water energy, special attribute value: Qingtian Bihai 73 million points.

In the ninth layer, the avatar decomposed two excellent colored crystal fragments, and its elemental attribute value was breathtaking!

Lin Chen's advanced thunder energy is only 181 points, and this time hurried to 301 points! It is equivalent to a three-fifth skyrocket!

"Unfortunately! These two pieces of abnormal crystal are close to one-quarter of the complete inferior crystal. If you can refine one piece, the value of the advanced element attribute obtained is not so simple, enough to make my mind fierce. A grade!"

It's a pity that the avatar screamed that these two pieces of abnormal crystals are more than twice larger than those obtained in the past!

After cleaning up the treasures of the Three Temples, the avatars converged and looked at each other.

The only flaw in this looting operation is the inability to find the location of the Chen Family's Qi Yun Ling Zhi.

However, even if it is found, it is impossible for the avatar to be close, and those areas must have a large space boundary.

If you want to dive in, you will definitely need the assistance of the small shadow, but once the small shadow leaves the body, Lin Chen must lose the capital that he has worked with the Holy Land, and he will definitely die!

"It's all broken down, let's go!"

The phantom rune was lifted and the three avatars disappeared.

The Thousand Illusion Mask was produced by the drop of the attribute treasure chest, and returned to the system space as soon as the avatar was released.

After this looting, the Chen family must have been hit hard, and Qi Yunling planted energy to produce cultivation resources, but could not produce knowledge such as exercises and combat skills.

In spite of countless years of intensive practice, most of the Chen's exercises and techniques have been practiced by elders, and they can be completely re-engraved with fighting spirit and spiritual power.

But this process takes at least thousands of years, especially the half-orange-level exercises, and there are only a few practitioners!

The most important thing is the purgatory volcano island.

This area, which is good for the Chen family's high level, is both a dangerous place and a blessed place. After today, the energy is exhausted, and it has to experience a million years of silence again, otherwise it is impossible to produce the Holy Flame Bead...

Early in the morning, the Purgatory Volcano Island gradually became calm.

Master An's family was terrified and swallowed saliva-"Then the Dragon Master has this kind of origin..."

There is no doubt that the son of the dragon is "Zhen Dexiu"!

It will not take long to ignite the Chen Family Purgatory Volcano Island, and his name will be heard in the Southern Region!

An Xiaojiao's beautiful eyes are full of admiration. This birthday gift will remember her life...

"Yes, that jade box!" An Yaner recovered, slowly opening the jade box left by Lin Chen for An Xiaojiao.

Inside the jade box, there is actually a seal elixir!

When seeing the immortality medicine, the head of An'an and An Yan'er were suddenly struck by thunder and their scalp tingled!

Eighth order young pill!

He actually gave an eighth-order young pill to Anjia, this kind of handwriting is really magnificent...