My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 983

Vol 5 Chapter 983: Heavenly Apprentice Master And Apprentice Meet Again

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983 Chapter 983

"There are also notes and a jade slip."

An Yaner picked up the note left in the jade box.

"This pill is gifted to the Anjia family, based on the world, based on strength. This eight-stage young pill is named: Broken Shengyuan Pill. There is a volume of Yudan in the jade jade. After taking the five robbery war emperor, the pill can be used. Remain in the body, support the pill by fighting spirit, and refine by cultivation. If the pill is cultivated to the finished pill, there is a probability of 1 to 30% to become a sanctuary. Even if the breakthrough fails, it will not die, and the medicine will be turned into a power. Will still bring many benefits."

"Ping Shui meets again, goodbye."

An Yan'er and the head of the family are trembling with fear!

This Zhende show son not only left an eighth-order young pill, but also left a chance to break through the Holy Realm!

This opportunity is enough to alarm the Holy Land!

This Yudan method is exactly what Lin Chen has harvested from the Cloud Dome Pill Saint Refining Medicine Handbook!

The Anjiazhu has been stagnation for five years, and this young pill is perhaps the best opportunity to break the dilemma of Anjia! Only with the influence of the saints, can they be qualified to gain a foothold in the Holy Realm!

"He really is the biggest benefactor in our family..."


Bang ~!

Somewhere in the sea, on the surface of the sea, the sky cut through a wave of waves, as fast as the Aurora Dragon Shadow!

"This is the cultivation behavior of the three emperors and warlords, ha ha ha! Full speed body method with small shadows, even many holy realms can't catch up, carefree!"

Lin Chen laughed heartily.

He has now lifted the "Thousand Illusions Mask" to show his true face, and now it is no longer necessary to hide it!

Thousands of miles behind him, nineteen holy places surrounded him in a fan-shaped direction!

There are four other saints, who are the sovereign and others!

Twenty-three holy realms chase Lin Chen, this scene is strange and unprecedented forever!

"This time I can't let this guy run away anymore, everyone, I should take out any skills!"

The voice should be wiped out to everyone, and even the holy land such as Wan Jin finally revealed a solemn look!

The first is Lian Wanjin, who is the president of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce, summoning a sapphire holy gourd, and urging the holy force to step on the gourd. The speed has increased by more than 30%!

Qin Zhentian sacrificed a **** flying sword. Although Jianwei was not powerful, it had a speed that shuttled through the void, flying with the sword, the speed soared, pointing directly to Lin Chen!

Ying Tong should bite his tongue, holy blood is flowing, and the handprints are moving. Behind him, a dozen feet of bat blood wings spread out. to make!

The holy realms of various roads are finally no longer preserved. The repeated misses have made them aware of the intractability of the dark horse club and the innate shadow!

This time it will be released again. The southern region is vast and it is estimated that it will be really hard to find it again!

Just as Qun Sheng was about to approach Lin Chen, and was about to shoot, the vision changed dramatically!

Sigh~! Bang~!

Thundercloud exploded from the top of his head, and a tumult of turbulence rose from all directions. Thousands of storms like gyroscopic tornadoes, burning the sea of inferno-like fire and condensing into a ring of fire, locked all the holy places after chasing!

[The host launches 8 types and 10 strokes of the blue level advanced nirvana, locks the target that is hostile to the host within a thousand miles, and begins to bombard the target...]

Lin Chen released 10 strokes of the blue rank advanced nirvana in one breath!

The price of the auction plus the collection of Hell Volcano Island and the looting of the Chen family have already possessed 32 kinds of blue-level advanced nirvana, which is unprecedented!

For this reason, his mid-level Heavenly Path value is now 390 points!

"Damn, these strange attacks!"

"Damn, this time resist the past and force him to chase it! You must be chased after being injured!

"He is flying in the direction of the Tianbang Conference, don't let him succeed!"

Should be extinguished suddenly, in addition to the seven evil sacred sacred realms, all the sacred monks appeared monstrous divine power, holy light, offering a lot of cards to meet the energy bombardment of many nirvanas!

The two ancestors of the Chen family wished to drink their blood alive and cramp Lin Chen, even if it was wounded by the Eucharist!

However, although the pursuit has not stopped, the speed has slowed down, the two sides are pulling apart!

"It's a terrible attack, I'm afraid this one can escape without our help..."

Ye Yousheng's eyebrows shook, and the young man in the dark horse club subverted her cognition again and again!

"He is the deputy director of the black horse club that beheaded the dragon prince, Lin Chen? Even if I encounter such an attack, it is very likely to be injured...No! The strange energy, which can't be avoided, will be forcibly locked? Even Can't escape through the void? What is this means!"

The host was dumbfounded. The dark horse club's hole cards were really outrageous!

The two elders from the Holy Land of the Holy Land next to them were amazed!

When this terrifying pursuit battle swept across the sky, wherever it passed, it alarmed countless powerful!

"My God, run!"

"Holy Realm, turned out to be a group of holy realms?"

"What the **** is going on, a group of holy realms chase and kill someone?"

Countless strong men saw the sonic boom in the sky, and they breathed coldly, fleeing wildly!


South Territory, North Spirit City. This is a small city with a population of tens of millions.

On the street, the kind old grandfather smiled when he carried a rock sugar berry.

In front of him, there is a girl in a dress with a cute single ponytail, staring at the string of rock sugar berries, flowing out the crystal clear haraz...

"Little Nizi, do you want to eat, a string of ten pieces of spirit crystals..."

The grandfather laughed, and Xiao Nizi froze for a moment, embarrassedly: "But I don't have a spirit crystal..."

Grandpa stunned, this little Nizi's dress temperament is not mortal, not even Lingjing?

"Here, if you really want to eat..." The grandpa was soft-hearted and was about to send her a string when a wild wind raged through!

Hey~! Bang!

Tens of thousands of feet blasted a horrible sonic boom, which scared the people of the whole Northern Spirit City to tremble with shock.

Only the little girl suddenly looked up, a glance across the gem-like eyes!

"Huh... this breath is... a master!"

"Wow, how is the master here! Grandpa, let me go first!"

The little girl reached out and grabbed more than a dozen strings of sugar berries, and left dozens of silver canons of silver holy yuan to the grandfather who was still in shock.

Her little hand instantly crushed a red flame rune, and the whole person instantly disappeared into a red light.

The grandfather looked at the silver holy yuan in his arms and could not recover for a long time...


"I have used two waves of nirvana, and the space holy tools are all taken out. This is the rhythm that I don't have to spare to catch me..."

When Lin Chen frowned, he urged Dragon Flash to the extreme, driving layers of dragon shadows, and the small shadows began to desperately speed up!

Brush ~! Suddenly, a ray of red light blasted, scared Lin Chen almost took a gun!

"Master, I miss you so much!"

A petite and delicate figure fell into Lin Chen's arms.

Lin Chen was shocked that when the little shadow traveled through the sky at full speed, could anyone still keep up?

I saw that Xiao Nizi wore a pink dress, her blue silk tufts, her delicate body, her face was carved with jade carvings, her teeth with cherry teeth, her lips were half bitten with sugar candy, her mouth was full of sugar and she stuck to Lin Chen Clothes.

The beautiful eyes of the water spirit flashed in the autumn water, and he stared at him with a charming and excited face, and the shallow two dimples appeared, which looked extremely lovable.

The most important thing is that her body exudes a dazzling light beam of dazzling attributes!

"Bullscream? My mother, why are you here!"

Lin Chen was dumbfounded!