My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 984

Vol 5 Chapter 984: Tianbang Conference

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Chapter 984

When speeding through the void, even a little nizi rushed out of the sky? Or his own apprentice?

Is there such an operation?

The moment Shen Lingshuang hugged Lin Chen, all the light in her body was incorporated into Lin Chen's body!

[Obtain 100 points of advanced exercises, 80 points of advanced exercises, 150 points of advanced exercises,]

The system's light screen is frantically flicking, and Lin Chen takes a cold air! This nizi is more scary than when she saw it at the beginning of the year.

All of a sudden, Lin Chen gained 988 advanced exercises on Shen Lishuang!

"How did you come here? How did you catch up with me!"

Lin Chen had just opened his mouth, and saw that Nizi was riding a fast-burning red rung at her feet.

"I just ran out of the Shenyan Palace to find the master you play, I originally planned to carry the space channel to the strange domain, I did not expect to meet the master here!"

After talking, Shen Lingshuang looked behind Lin Chen and clapped her hands excitedly-"It's awesome! It's a master, a dozen saints!"

Lin Chen was ashamed, and he felt that Nizi had been taken by him...

"Wait a minute, you said you stole it out?"

Lin Chen put a serious expression on her face, and Shen Lingshuang immediately shook her head-"I didn't steal it! I got permission, my sister said I can play for three months!"


Lin Chen wondered, although there are still a lot of questions to ask this nizi, but the Holy Realm behind him does not give him this opportunity.

"Nizi, hold it steady, let's rush to the Tianbang Conference first! What's the matter?"

When Lin Chen was preparing to speed up again, Shen Lingshuang's delicate little hands grabbed him instead, "Master is going to the Tianbang Conference, okay, okay, I will take the master!"

Bang ~! The red flame rung at Nizi's feet ignited into a film, the speed of which soared, and Xiaonizi dragged Lin Chen into a flurry!

"So fast!"

The sovereign and the poisonous poison horrified!

"Who is that person? He chased that Lin Chen?"

"Looks like a little girl? The red rune on her body has a familiar smell, and she is full of sacred power. Is it..."

The venomous saint seems to remember some extremely terrible existence, the old face slightly changed!

The holy realms of crazy chasing were even dumbfounded!

Seeing that Lin Chen is about to be caught, where does this come from a little Nizi! The speed of shuttle to the void is three points faster than Lin Chen?

"Don't let go if you die! Lin Chen! You ruined the foundation of my dark pavilion, we haven't looked back for a long time!"

The face should be ruined, and the whole sky will be blown up!

Even the saints such as Wan Jin were not reconciled. They didn't believe that Lin Chen's speed could continue. At the last minute, they didn't plan to let go!

Only the Holy Realm of Evil Sect began to hesitate.

They are the people of the evil sect, the dark pavilion and others are okay. If they encounter the holy land of the southern region in the island of the Tianbang Conference, I am afraid that things will not end so well...


The place where Tianbang Conference is held, Qiyun Island.

Today is the last day of the time limit for registration.

The one-month registration deadline is coming to an end.

Qiyun Island gathered 20,000 geniuses!

They are all from the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm, and the amazing wizards of each region are present!

In addition to those geniuses from the top 10,000 in the genius list who didn't come, the geniuses in the top 40,000 came one by one!

The sanctuary in the void is more than 200, and the lineup is unprecedentedly luxurious!

They are all here to witness the birth of the leaders of the new era!

"There are many sects of the fourth grade, and there are many sects of the fifth grade. This year's top list is stronger than the previous two million years!"

The two white-browed old men smiled and said, some geniuses were sitting in the meeting place of Qiyun Island.

In addition, the audience in the venue was filled with young men and women, or people with extraordinary temperament.

They are all geniuses who have traveled hundreds of millions of miles. They are not qualified to enter, but they are qualified to enter Qiyun Island.

There were more than 40,000 geniuses who came from the thirty-six domains to watch the battle!

Some of the more remote areas still have to be led by a powerful Holy Land. They set off more than ten years in advance to find multiple spatial passages that span multiple domains until they reach the Southern Region.

In addition, the 20,000 geniuses participating in the competition are more than 60,000!

Two-thirds of the geniuses are here!

The Tianbang Conference is basically the most complete gathering of geniuses in the Genius List!

The Tianbang Conference received great attention from the 36 domains of the Holy Realm.

If the conference competition system is held, the audience will flow into the hundreds of millions, even if the void space is opened, so many people will not be crowded!

Therefore, there are only two possibilities to enter the scene of the Qiyun Island Watching Sky List Conference.

1. Hold the ranking of the genius list.

Second, have the strength of the Holy Land.

The genius of the genius list can come to watch the genius conference even at the end of the ranking, which is the exclusive privilege of the genius list!

Because this is the moment to witness the birth of the leader of the genius list! Many geniuses hit the genius list is also one of the reasons for this privilege!

Because every time the list of days, is the moment of history!

Those who can't resist the scene can also watch every battle between the geniuses through the pictures of Jin Bang's'space refraction'.

In the seats in the front row of the venue, the two young men in green shirts looked up at the standing figures in the void and tremble and marvel!

"It's really nervous, that's the top 40,000 geniuses on the genius list..."

"Everyone is under the age of one thousand years of age and cultivated to the cultivation behavior of the Five Tribulation Warlords. It is too strong! Just pick a person who is stronger than our elders several times!"

The back row; ten cold young men who crossed their swords across their waists couldn't help but sigh.

"When I was just one thousand years old, it was only in the early days of the Nineth War Emperor.

"The top 40,000 in the genius list, it is said that the fighting power of the five robbery warlords, which is far more extraordinary, is the highest peak under the holy realm. The next figure leading the era will be born here!"

A young man in sackcloth sitting in the front row looked complex when he looked up at the sky.

He is No. 40001 in the genius list, but he can't make it into the 40,000. The reason is very simple.

The cultivation of the genius list is suppressed and extremely terrifying, because each other's background is extremely strong, and the advantages of cultivation are absolutely different!

The genius list leapfrog challenges ordinary warlords, basically no big problem, but if you want to leapfrog the top 40,000 genius list, there are very few examples in history!

"Boom~! Boom~! Boom~!"

At this moment, the heavens and the earth vibrated, the candlelight of the Holy Light. All the voids in the radius of the world began to ripple, and a sacred glow was almost suppressing eternity, and the wind and clouds were invincible, shining down from the sky!

A crowd of holy realms cast curious or complicated, or dreadful gaze into a certain void.

The geniuses were even more surprised.

At this last moment, where is the holy appearance?