My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 985

Vol 5 Chapter 985: 3. As Long As I Wave Fast Enough Death Cannot Catch Up With Me

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Chapter 985 As long as I wave fast enough, death cannot catch up with me!

Under the snow-white holy glow, a group of 30 young men and women came out!

These 30 people, with their eyes like a star-turned star, vast and deep, their radiance shines beyond the vulgar glory, the breath is like the sun, the moon and the sky, all of them are almost invincible!

Thirty people walked slowly to the island, raising their hands and throwing their hands, everyone's style, natural king, and visions! It's like a group of scorching suns rising up to suppress the ages!

The eyes of these thirty people don't seem to put any genius present in the eyes at all, and there is an absolute dignity inherent in the eyebrows!

"Those geniuses in the Sun Moon Temple..."

"The domineering momentum is said to be the Sun Moon Palace has ranked among the top in the ranking of the five ranks of the Holy Realm."

Some saints frowned, each having their own views on the emergence of this group of geniuses.

"Fuck, just like the old hangers of the year, the young people taught are all the same as those of the year, and they look like they can't do it!"

"Pretend to **** like a geoduck. Lao Tzu participated in the Tianbang Conference. He did not kill the Sun Moon Hall. These guys who put on the posture, relying on a little bloodline advantage, put it on the spectrum. It is best to be besieged and killed by our Genius genius this time. !"

The eyes of the two gray-clothed holy realms in the void flashed violently, and their murderous intentions were violent and restrained.

"I can't think of the Sun and Moon Hall this time. Haven't they lost interest in the Tianbang Conference in recent sessions?"

"Hey, maybe there is something hidden, and the old man doesn't like these guys..."

The two white-browed elders looked at each other. The thirty geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall were all born with dignity, seemingly empty, and extremely proud!

"It seems that there are still many people who are jealous of our Sun and Moon Hall."

The monster young man who led all the geniuses sneered with a grin. His eyebrows would spin like a round moon, which was strange and mysterious.

The demon youth smiled at all the geniuses evil- "You guys and sisters, can you confidently suppress the geniuses of this time?"

The handsome young man in white in the head smiled lightly-"Brother said that he laughed, these people also match the word genius?"

Bang ~!

The atmosphere of daggers filled the entire Qiyun Island in an instant!

The genius of the Sun and Moon Hall angered all geniuses with just one sentence!

Whether it is a genius watching a battle or running for election, they are not very fond of the life of the Sun and Moon Hall.

The young man in white had no fear of color, and he stood up and stepped out, facing all the geniuses, looking proud and sneering indifferently.

"I'm not targeting one of you, I mean you all..."

boom! boom! Bang ~!

The white man's momentum is brewing to the apex, the pre-war declaration has not yet been said, and a thunder and thunder burst into a sudden change!

Twelve murderous soaring sky, the violent holy light is destroyed like a row of mountains and seas, and it arouses everyone's attention!

The youthful hearty laughter echoed to Qiyun Island!

"Hahaha! As long as we wave fast enough, death can't catch up with my teacher and disciples!"

The beautiful, light-hearted and beautiful generation of beautiful women shuddered when they heard this voice...


One red and one white, two beams of light crashed into Qiyun Island in the sky, a silver-robed boy and a girl in pink clothes with hands on hips were born in the air, and suddenly came to the geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall.

The whole genius was stunned!

More than two hundred holy places are also stunned!

The white man in the Sun and Moon Hall, who was interrupted by his domineering speech, seemed to eat shit, and his mouth twitched...

These two people actually arrived at Qiyun Island under the chase of twelve holy realms?

This appearance makes all the geniuses look surprised and surprised...

Under this world, there are war emperors chased and killed by the twelve holy realms?

"It's him? Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club!"

"Lying trough, he escaped at the Quartet?"

"It's too strong! Oh my god, how much holy realm did he cause!"

Some of the geniuses from the strange domain are shocked!

"It's really death like the wind, I just ran out of my nirvana just here..."

Lin Chen let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

"Lin Chen!"

Ying Meng and Ying Tianmo rushed into the void, and their eyes were split.

I saw that I was about to take it down, but he finally broke into Qiyun Island!

Bang ~!

The two momentums were violent, and they shot in time, bursting out the three sacred mansions and grabbing Lin Chen like a cracked blade, the two ancestors of the Chen family!

The two white-browed old men frowned, gently brushing their sleeves, without strong power, only a few wisps flashed, shattering their attack!

"The two, no matter what your origins are, will it be impossible for you to try to do it at the Tianbang Conference on Qiyun Island?"

Er Lao's expression was indifferent, warning Chen's ancestors.

The two shivered with rage and shouted angrily.

"Lin Chen! Let the Zhende show of your dark horse club hand over the Burning Flame Beads, you still have a ray of life, otherwise my Chen family will not die with you!"

"You dare to take away my Chen family's million-year-old reserves, you really think that our Sipin family can't make it!"

The two ancestors were so angry that they said sensibly-"Would you think that you, the junior juniors, wanted to challenge my Chen family?"

The genius from the forces of all parties can't help but show surprise and consternation in the eyes!

The sacred realms in the void looked at each other curiously, and all showed doubts to each other.

Who is this kid? Actually made the Sipin family endless with him?

Look, there is only one little girl beside him, and there is no holy land!

Could it be that he only snatched the million-year-old reserves of the Sipin family by virtue of the emperor Xiu Xiu?

"Never die? Off my fart! Look at the guys behind you, which of the four ranks of the three ranks of the sect, do you still lack a Chen family?"

Lin Chen teased, Shen Lishuang made a grimace, and made all the holy realms exposed.

"Speaking of you, the Chen family's holy realm has been exhausted, don't you need to watch the baby at home?" Lin Chen raised his brow slightly, with a smirk on his face.

Shuang Sheng's complexion changed suddenly, his eyes widened: "Did you say that...?"

"Often go home to see ~ go home ~"

Lin Chen blinked.

"Two people, don't miss his aggressive method, the Tianbang meeting is over, no one can guarantee this group of gangsters!"

Lian Wanjin stopped in front of the two ancestors, Shen said.

"Our dark pavilion and this son are endless. The saints of the Chen family, we joined together. After the conference, we tried our best to squash him. In addition, I have asked the two elders in my chamber of commerce to look for the holy rope. At that time, he Wings will definitely escape!"

Bundling the holy rope, a one-time consumption of the first-class sacrificial implement, lock the shadows for thousands of miles, track thousands of miles, even the Holy Realm has a certain chance to capture, not to mention a war emperor!

So far, Wan Wanjin has not only asked the "Zhende Shuai" to avenge his son, but the secret is more important!

There are too many secrets for this child. He in charge of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce is very clear that even prying out a little secret has great value!

The two ancestors of the Chen family were temporarily advised to live, one was left in the venue and one was withdrawn.

At this time, the sovereign and others also arrived, and the situation became more complicated.

A group of holy places such as the Dark Pavilion are suspended in the air, and the stations form an encircling circle.

Once the dark pavilion was also afraid of the hidden forces behind the "Dark Horse Clubhouse".

But these guys provoke another Chen family, and the forces surrounding him are growing like snowballs!

This led to the Dark Pavilion becoming more and more fearful against Lin Chen!