My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 986

Vol 5 Chapter 986: Handsome But Only Three Seconds Apprentices Run For Election

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Chapter 986

"He should be safe for the time being at the venue of Tianbang Conference..."

The sovereign was relieved, and the seventh and sixth princesses hurried down the sky and rushed to Lin Chen.

"Hello, Mr. Lin Chen, we are from Fu Shengguo, that... really handsome handsome son is all right?"

"I heard that he was seriously injured. How is his condition? Wouldn't he be in danger?"

Yue Qingli and Yue Youlan's pretty faces are full of anxiety.

The two did not recognize Lin Chen, and his temperament when he turned into "Zhendeshuai" did not even see through the host.

Shen Lingshuang turned her eyes and stared at her master.

Is this the future teacher? Well, Sister Bai Ruoyan is more beautiful.

Xiao Nizi whispered in her heart, but Lin Chen said righteously-"Two, Zhen De Shuai is taking a rest in my luck transplantation bladder, there is no life danger, but he told me to tell you that he didn't want to be in the beginning The son-in-law of Fu Shengguo doesnt want to get you involved, so I hope you wont get involved."

"This... how could you let me and my sister meet him..."

Yueyou Lanhuarong lost her color and grabbed Lin Chen's sleeve.

Lin Chen shook his head, Yue Youlan's delicate body shivered, and Yue Qingli held her sister, tears in her eyes, stubbornly said-"Since he does not want to come out to see us, then we will wait until he comes out."

Lin Chen's face seemed to be touched by something. Lin Chen said indifferently: "I should have said what I said. I hope you will not be stubborn."

Lin Chen ignored the second daughter and led Shen Lingshuang to turn to the position of the white-browed old man.

Goodbye is just a sorrow, he had no intention of becoming the son-in-law of Fu Sheng Kingdom from the beginning.

With a tougher attitude, maybe they can retreat from difficulties.

Suddenly, a handsome white man in the dust stopped in front of Lin Chen and looked at it disdainfully-"a garbage that was repaired by three robbers..."

what? Is this another person?

Lin Chen flicked his nails and said with a smile-"A person like you who denies that others are rubbish. In my hometown, I can only use two words to describe it, that is; Pujie."

After talking, the teacher and apprentice smiled, and extended a **** to them in a'friendly manner'.

"Okay, very good. I hope you can hold a few more rounds in the top game..."

The white man's facial muscles twitched, his manners lost.

Choke~! Boom~! The airflow is torn, the sword is like a dragon, and the battle of Hongmeng is aimed at Lin Chen for murderous murder!

"Mary ants, respect our brother!"

"I pooh!" Lin Chen pouted, and Shen Lingshuang still learned how to pooh.

"Your uncle, I'm so shameless! A guy who called someone to trash on the surface, and talked to me about respect? Is it because you have feces in your brain or am I missing something?"

Lin Chen choked the genius of the Sun and Moon Hall so silently...

"Sun and Moon Hall, thirty geniuses, all sign up." The demon youth of Sun and Moon Hall signed up for everyone, patted the shoulders of the white man, and smiled awe-inspiringly: "There is no need to talk to this kind of person. Just hit the dead."

"Yes! Just follow Brother's teaching!" The son clenched his fists and left.

The two white-browed old men smiled and said, "Young people, they should always be ignited to call young people."

"Senior, I also signed up, Dark Horse Club, Lin Chen!"

Lin Chen took out a volume of gold list, which recorded his ranking of the genius list.

The second elder took it, and when he was about to register, he was awake!

next moment

"Your friend Lin Chen, right? Your genius list is not yet qualified to participate in the genius conference."

When the second old man announced, Lin Chen's mouth opened slightly...

Lying trough? Not handsome for three seconds?

Many plans, battles, escapes, made Lin Chen forget the simplest and most basic things in the process of coming to the top list!

He doesnt have the top 40,000 genius rankings at all!

The Zhendeshuai avatar achieved the highest ranking of Chen Wuming, 64450.

Six Princess Yue Qingli has the ranking strength of 50,000 in the genius list, but the actual ranking is still beyond 60,000.

In terms of strength, such as the gold breakthrough in the three-robbery battle and the emperor Xiuwei, plus the elemental value of the rotation soaring, Lin Chen has enough confidence and the top 40,000 geniuses in the genius list to play one game, at least they can win with slow runes. !

"The relationship guy has been in trouble for a long time. It turns out that he hasn't been ranked yet!"

"Fish and dragons are mixed, and there are a lot of people who are sensational, and they are simply smiling."

"I'm going, I thought it was a master, it turned out that it was funny! Hahaha!"

"Hey, the little guy over there, are you going to be in the auditorium here? I'm so good as a light thief, a group of people with good viewing angles hahaha!"

The geniuses on both sides of the auditorium broke into mockery!

Of the more than 20,000 geniuses floating in the sky, most of them cast aloof disdain and sarcasm.

Lin Chen touched his chin-"even though the ranking is not enough, wouldn't I have no way to enter Rainbow Island..."

The old man with white eyebrows smiled-"Young people, according to the rules of the conference, those who get the top 10 places can get an extra place and bring one person into Rainbow Island. Of course, the premise is that the other party is willing to use the place on you."

At this time, Shen Lingshuang stood up and pulled La Linchen's clothes corner, "Master, are you going to enter Rainbow Island?"

"Yeah, but your master doesn't have the top 40,000 rankings on the genius list. If you have a handsome ranking, your master will have to be ranked first."

"But I did."

"What you have is First, you said that you have the top 40,000 ranking?"

Lin Chen was stunned, Shen Lingshuang smiled like a little fox, her eyes narrowed into a crescent moon, he grinned.

"Yes, yeah, I had a brother some time ago who wanted to trouble me. When I was beaten up, he gave me the ranking."

Many geniuses have heard this sentence, and their minds are incredibly incredible!

This little girl is about sixteen years old! Its cultivation behavior and heritage made even the geniuses present could not see through!

Can you enter the top 40,000 genius lists at this age? If it is true, it must be a peerless genius!

Lin Chen gave Shen Lingshuang a deep look, and she couldn't see through this nizi's cultivation behavior, like some fantasy existence, blocking her true breath.

"Oh? Little Nizi, and let the old man see."

The old man with white eyebrows was curious, and Shen Lingshuang took out his gold list.

The two old men opened the gold list, and a golden light rushed.

"39411 in the list of geniuses Shen Lingshuang, title: None. Sect: Unable to record."

At this moment, the audience was silent...

Including all holy places!

Their pupils shuddered and witnessed the four words "unrecordable"!

Lin Chen was curious, what could he not record?

"So... so it is!"

A white-browed old man swallowed hard.

The two mysterious saints who were as plain as water in the face of dozens of holy realms actually showed some awe!