My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 987

Vol 5 Chapter 987: Shen Lingshuang Play

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Chapter 987, Shen Lingshuang, fight!

There are certain extremely powerful denominations in the Holy Realm. When the geniuses of these denominations enter the genius list, the list of the genius list is not qualified to display or record the genre to which these geniuses belong!

It will only be revealed if it is on the list of evildoers.

In the Holy Realm, most of the powerful people and even Holy Realm come into contact with, most of them are below the Fifth Sect!

The Wupin sect is already at the top of the recognition of many mortals. The genius list of 100,000 geniuses, most of them are from the fifth grade sect to the second grade sect.

The genius of the Tianbang Conference is all from the top four or five denominations!

But the six grades are qualitatively different!

Six ranks, genius list is not qualified to record!

In other words, this little nizi may come from, Liupin sect!

"No wonder, no wonder!"

The corner of the venomous saint's mouth was slightly air-conditioned...

She may have made no mistake! The origin of this nizi is terrifying!

"Lingshuang and Sister Ruoyan are both brought into the Shenyan Palace, and it is very likely that they also entered the Shenyang Palace..."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. Sure enough, the origin of Shenyan Palace was terrible.

Without the strength of the demon list, he is determined to be unqualified to pick up Ruoyan sister, and even seeing it will be difficult!

After coming to the Holy Realm, Lin Chen had seen more Holy Realms, but none of them could compare with the fabulous woman in the Shenyan Palace.

With her own strength, she suppressed the nine magic eyes that sealed the mainland of Kyushu. Such a heavenly means is still the strongest level among the characters Lin Chen has seen!

Perhaps the only thing that can be compared with it is the woman of the Devil Race who is staring at herself...

"Good! Shen Lingshuang, your registration is completed, Xiao Nizi, we look forward to your performance."

Er Lao's tone was somewhat polite, returning Jin Bang to Shen Lingshuang.

"Hahaha, it seems that there is no need to be a teacher this time. Look at your performance and beat them!"

Lin Chen pointed to the geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall, and Shen Lingshuang lilac lightly licked her lips-"Fuck!"

The second old is speechless, this good little girl, why did he follow such a master...

The geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall disdain.

The holy realms who had previously chased down Lin Chen looked a little ugly.

If Lin Chen said that this nizi is his apprentice, then the origin of the dark horse club...

Isn't it related to the Liupin sect?

As a holy realm, they knew very well that the Sipin sect was not worth it before the Liupin sect!

After Shen Lingshuang's registration, there was no genius to register, and some only had the Holy Light that stretched across the void.

Lin Chen and Shen Lingshuang found the seats in the auditorium, too lazy to ignore the sneering eyes.

After sitting, Lin Chen looked around the void, his eyes flashing fieryly.

"There are more than 265 holy realms coming this time. After a while, my stolen omens can steal as much as I can. Now I have to worry about whether my talent points are enough!"

Finally, an old man with white eyebrows rose into the air.

"The deadline for registration is 21491 geniuses who participated in the Tianbang Conference."

All the genius list geniuses, awe-inspiring!

"The Sky Ranking Conference once in a thousand years has officially started! The conference participation mechanism is the same as in the past, with four draws. If you win more than three wins in four battles, you will enter the quota selection. Depending on the situation, whether to continue to hold out knockout games , Four consecutive winners, directly get a quota."

"The rules of battle: bet on both sides to fight, the loser will fall in the ranking, until the one side surrenders or can no longer fight, the old man Yimei and this Fengquan saint will be responsible for healing your injury, mental damage or The flesh shell body and the fighting strength are damaged, and they can heal the two sides of the battle as soon as possible, ensuring that your combat power can be fully used."

"Combat can be used to the utmost, all means can be used, including panacea, secret law, etc., as long as you don't rely on the power of others, it is not a foul."

"Four consecutive victors will get the chance to hit the top ten places, and the top ten geniuses will get an additional place to enter Rainbow Island."

The brow saint announced aloud that the genius of the audience couldn't help but get a little hot!

Extra places! This is a reward of temptation. The opportunities in Rainbow Island are endless. If you can go alone, you will have more hope!

"Little Nizi, how is Ruoyan now?"

Lin Chen whispered to Shen Lingshuang.

She muttered her small mouth"I dont know. Sister Bai and I can still meet often when we first arrived in the Holy World, but the elders in the palace said that the power of the torch began to grow into the growth period, so let Bai My sister did not go out until I came out."

Lin Chen frowned, thinking that the energy of the eternal flame began to penetrate into the body because of the mind and law. I am afraid that only Shenyan Palace can help her control this power.

There are many places that Lin Chen takes care of, such as whether Shenyan Palace will use Bai Ruoyan or her coveted torch, but these are not things that this little Nizi can perceive.

Someone Lin coughed softly: "Cough cough cough, that, has anyone in Shenyang Palace beat you and Sister Bai's idea, especially the man."

Shen Lingshuang simply smiled-"Yes, yes!"


Someone Lin was about to raise a knife, Shen Lingshuang smiled and said-"But no man has ever been close to Sister Bai, but the second sister, especially like to find Sister Bai..."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, I wipe...

No, Lin Chen, you have to be confident! You are the club's top card! You have to believe in your charm and believe in Ruoyan sister!

"Right!" Shen Lingshuang shook her head and muttered: "There seems to be one man, too, often looking for Sister Bai, who is very tired of him. It seems that it comes from a strange door... I don't remember the name. "

Lin Chen frowned, and it seemed that going to Shenyan Palace was on the agenda! There is also a way to enter Holy Prison...

"Men Qing's whereabouts are not yet known. If Yan Yan's situation is not optimistic, her progress must be leaps and bounds after the retreat. I am now a three-robber, and I can break through the two robbers and try to use the left by Senior Dan Sheng. That's the way to make Yudan sanctified!"

Lin Chen's heart was cruel, he was no longer as far away from the Holy Land as before!

At this moment, the hands of the Wind Spring Saints in the field gathered their holy powers and yanked.

Brush ~! A golden list with a length of 100 feet and a width of 100 feet emerges out of thin air!

The names of all geniuses are engraved on it, which is the list of geniuses!


The golden list circulates the glory of the golden ocean, and a series of battle lists begin to roll and emerge one by one.

"Genius List: 37,150, Ling Xiao-Genius List, 39,744, Cui Xuan, one hundred and twelve!"

"Genius list 39592, Li Zhentian-Genius list 38999, Qin Feijue, No. 388!"

Bang ~!

A spatial fluctuation of Xuan Qi spread along the Golden List. At this moment, most people who are paying attention to the Genius List in the 36 domains of the Holy Realm have seen the series of battle lists!

Lin Chen looked up at the series of rankings and found Shen Lingshuang's match lottery.

"Genius list 39411 Shen Lingshuang-34888 genius list Li Canghai! No. 427!"