My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 988

Vol 5 Chapter 988: Tianbang Feast Summit Meeting

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Chapter 988, Feast of the Heavens List, Summit Summit!

It was so bad luck that he had drawn opponents who crossed five thousand places!

There are also some geniuses who have excellent luck, and the first round is bye.

There are also opponents who have worse luck than Shen Lingshuang and have drawn a huge gap in ranking.

But the geniuses who come here are not mediocre, they are already mentally prepared, and no one flinches!

"The genius of the first round, board the Qitai!"

Under the order of the Wind Spring Saint, the 600 geniuses who entered the war in the first round all appeared and entered the Qitai, and the space boundary became solidified!

Some geniuses contain five-color brilliance, Yuanzhu Yuezhi, arrogantly standing like Qianyue standing upright, immovable like a mountain, suppressing eternity!

Or the tiger's back bears a waist, his face is bloodthirsty, his feet are black whirlwind, and he is carrying a black ink hammer.

Some are smart and graceful, the treasures are gorgeous, and a pair of wonderful eyes hold the spirit storm of Tibet, and the waist leans on the half-moon-shaped weapon Guqin.

What's more, holding a battle halberd, wearing a red battle armor on his shoulders, and ambilight, although standing alone on the stage, but like a thousand horses and horses, galloping.

Hundreds of thousands of crystal fragments shone and gleamed in every Qitai, too much and too great!

None of the weather revealed by these geniuses is weak, and everyone placed in the 36th domain belongs to the top level of the five robbery war emperors!

"Damn, it's about to start, I'm so nervous..."

"Three hundred battles, each one should not be missed!"

"Grass, I'm not in vain!"

The genius list of 40,000 geniuses is looking forward to it.

Even Lin Chen couldn't help holding his breath, excited and looking forward to it!

The geniuses in the field are each better than Chen Wuming by several grades!

"Damn, so many geniuses fight, how can you get some high-level lightballs? Unfortunately, I can't do them in person!"

Lin Chen licked his lips excitedly.

Lin Chen stepped into the three robbery battle emperor Xiu Wei, confident that the two levels will single out any elder level of the five robbery war emperor.

But he dare not say that he is a genius in the win!

Unless all the phantom avatars are played out or the slow runes at the bottom of the box are used.

Shen Lingshuang was not very interested, and she still thought of the previous rock sugar berry in her small head...

"Now, the conference officially begins!"

Bang ~!

As soon as the words fell, six hundred top-level bursting momentums shook the entire Qiyun Island!

Tianbang Conference, officially launched!

The odd territory, the vast and unlimited territory, is undulating with a lot of discussion and discussion.

"Finally, it's about to start, Tianbang Conference!"

"I don't know which genius of this year's list of geniuses is unique."

"Hahaha, the old man is very much looking forward to our performance of Xing Jue Jianmen. Those little guys are the top geniuses in the top row in the odd domain!"

Xuanyu, 10,000 peaks, towering stones.

"I don't know what the situation is. Brother has drawn 3,1992 geniuses. I hope he can survive the difficulties..."

"The only regret for this kind of feast is that you can't go to the scene to observe it!"


South Territory, a space plane somewhere.


A wave of magical energy smashes the space, the magical energy is monstrous, and the blood is flashing!

"Dare the demon clan guy dare to enter my territories?"

"Kill, these demon clan, none of them are good things, all are destroyed!"

Wan Dao Ruiqi's Holy Light turned into a sky, slamming into a slender figure in black robe.

"Did it be found... Do you want to fall to this point?"

The slender figure in black robe desperately rushed out of the encirclement of the Holy Light!


Qiyun Island The sound of battle is endless and dazzling!

Thousands of combat skills, thousands of exercises, and endless details are revealed one after another. Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong to witness the attribute light ball drop in every battle!

Many geniuses even lifted their hands with refractive crystal, which is a special type of crystal that can be stored in a crystal.

This is the crystal that everyone used to save the battle picture, because in the three hundred battles, there is no strength of the Holy Realm, and at the same time, it is impossible to watch it!

On the 32nd Qiyuntai, Xueyi swordsman shoots Kyushu with one sword, dividing ten disc-like bright sword lights!

His opponent is higher than his 2,000 shirtless men.

Lin Chen is paying attention to this battle, this is a genius list battle of 35,000 ~ 37,000.

Both of them are third-grade saints, after being saints.

The Holy Realm has reversed its own blood and transformed its life.

The immediate descendants of the first generation will have extremely high talents. Of the 100,000 geniuses on the genius list, more than 50% are saints!

Ji Qingming, who Lin Chen had encountered before, was also a saint, but his bloodline was a first-grade saint, which was far from the former two.

The two battled into a ball, and the afterimages flickered.

The young man in the blue shirt quickly threw a dozen regiments of tens of feet of cyan hurricane.

The Xueyi swordsman's arm was fast, a sword torn off the hurricane, a sword hit the Huanglong, and he shot out thousands of swords, like a peacock opening the screen, layer by layer!

It's a half-orange sword sword! This sword has killed the opponent's retreat, and it is almost a victory or defeat to kill the young man in the blue shirt with a strong pressure!

The young man in the blue shirt flashes vertically, the wind-based fighting spirit greatly blesses the body, the wind-like streamer condenses into an aurora finger, half-orange fingering!

Bang~! Fingers come first, but they are not full enough, and they are defeated by the sword!

Jian Guang twisted his head, strangling the young man in his shirt into pieces!

But that was actually a doppelganger!

The real body has already flashed ghostly to the top of Xueyi swordsman!

Lin Chen's eyes lit up...

Bang ~! A young man in a green shirt broke into a ten-acre wind dragon with great fighting spirit, and he grabbed down!

Xueyi Swordsman was caught off guard, raised his sword to resist, slammed, and was thrown back by the spitting blood of the giant wind dragon!

When the young man in the green shirt pursued the victory, the sword of the Xueyi swordman bounced a strange snow-white sword light across the void!

Jianguang bounced back strangely, pierced through the defense of Tsing Yi, and also vomited blood and retreated!

The Xueyi swordsman forced his luck to lift his sword, and the Baizhang swordman, who was raging all the way, fell down vertically!

The young man in the green shirt clenched his teeth and urged the Hundred-headed Tiger to rotate his combat spirit to resist this amazing sword!

Bang~! When the sword mang hit, the young man in the blue shirt was cut to the ground, covered in blood, and could not move anymore.

The Xueyi swordsman vomited blood, but his eyes shone tragically and excitedly.

Victory is at hand!

Xueyi Swordsman was about to urge his body, and suddenly, a green mane flew by like a hair, brushed, and actually penetrated his left half body strangely, blood spilled on the spot!

Someone Lin was dumbfounded!

This young man in the blue shirt still has many hands, so is the snowman swordsman!

The victory and defeat of both sides is only between a few centimeters, and they are struggling on the line of life and death!

"I depend! It's so **** wonderful!"

Lin Chen was thrilled.

"This is the top feast, the clash of the top 40,000 in the genius list! Mysterious hidden, suspenseful, hidden secrets do not know how many hands, omnipotent! Although the ranking is 2,000 poor, you don't see who won in the end! "

Lin Chen finally knows why those geniuses who failed to participate in the war used refractive crystal to record every battle,

This type of battle is tireless!

Experience play, use of combat skills, psychological games, etc., these geniuses are all ruthless characters in the strong hands!

The genius Lin Chen encountered in the past after ranking 40,000, there is a relatively obvious gap for every 3,000 ranked geniuses, even if it is not big, it can be seen at a glance which is weaker.

Not in the top 40,000 of the genius list. The gap between 30001 and 40,000 is not so strong.

In addition to mental restraint or restraint in the field of combat, all the results must be fought before they know!

Lin Chen confessed that without using avatar siege and slow runes, he singled out the snowman swordsman or the young man in the blue shirt, and the outcome was unknown!

This is just a battle of more than 35,000 ranked geniuses...

To what extent are those geniuses with more than 20,000 and more than 10,000? Lin Chen is looking forward to it!