My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 989

Vol 5 Chapter 989: Carry Away Next

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Chapter 989

"It's really strong. Even Liu'er has to experience another hundred years of precipitation to qualify for this level of realm."

Lord Fu Sheng shook his head and marveled, but his eyes fell on Lin Chen's body.

"As the leader of the dark horse club that my really handsome and handsome son-in-law joined, I don't know what this boy's true strength is..."

After observing more than a dozen battles, Lin Chen looked down reluctantly.

His primary goal now is to cultivate alien crystals!

"This time, the Chen family's purgatory volcano was robbed, and 104 Burning Flame Beads were harvested, and the red gold tree was approaching its peak before the first line. I can first use Burning Flame Beads to practice my hands first..."

Lin Chen planted the burning flame beads to the bottom of the Qingyao tree, staring at him curiously as the little shadow resting in the Taoyuan planting capsule.

According to the mysterious technique of "Alien Crystal Cultivation", Lin Chen's fighting spirit was divided into hundreds of thousands.

The doppelganger maintained the incendiary bead and the roots of Qingyao Tree and Dragon Tree with the fighting spirit, and the roots of the luck-spiritual planting that absorbed luck began to turn to absorb the energy of the incendiary bead!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. The loss of fighting spirit in this process was a little scary...

After four hours, all the flaming beads planted underground successfully held to the root of Qi Yunling.

Bang ~! A miraculous scene emerged; Long Qingshu and Qingyao trees lit like a bulb all at once!

A few thousand meters of the vegetative branches of the mighty shore, a light red vein began to flow.

In addition to the production of special products, silver holy yuan coins and heavenly treasures, the branches and leaves began to condense gravel-sized amorphous fragments!

"Successful! Sure enough, the mysterious technique of the predecessor of the ancient gods is correct. The abnormal crystal below the middle grade has a 100% success rate!"

Lin Chen was so excited that he could try to cultivate a complete alien crystal as long as the Chijinshu grew to its peak!

"Ordinary genius is definitely impossible to control the complete alien crystal before the Holy Realm, but my "Creation Nine Tribulation" has opened up nine types of sky-tribulation warfare, and the element attribute value is continuously improved..."

Lin Chen pondered, "Perhaps I can try to refine a complete alien crystal when both the body refining and fighting strength cultivation reach the peak of the Warlord Realm..."

There was a strong wind in Qiyun Island, and Lin Chen withdrew his mind.

At this point, all battles have ended.

Of the three hundred battles, two hundred are long battles, which last only one day and one night before all of them win or lose!

Every time a victory is won, a holy light will fall from the sky, healing the genius who is running for election!

In the venue, after the fierce battle, there are dozens of attribute light **** scattered, most of them are strengthening points, and a few are growth type attribute values!

Lin Chen's heart is tickling, but he is not a genius for the election, he can't step down to collect the attribute light ball...

Boom~! The first wave of ranking changes began to replace the gold list, causing a new wave of shock.

The double saints have already shot, sprinkled with the glory of the saint, and all the geniuses under the bath of the holy light are restored!

"Six hundred geniuses have all won and lost. Both the winner and the loser have a chance. If they lose more than four times, they will be eliminated."

"The second batch, start!"

Before waiting for everyone to come back to the gods, the Holy Light Gold List is ranked again, and another 600 geniuses have begun to enter!

Shen Lingshuang is No. 427, belonging to the second batch of the first round!

"Little Nizi, do you have confidence..."

Lin Chen rubbed her hair, her hands on her hips, and the old-fashioned way-"Master, rest assured, I fight very well!"

Lin Chen smiled, but he didn't underestimate Shen Lingshuang. Shen Lingshuang's current strength can't detect the reality, but he can give him a dangerous sense of oppression...

This Nizi's current strength may be terrifying!

The genius of the Sun and Moon Hall played with a smile.

"It's Ni Nizi's turn, hehe, this kid is really a waste. It's really shameful to be reduced to relying on a little girl."

"I'm afraid this little girl may not be Li Canghai's opponent even if he has some means."

The proud daughter of the sky swept Lin Chen with a disdain and said with a lip: "The soft bones still depend on the woman."

Qiyuntai, the two are opposite. Shen Lingshuang to Li Canghai!

Li Canghai, who was in a white shirt, looked seriously-"Little sister, I will not underestimate you, let alone pity Xiangxiyu!"

Shen Lingshuang made a grimace-"Come here! Hey!"

The Wind Spring Saint waved his hand: "Start!"

Bang ~! The Qiyuntai in the space boundary once again startled the infinite momentum!

Li Canghai's hands were shocked, and he rolled up thousands of waves, and his fighting spirit turned into a raging wave. Only in the blink of an eye, the huge wave of fighting spirit swept the entire Qiyuntai!

"This Li Canghai's terrible fighting strength!"

"This waiting method is also among the top ranks in the half orange rank!"

"No, more than that!"

The geniuses who followed Shen Lingshuang and Li Canghai suddenly exclaimed!


When the giant waves of fighting came surging forward, within the waves of fighting that rolled up hundreds of feet high, ten heads of flamboyant fighting sea beasts protruded and attacked Shen Lingshuang with great force!

There are archaic killer whales, archaic green dragons, ancient beluga whales, ancient dragon sword sharks, etc. to the extreme. The power of pushing the mountains across is actually a half-orange-level exercise?

"This Li Canghai showed his full strength as soon as he met him. Is this little girl so strong?"

"Impossible, then Lin Chen also said that she is her master, I don't believe where she can be strong..."

A genius was surprised. Li Canghai didn't care about the views of others, but he felt looming that the little girl had a dangerous atmosphere hiding him...

Li Canghai shone with five pieces of water system crystals, and the momentum soared to the top to destroy it!

Linglong jade legs lifted slightly, the girl stepped forward a little, pink fist clenched.

She was like a lonely sail boat in the sea, and her slender figure seemed very small in the face of the angry sea beast that was rushing head-on!

The simple innocence between Shen Lingshuang's eyebrows was gradually replaced by an extraordinary charm!

She lifted her fist and lifted her abdomen, her jewel-like eyes radiating a terrifying light!

"It's there!"

Bang~! Shen Lingshuang rushed out in one step, all relying on the speed of pure power eruption, like an arrow off the string, rushing straight into the sea of anger!

"Did she use any fighting spirit? Physical training warrior?"

"Why does she want to be torn apart?"

Shen Lingshuang's "recklessness" made countless geniuses disturbed, but the eyes of Saint Fengquan suddenly froze!

Most of the holy realms in the void sensed the anomaly, and there was a gimmick in my heart!

Could it be that!

Shen Lingshuang was in full swing of the Nine Tribulation Warfare, without making any combat skills, and slammed his fists up with awe.

Sigh~! Bang~!

The weak and weak pink boxing smashed into the sky and broke into a monstrous fist!

Bang ~! All the huge waves of fighting spirit were completely destroyed, and Li Canghai spit blood and retreated!

He hadnt reacted yet. The punching wind swept everything. The moment when he broke the giant wave became even more violent. All the offensives turned into punches instead. One punch penetrated Li Canghais inner armor and defense. Skill!


Li Canghai was hit with a punch, like a kite with a broken thread, and hit the ground heavily, unconscious!


The audience ushered in a very strange silence, this is the second batch of opening to score the fastest duel!

Tens of thousands of geniuses twitched at the corners of their mouths, and looked ghostly!

One punch?

Without any combat skills, only a simple punch, defeating 34888 in the genius list Li Canghai!

The genius of the Sun and Moon Hall was squeezed in the throat by invisible big hands, dumbfounded!

Someone Lin opened his mouth slightly and rubbed his eyes...

The pink dress fluttered, Xiao Nizi learned Lin Chen's appearance, and calmly raised her hand.

"Take away, next."