My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 990

Vol 5 Chapter 990: Lets Call Him Lin Shuai

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Chapter 990

"This... what kind of punching is this?"

"I'm not blind?"

"That's Li Canghai! The genius with more than 20,000 rankings can't kill him in a flash?"

The geniuses have recovered, and the whole audience has started to discuss!

Everyone looked at someone Lin, and he saw his head slightly bowed, and his face was unpredictable-"Well, yes, so careless..."

Is this still so-so?

In fact, someone in Lin's heart was so excited that he almost turned back in place!

Previously he watched the battle between Xueyi swordsman and Tsing Yizi, and it has fully revealed that the gap between the top 40,000 in the genius list is very small, all of which are the top five robbery warlords under the Holy Land!

The strength of Li Canghai is comparable to that of the two men just now!

Being able to kill such a genius in just two words is outrageous!

Even now Lin Chen can hardly do better than this Nizi!

Above the clouds; all the saints are talking!

"You can't be wrong, that punch was fought towards the best weakness, disintegrating the offensive in a bit!"

"And after this nizi broke with a weak click, the earth-based fighting spirit restrained the water-based fighting spirit of Li Canghai, the boy, and counterattacked all the aftermath of the fighting spirit back with the wind-based fighting spirit, with the spear of the enemy, the sword of self-defense, so amazing!"

"It can't be explained by talents, but this child is probably the legendary Wusheng bloodline, peeking at the ultimate talent of combat skills and martial arts!"

Many saints from the thirty-six domains have gone through the epoch of ten thousand years.

The dark pavilion holy realm, such as Yingtianmo and Yingmei, looks very ugly...

The more horrible the people around Lin Chen are, the more they are afraid of them!

Shen Lingshuang jumped like a white rabbit all the way back to the seat, leaned against someone Lin, and hummed: "How is it, Master, how much do you give me in this battle?"

Lin Chen pretended to be calm: "82 points, the posture is not handsome enough, in order to be afraid of your pride, the next 18 points will be given to you in the form of 666."

Lin Chen gave a good shot and threw five ninja dragon fruit to this nizi; "Well, the master rewards you, save yourself some food!"

"This...this is Long Qingguo!"

Shen Lingshuang held the amorous Long Qingguo, swallowed and chewed one, her lips and teeth were fragrant, sweet and sour aftertaste, and the power continued to flow up!

The previous shot, Lin Chen's Zi Jin Tong has spied on this nizi is the cultivation of the four robbers and the emperor. The pure body strength is stronger than himself, 64 million dragon power!

Long Qingguo is also beneficial to her as a physical exercise emperor.

The genius of the Sun and Moon Hall finally put away his arrogant heart and faced Shen Lingshuang, of course, Lin Chen they still did not pay attention to it.

"Unexpectedly, this little girl was actually the bloodline of Wu Sheng..." Fu Shengguo's two ancestors of the Holy Land stunned.

Sun Yueer asked curiously-"Grandma, what is Wu Sheng bloodline?"

Youdu Shengcheng said seriously-"The bloodline of Wusheng, the ultimate genius of born martial arts, practicing combat skills is as simple as drinking water and eating, and has a very high understanding and talent for human race combat skills."

"For example, Qingli Nizi of Fu Shengguo practiced the top half-orange-level "Wanyue Qinglong" sword technique, and it took nearly ten years to get a glimpse of the path. Short time..."

"So fast?" Sun Yueer was shocked!

"This kind of bloodline talent is even more powerful when applied to the enemy race!"-You Po Sheng Sheng Ge was amazed: "If you know any combat skills, even if you practice the skills to the extreme, there will be flaws, but only in competition. The flaws are more subtle and undetectable."

"If the Holy Realm plays against the Five Tribulation Warlords and suppresses the same realm, the Holy Realm can crush the latter's offensive with only one stone, because the saint can easily see the weak points of the Warlord's attacks, which is the advantage of breaking the weak points. Fighting in the same realm, the battle is constantly changing, and even if you can find the weakness of your opponent, it is difficult to break."

The old eyes of the ghostly poisonous Saint Cang flashed a surly light-"The old body had also suffered this loss in the past. Even the Holy Venom can find weaknesses. The blood of the Wusheng, basically has few rivals at the same level. Looking at the history of the Holy World, he has the Wu There are very few people of the Holy Blood, and every time they are born, they are alarming the existence of all directions!"

Sun Yueer exclaimed, and murmured when he stared at Lin Chens back: "Such a powerful person is actually his only person. No wonder even the shocking wizards of Zhende Shuaizi would be willing to be his men... "


Someone Lin touched his nose and said to himself strangely: "How do you feel someone behind me is handsome?"

Despite Shen Lingshuang's one-punch breakthrough and extreme shortcomings, the second batch of battles is still in full swing!


Lin Chen was shocked!

He had watched Shen Lingshuang before, and he had never discovered that there was a fluttering beauty in the battle of these 600 geniuses.

Her every move is like a cloud covering the mist, extremely illusory, but without losing the majestic atmosphere, only a dozen rounds will suppress the 31,441 genius!

That is not the restraint of the mind or the attributes of the fighting spirit, only the pure strength is crushed!

Witnessing the beautiful, beautiful and immortal appearance of Lin Xianhu, the tiger body shocked!

"I surrender!"

In only twenty rounds, the genius holding a half-moon halberd hurriedly announced!

When the fairy stopped, her head nodded politely and gracefully, and it was so elegant that it sounded like a natural sound-"Concession."

After being dumbfounded that day, he said helplessly: "Ning Fairy is too polite, it's only you who promised! You are not as capable as a genius from an auxiliary sect..."

Among the geniuses of the'Hundred Saints Gate' floating in the air outside the court, a handsome son nodded, "It's a woman I like, it's really extraordinary, Qing Xuan, a beautiful name..."

The sister-in-law who was surrounded by his country was a bit jealous in her heart, and she said that she did not lose countless women in the world, but in the face of this'Ning Fairy', it was a temperament and a gas field from the inside out. different.

The beauty and ugliness of a woman can be completely determined not only by the facial features. The beauties who have practiced red dust are better able to cultivate their own unique charm.


Suddenly, the eyes of the son of the Hundred Saints froze!

This Ning Fairy wandered towards the front row of auditoriums.

What's even more amazing is that the corner of the peerless fairy who has seen through the dust is slightly raised, and a smile is blooming! Fanghua peerless!

All the scenery in the world seems to be overshadowed. Zhijiao dumbfounded.

It is a pity that this smile is not because of him blooming, but because of a cynical teenager in the audience...

The fairy raised her eyebrows slightly and smiled at the teenager, "Should I call you Lin Da hero, or should I call you Lin Da director?"

Countless days before he was suddenly stunned, there was an incredible shock!

Since participating in the Tianbang Conference, countless geniuses have admired her and expressed their heart. This fairy Ning has not even responded to a word!

Now this fairy Ning took the initiative to talk to a man? Or is it a man who can't even participate in the top list?

Countless eyes looked like sharp sword blades and locked Lin Chen in unison!

He was not in a hurry, took out a clear glass through his crotch and took a serious photo, and said to Ning Fairy seriously.

"Well, it's better to call him Lin Shuai. It's more appropriate. What's more of what I'm good at?