My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 991

Vol 5 Chapter 991: That Night She Did Not Refuse Me.

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Chapter 991, That night, she did not refuse me.

Someone Lin sighed in the sky-"Oh! I thought I was the only one who has always been handsome. I didn't expect that Miss Ning would become a fairy."

"The handsome man Lin thinks that the present fairy is better, or the former Qing Xuan is better."

Ning Xianzi smiled and sat naturally next to Lin Chen.

This stunningly beautiful person is Ning Qingxuan!

When the two met, they had some emotion in their hearts.

From Tiange Academy to the difference, and then desperately rushed into the false **** family to save people, although the two have not really gotten together for a long time, they have a more pure and deep emotion in their hearts...

Ning Qingxuan's temperament has indeed transformed.

She used to be as light as water, but she was not familiar with the world. Like the Qinglian in Chunyang, people always feel like spring breeze, and their hearts are like warm jade.

And now, it is more like a fairy in a secular world, as if it has already experienced red dust, and looks down on everything.

Unless the relationship between the two is extraordinary, Lin Chen may not be able to remain calm under her eyes.

Among the beauties that Lin Chen has seen, people can give the impression of "Beautiful Ruo Tian Xian"; only Leng Yueqi, Ning Qingxuan, and Bai Ruoyan.

If Ning Qingxuan is a fairy who sees through the red dust and is elegant and refined.

That Leng Yueqi is both a cold and peculiar ice fairy, and Bai Ruoyan is more like a magnificent heavenly immortal. From time to time, she reveals a bit of shame to Lin Chen like a fairy, each has its own merits.

"Wow, are you a maid again! When are you going to do a happy event!"

Shen Lingshuang's eyes were shining, and Ning Fairy's eyes turned, like a smile; "Then ask your master~"

Someone Lin said seriously: "It is better to choose the day than the day, not the day, the day is better than the day, the day is better than the day after tomorrow. Anyway, it is the day, so dont worry, lets brag for a while, Wouldnt it be nice to watch the meeting for a while."

Some male geniuses are jealous!

What kind of happy events are coming out?

Lin Chen hadn't had time to describe the old with Ning Qingxuan, a sword of Ling Tian's killing came across, cutting off the position of the two!

The son of jade with a beam of hair, with a face like a crown jade, the facial features is savage, and the sword is swearing-"Are you a day! A small aphid in every area dares to insult Ning Fairy?"

Lin Chen's expression was particularly calm, and Ning Qingxuan's intentions flashed in his wonderful eyes.

Lin Chen sneered. "Oh? Which green onion is yours?"

Tsing Yi Jiazi seemed to be aware of the gaffe in front of the fairy. She raised her shirt and raised her eyebrows coldly, warning Lin Chen with a charity-like tone.

"The genius list of this son is 10099. The title is: One sword swallows the sky. One hundred sages. Oriental Yaoyao is one of the highest ranked geniuses in the audience. Remember the name of the son. Then, get it, understand?"

Lin Chen stunned!

roll? understand? I wipe...

For the first time, he saw someone better than Lin!

Its said that this person has no brains before he can see it. He is obviously old with Ning Qingxuan...

"You don't deserve to mention shoes to your brother. If it weren't for the Tianbang Conference today, you wouldn't leave your hands and feet to make a guilt. This is not that simple."

The teacher and sister from Qingguoqingcheng came to the sky and sneered at Lin Chen with disdain.

"Which little fruit are you, dare to defame my master!" Shen Ling frosted her white-white teeth, but she was cute when she wanted to be cruel.

Lin Chen patted Ni Zi's head and stood up. He still had time to speak in the future. Ning Qingxuan first blocked Lin Chen in front of him.

She said indifferently: "Dongfang Yao, first, what's your name, he doesn't need to remember it. Second, he is my dearest, please ask the son of Dong Yao Yao to take his own weight. Third, if you dare to speak out, I will I dont recommend tearing all your mouths. Although the Hundred Saints Gate is strong, Ning Qingxuan is not a bully!"


All the geniuses who did not participate in the war were full of uproar! Ning Fairy actually helped this boy to confront the Hundred Saints? He said he was dead!

"Ning fairy, you..." Dongfang Yaoya gritted his teeth.

Lin Chen patted his shoulder and grinned badly.

"That night, she didn't reject me. That night, she was below, and I was above. That night, I was in front, and she was in the back. Oh no, it was the opposite..."

The geniuses heard clearly!

That night?

You are in front, she is in the back?

Ning Qingxuan gave Lin Chen a helpless glance, his style was peerless.

This scene appeared very ambiguous in the eyes of the geniuses. Ning Fairy did not deny it? Is this the default?

East Yaoyao thunder is furious, his eyes blaze the light of killing intention!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed; "Want to start?"

This Oriental Yao is extremely strong! It is several times stronger than any genius list he encountered!

The 10099 ranking is by no means a fake name!

What Chen Wuming, Qin Shaotian, the master of Juetian Pavilion, does not deserve to give him shoes! This is the existence that truly stands at the top of the genius list!

For Lin Chen now, it is an unprecedented strong enemy! Fighting head-on, Lin Chen didn't know he could hold a few rounds!

But someone in Lin is not vegetarian! He now has enough rune energy, and a high-energy slow rune hits out, and whoever wins or loses is not necessarily!

"Let's go, ignore this kind of person."

Ning Qingxuan smiled at Lin Chen, but he caught Ning Qingxuan.

"Why go, this is our good position to watch the game. If you want to roll, some people roll, what's with us."

Lin Chen smiled and blinked at Shen Lingshuang; "Right, good boy."

"Yeah, yeah, don't stop the intimacy of the master and the lady."

Shen Lingshuang is a big devil, Ning Qingxuan smiled.

Bang ~! An earth-sharp sword was suddenly suppressed, making Lin Chen as pointed by Wan Jian, and the sharp edge was revealed!

Lin Chen was not surprised, and the silver robe moved without wind!

He is a person who has fought against holy prison criminals, and now he has faced many sacred pursuits. With such hardening and accumulation, no one in the genius list will have it!

If you want to overwhelm him with the momentum, even the first in the genius list is impossible!

"Okay, very good. I am now looking forward to your apprentice winning, and bringing you smoothly into Rainbow Island..."

Dongfang Yao was very angry and smiled-"The son will abuse you well and make you die so painfully and painfully!"

Lin Chen's face did not change color-"rest assured, I am a kind person, my gun is also very fast, you will not have the slightest pain, at most engage in the back."

The two were tit-for-tat, Lin Chen's gas field did not lose Dongfang Yao, which surprised many geniuses.

"This kid is really not afraid of the sky, and has continuously provoked the back of the Sun and Moon Hall and faced the Baisheng Gate."

"He has no chance."

The geniuses shook their heads and laughed.

"A waste that only knows how to hide behind a woman."

Dongfang Yao flicked her nails, disdainfully sneered, and left with her sister.

Lin Chen looked at the back of his departure and suddenly shouted.

"Actually, I was indeed behind that night!"

Everyone fell, Dongfang Yao almost fell a dog to eat shit.


"You have to be careful, this man is very strong."

Ning Qingxuan said to Lin Chen with a solemn expression.

Lin Chen nodded-"There are no empty men under the prestigious reputation, but some things have to be fought to know."

"It's okay, Master, I'll help you beat him!"

Shen Lingshuang squeezed her pink fist.

Lin Chen smiled and flicked Nizi's snowy forehead, staring up at the saints in the sky, a glimmer of light flashed across his eyes!