My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 992

Vol 5 Chapter 992: The King Of Thief Lin Chen.

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Chapter 992, Lin Chen, King of Stealing Kings.

Although he broke through the three robbers, he put aside these killer skills such as "slowness, phantom runes, and orange-level talents and instant light splits."

Lin Chen believes that his current combat power is on the top of the list, and it also belongs to a medium and low level. This is an objective fact.

"Unexpectedly, I can see you again at the Tianbang Conference, Your Excellency Lin Chen. Fortunately, fortunately!"

At this moment, a man and a woman came over, and the handsome young man clenched his fists in both hands with a respectful expression.

It was the ghost operator Mo Qingsuan. And BingtongLan Ruoxue!

They also came to Nanyu to participate in the moment of witnessing history!

The cold and noble Lan Ruoxue smiled and said, "Lin Chen's son is really shocked, he has such a deep relationship with Ning fairy."

In Qian's eyes, there was a glimmer of sadness.

"The two of us have long known each other, this is nothing, right, my friends are all right?"

Lin Chen smiled and asked, Mo Qing nodded-"Since Your Excellency Lin Chen, you have involved the dark pavilion ancestors and other holy places to leave, Master Bailongmen and Lord Bingxin Palace have tried their best to resist the saints who are united with the dark pavilion, and friends of Prince Chen We all leave the Quartet safely..."

Mo Qing bowed his head to his ears and said seriously to Lin Chen-"Lord Lin Chen, my sect master told me to convey his meaning. We are willing to fully support your lord and resist other holy realms in one fell swoop."

Lin Chen gave a playful smile: "Oh? Regardless of the merits, I don't think you will be touched by my handsomeness, I don't know what the cost is?"

Mo Qingsuan: "There is no need for any price, as long as your sentence agrees, our ancestors will come out!"

Lin Chen did not answer, laughed and said nothing, neither refused nor agreed.

Mo Qing was not in a hurry, simply sitting next to Lin Chen.

At this time, Lin Chen looked up at all the holy realms,

"It's time! The system, launching the harbinger of thieves! King of thieves, I'm set!"

Lin Chen launched his talent!

[The host activates the genius of the Omen of Omen and begins to steal attribute values from 269 holy realms!

That's right, Lin Chen is about to start stealing the attribute values of all the Holy Lands present!

At that time, plus the attribute value dropped by the Sky List Conference, he will definitely advance by leaps and bounds!

[To activate the Omen Talent talent, consume 4 intermediate talent points, consume 3 intermediate talent points, consume 5 talent points...]

[Stealing attribute values: 20 advanced rune energy, 19 advanced fire energy, 21 advanced water energy, 20 gold energy, 28 advanced earth energy, 21 advanced thunder energy...]

[Stealing attribute values: 9 points of advanced mental power, 20,000 points of strengthening points, 20 points of intermediate talent points, 10,000 points of advanced essence, 39 points of advanced skills, blank attributes of 10,000 points...]

Bang ~! Bang ~!

Lin Chen's Nine-Colored Fighting Life Wheel agitated the momentum of the sun and the moon roaring, and the elemental attribute values rushed all the way!

This is the fastest increase in attribute value since he updated the version!

Stealing the attribute values of 269 holy realms, even if each holy realm can only be stolen once is extremely scary!

He opened the system in a moment.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Three Tribulation Warlords-High-level essence: 1.04 million points

Ultimate Strength: 55.65 million Dragon Power-Advanced Qi and Blood: 990,000 points.

Advanced spirit attribute value: 1779 points (Tiantian Realm is complete)

Advanced skill essence: 3660 points-advanced rune energy: 2188 points.

Intermediate Tiandao value: 3227 points-Intermediate talent point: 1950 points.

Blank attributes: 1.32 million points-enhanced points: 740,000 points.

Advanced Elemental Energy: 797 points in fire, 601 points in soil, 600 points in wood, 695 in gold, 678 in water, 695 in thunder, 674 in wind, 414 in light, 521 in dark

The status bar of the exercises: "Genesis Nine Tribulation" +14, "The Beginning Bible" +14, "Yu Tian" +13, "Dragon Flash" +14, "Sword Fury" +13, "Mirror Moon" +13...

Blood status bar (whether it is open)

Passive Talent Bar: (Blue Tier) Double Cultivation Acacia, (Purple Tier) Strike, (Purple Tier) Torn, (Orange Tier) Extreme God Possession Fragment (2/4)-Mortality Skill Bar (Whether open)

Active talent bar (whether open)

Character Rune Column (Whether open)-Talent Combination Skill (Whether open)

The value of advanced element attributes has skyrocketed to 600 points on average! More than doubled after looting the Chen family first!

"Very well, the holy realm and geniuses present are gathered. As long as I pull their hatred to target me, the God Killer talent will exert its maximum power! Even without the help of the God of War Bracers, I will be able to slaughter again! "

Lin Chen's eyebrows show the spirit of the world, this time list will become the turning point of all his next!

"I don't know, in the current creation of the Nine Tribulation, there is a bit of power in the Orange Order Mind..."

Lin Chen expects that, strictly speaking, he has no volume of orange-level combat skills. Only after two epiphanies in Taishi Bible, the power is equivalent to orange-level exercises, but it is not a combat skill.

After arriving in the Holy World for so long, Lin Chen has never seen a volume of orange-level combat skills so far! Such combat skills are rare in the world, and second is extremely difficult to practice!

At this time, the second batch of battles ended, followed by the third and fourth batches!

In two days, the first round ended.

The second round of war started quickly, the battles intensified, and the atmosphere of the audience became more and more climax!

Each of these geniuses has different combat characteristics, Lin Chen concentrated on watching.

Lin Chen majored in guns, swordsmanship, swordsmanship, bows and arrows, body training and many other fields. He can learn his own combat system and collocation from these geniuses, and benefit greatly!

Ning Qingxuan's second round victory was still very easy, defeating his opponent in dozens of rounds.

Finally, the last batch of the second round, it was Shen Lingshuang's turn!

Her opponent happened to be a genius from the Sun and Moon Hall.

The genius list is 24619, and the sun is burning! Luo Yanxia! A lot stronger than Li Canghai before!

"Sister Sister, remember not to keep your hands. Brother Sister's strength is enough to compete for the top ten, allowing you to take out your hole cards regardless of everything. Even if the later games are eliminated, Brother Sister can help you fight back."

The son in white in the Sun and Moon Hall raised his hand and made a gesture of'wiping his neck'.

Luo Yanxia, who was in a gorgeous red robe, nodded and sneered-"Brother rest assured, I will go all out!"

Brush ~! Two flashes of light flashed, and the two entered the stage.

Shen Lingshuang hummed coldly-"Hum, you are the one who insulted the master just now, I will hit you hard!"

"act recklessly."

Luo Yanxia's mouth slightly lifted.


With the order of the Fengquan Saint, the last batch of geniuses in the second round began to fight in no time!

Sigh~! Bang!

Luo Yanxia swallowed a red elixir, a round of blazing sun rising like fire, rising from Luo Yanxia's body, she was like a violent blazing sun!

Her eyebrows opened and closed with the sun-like flames, and the dense flame patterns were engraved on it, which was the impulse of Sanpin Shengmai!

The eight pieces of alien crystals flashing in its body burned violently, and the residual temperature of the war could burn the sea and burn the sea, burning Qianye!

"This is... self-immolating alien crystal fragments!"

"The woman in Sun Moon Palace is determined to die with Lin Chen's apprentice!"