My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 993

Vol 5 Chapter 993: Wushen Bloodline

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Chapter 993 The blood of the God of War!

"This is not the price that can be recovered after one treatment afterwards. The energy of the Amorphous Fragment will also be consumed most, and the strength will inevitably decrease!"

The geniuses were surprised and surprised. Luo Yanxia not only took the panacea, but also spontaneously ignited the alien crystal fragments, and the fighting spirit climbed to a peak!

Yisha fluttered, Luo Yanxia's fingertips flowed to gather thousands of suns, burned the sky, and pointed out!

"Dai Fenyang Split Devil Fingers!"

The beautiful lady sneered, and a gorgeous red flame finger pointed out in the air, ten acres of fire fingers were burning with sparks, and the speed was extremely fast. She went to Shen Lingshuang!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

With the power of this finger, he may only be able to control the "Sky Sword" and use his stunts such as "Sword Fury Sky" or "Royal Sky" to confront him!

Shen Lingshuang's expression changed from pure innocence to full attention, her small face was full of seriousness, her eyes flickered, and an arrow rushed past!

"Can this little Nizi resist?"

Lin Chen felt a trace of worry in his heart.

However, the next moment, Lin Chen realized that his worries were completely superfluous!

Bang ~! Boxing style swept through, punching the sky with a punch, Xiao Nizi waved a simple punch, shaking to Yang Yan giant fingers, exploding four mysterious lights!


The terrible Yangyan storm was suddenly blown by a punch, and the shocking explosion was like turning over the entire Qitai!

The fist of violent shooting is like a violent dragon rushing through Luo Yanxia's delicate body! Beautiful lady blood spilled on the spot!

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief, and many geniuses and saints all appeared in a horror!

The finger just now can't be completely resolved by a weak click...

The energy that burns the Amorphous Fragment is extremely violent and aggressive even if it is crushed and dispelled. The aftermath is enough to shock an ordinary five-robber warlord!

This little nizi still didn't use any tricks to fight for the leapfrog with the four robbery repairs?

Shen Lingshuang's mouth outlined a simple smile-"One punch and one genius, the master no longer has to worry about my cultivation~"

Everyone's mouth twitched...

One punch and one genius list? There is such an outrageous little nizi in this world?

"damn it!"

"How is this little Nizi so strong? She is too young, and Wu Sheng bloodline should not have truly awakened yet..."

"Sister Luo Yanxia was defeated, but she was killed instantly..."

The people on the side of the Sun and Moon Hall couldn't help but feel angry, they pretended to be extraordinary, and looked at everything.

So far, all geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall, except Luo Yanxia, have a winning streak. This time their goal is for everyone to enter Rainbow Island!

Losing in one game seems to tarnish their prestige.

Shen Lingshuang shrugged bored and left the scene easily.

The young man in white in the Sun and Moon Hall looked sharp, staring at Shen Lingshuang's back, and was murderous!

Ning Qingxuan stared at Shen Lingshuang, thoughtfully.

Before waiting for everyone's recovery, Shen Lingshuang got the first batch of the third round, No. 114, the first batch of appearances.

Her opponent is more powerful this time, and on luck of drawing lots, her luck is almost the worst in the audience!

21240 genius list, Wan Jianhuang Qin Jianfeng!

He is also the son of Jiansheng, Sanpin ShengmaiWanjian celestial body.

Qin Jianfeng learned the lessons of the first two geniuses, and did not give Shen Lingshuang a chance to make a maneuver. He used the tactics of avatar and wanted to gradually kill Shen Lingshuang's power.


Still a punch!

Everyone witnessed Qin Jianfeng's famed stunt, Wan Jian Guiyuan, when Shen Lingshuang was punched into a sky-cracked sword, the audience was silent!

"How strong is Nizi now?"

Lin Chen was filled with shock in his heart, and he could not see the strength of this nizi now!

Countless days before the expression of suspicious life!

What kind of evil is this little girl!

The four robbers defeated 30,000 geniuses and 20,000 geniuses for leapfrogging, or a spike! Even the son of Juggernaut is a punch!

One punch, one genius! Sweep the audience!

When some geniuses looked at Lin Chen, they couldn't help but look dazed.

What kind of master would it take to cultivate such a monster?

Ning Qingxuan asked Lin Chen about Shen Lingshuang's process carefully and carefully, and thought to Lin Chen seriously after thinking for a while.

"There is absolutely no such power in the blood of Wusheng. The difference between the two's cultivation bases is too great. If the two are both the five-robbery and the emperor's cultivation bases, the same realm will break through the weak points and defeat them quickly, but there is no difference, but there is a big difference... "

Ning Qingxuan's eyes turned to glory, and there was a rare mood swing. "Perhaps, the bloodline of this nizi is a higher grade of Wusheng bloodline!"

Lin Chen's pupils tremble!

Change to the previous level? Could it be said... is the blood of the legendary warlord

Some saints are also aware of this possibility.

The eyes of the saints began to shift from paying attention to the genius of the audience to Shen Lingshuang!

Then, the third round set off an unprecedented fierce battle!

Four straight wins can directly get a rainbow island quota, three wins will enter the alternative.

If there are more than 4,000 geniuses in a four-game winning streak, the geniuses with three wins will also be eliminated.

If the four-game winning streak is less than four thousand, choose one of the alternatives to fight again. The next battle is crucial!

Many ace cards that have been hidden for a long time have finally begun to be revealed, and even some 10,000 geniuses have encountered in the third round ahead of time. The battle is wonderful, the championship is unprecedented, and the knockout game has been recorded in the history!

Ning Qingxuan also met a young man in black who practiced Yin system exercises.

This person is listed on the genius list 19993, from Jianyu, fascinating!

His ranking was higher than Ning Qingxuan's 8th place. Ning Qingxuan fought with him for 2,000 rounds only to rely on Lin Chen's "Long Qingguo" for her to recover quickly and finally win the battle.

After another two days and two nights of fierce battle, Tianbang finally entered the fourth round!

These days, the ranking of the Genius List has changed in turns, and the entire thirty-six domain can be described as a round of heated debates!

Everyone is still unsatisfied, and he is eagerly looking forward to the next battle!

"The next step is the decisive game. All that remains are strong hands or dark horses. Hey, it's getting more and more exciting!"

Lin Chen smiled and Ning Qingxuan nodded: "The genius with more than 30,000 rankings, only 55 people can reach the fourth round, more than 20,000 rankings, more than 1,000 people, more than 10,000 rankings, there are 6,000 People, except for a few people who rank more than 10,000, basically have a winning streak."

In other words, the next round of Ning Qingxuan and Shen Lingshuang, the probability of encountering more than 10,000 ranking geniuses, is more than 75%!

"Well, the number of half-orange combat skills controlled by many geniuses is between 2 and 4.

After watching many'classic' battles, Lin Chen thought deeply.

Those with 5 or more types have not yet been discovered, or have not been used yet.

Half orange rank combat skills are extremely difficult to practice, and top geniuses are no exception.

If the pursuit of quantity has left behind the perfection of the realm, the combat skills cultivated are only flawed.

"These geniuses are well versed in this. The level of control of combat skills is at least the level of perfection in fire and even the highest level. There are almost no half-hanging skills that can be seen at first glance. Some geniuses use combat skills as if I were using sword anger. Tianhe Jingyue is like a god, moving like a heart and being enchanted."

Lin Chen wondered in his heart.