My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 994

Vol 5 Chapter 994: Half Orange Level Exercises Have Become Chinese Cabbage? ?

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Chapter 994 ?

Bang ~!

The change of the Holy Light list, first Ning Qingxuan, she actually got a genius of 30,91.

Although you can fight for four rounds of unmanned weak, but this is lucky! There should be no suspense in a four-game winning streak.

And Shen Lingshuang was not so lucky, she got 19400 genius, Ada bone!

This opponent comes from the barbaric field, drinking the blood of the big luan raw, tearing the giant barbarian elephant, the ultimate body refining, reaching 99.15 million dragon power! Qiba mountains and rivers are moving in the sky, Sanpin Shengmai, qi and blood are as strong as dragons.

What is even more mysterious is that this person actually parasitized a Extreme Mist Xuan Jiao of the seventh-order peak.

"Hey, did my Ada bone meet the little girl, hope she won't be swallowed by my Xuan Jiao, otherwise the saint won't save her."

Two feet tall Ada bone licked his lips, grinning fiercely, a mysterious monk emerged from the top of his head, his teeth grinned, one man and one caterpillar, born one!

"The relationship between this guy and this Xuan Jiao is a bit like me and my own blue dragon, they cooperate closely and intimately..."

Lin Chens Dragon Emperors current strength is only 79.99 million dragon power, and there is still a distance from the 80 million dragon power of the Five Tribulation Refining Body. If the Dragon Emperor faced this Xuan Jiao, his winning rate would not exceed 60%. If you play against Ada bone, the Dragon Emperor will be beaten!

Lin Chen saw this dangerous guy and immediately grabbed the ear of Xiao Nizi who was sleeping lazily and asked with a slightly serious expression.

"Xiao Nizi, I ask you, how many kinds of half-orange-level combat skills are you learning now? With your blood and talent, it shouldn't be difficult to learn half-orange-level exercises."

It should not be difficult to deal with Ada bone with Shen Lingshuang's talent.

However, if the other party cooperates with the Extreme Fog Xuan Jiao, the difficulty factor will skyrocket.

Seeing Lin Chen asked this question, Xiao Nizi was shocked, and her small face showed a guilty expression!

Lin Chen's heart is a gimmick!

I wipe, this little nizi should be...

"The candidates enter."

The Saint of Fengquan announced that Shen Lingshuang immediately jumped into the stadium and said with a smile-"Master, rest assured, I will win!"

Lin Chen has a bad hunch in his heart, he can count on this nizi if he can enter Rainbow Island...

"If you lose, not only Long Qingguo has to eat, but the **** must bloom!"

In the fourth round, geniuses other than 40,000 are eagerly looking forward to, and the top genius confrontation will start from this time!

The Ada bones in the barbarian domain are like human-shaped barbarians. They wear wickers and leap into the Qitai.

Shen Lingshuang standing in front of him was as weak as a kitten in front of a huge brown bear.

"You surrender now, there is still a chance. Otherwise, there will be no chance to break your throat."

Ada bone sneered.

Shen Lingshuang ignored him, and the opening was both serious and heroic, standing with fists clenched.


Fengquan Saint shouted!

Tear ~! Ada bone arm condensed a warrior barbarian dragon, hit by a fistful mountain hammer, pulled the mountain river, crushed the airflow, and smashed the wind pressure!

Shen Lingshuang leaned, jumped into the air, his knees hit like a flash of light, and then came first, bombarding the elbow of Ada bone! The barbaric dragon's fighting spirit is broken into nothingness!

Fuck~! The sound of bone cracking sounded, the punch was not ready, but it was broken by a weak click, and Ada bone cracked his teeth!

"Ling Ying flashed!"

Shen Lingshuang's body is spinning in the sky, the jade legs are swaying and the wind is robbery, and the anger is swept up, trying to cut off Ada's arm!

boom! This domineering blow hit the scales of Xuan Jiao, and a strange mist entangled Shen Lingshuang's body!

Extreme Mist Xuan Jiao, breathing gas mist was born in heaven and earth, can corrode the fighting spirit, and the eighth-order Extreme Mist Xuanlong can even corrode Holy Power!

The strength was weakened, and Shen Lingshuang's small face appeared dignified.

"Just waiting for you to shoot!"

Ada bone held a giant axe and slashed Shen Lingshuang steeply.

boom! boom! boom!

Shen Lingshuang backed away again and again, her delicate and petite figure fluttered like feathers, and every time she dodged, she counterattacked Ada bone with a stronger momentum!

However, Shen Lingshuang was shrouded by the mist of the extreme mist Xuanjiao from beginning to end, and the attack power was greatly reduced. In addition, Xuanjiao and Ada bone cooperated seamlessly. If the arm swung, Shen Lingshuang was suppressed for the first time!

"Why is this Nizi's combat skills so little? Or is she keeping her hand?"

Lin Chen was stunned, and Ning Qingxuan also fell into doubt.

With the qualifications above the Wusheng bloodline, the understanding and control of combat skills is beyond ordinary people, but any Shen Lingshuang will not fall into the disadvantages by using any kind of half-orange combat skills.

Even the body method, Shen Lingshuang's body method is only about the rank of the purple rank senior middle class, every time it is dangerous and dangerous to avoid the bombardment of this person.

"Could it be that"

Lin Chen suddenly thought of a possibility, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

Perhaps Shen Lingshuang wouldn't even be able to fight half-orange!

"This little girl was suppressed by Ada bone from the barbarians?"

"No. Isn't she suspected of Wu Sheng bloodline? Why didn't she use advanced combat skills?"

Some geniuses noticed the abnormalities in Qiyuntai and were puzzled.

"Hahaha, die! Earth Shaman!"

Ada grinned, Xuan Jiao ridden, Long Qi condensate, Sanpin Holy Vein burning, its pure power rushed to the extreme of 9999 million dragon powers, and axe was cut abruptly!

A torn sky-like **** axe wrapped around the roaring barbaric dragon roaring and slashing to Shen Lingshuang head-on.

The mist of the extreme mist Xuanjiao enveloped the Qiyuntai, and Shen Lingshuang had no retreat!

Shen Lingshuang jumped into the air, suddenly lifted her delicate and delicate snow legs, and turned into a flash of thunder, a sudden whiplash broke out!

Many people witnessed this almost outrageous scene!

The seemingly delicate little Nizi kicked Ada's full blow with one leg open?


A Dagu's face changed slightly, and a petite remnant flashed behind him.

Bang~! Tear ~!

The slender five fingers burst out of the star-like strength, and pulled the first level of the Xuanwu Jiaojiao behind the Ada bone!

"Poof~!" Ada bone vomited blood, Xuan Jiao and his roots, he will be injured when he was torn by Shen Lingshuang.

Shen Lingshuang punched behind Ada bone with a punch, as if hitting his sore spot, causing him to be paralyzed like an electric shock and violently painful, and heaved a big mouthful of blood!

The fists were like a violent wind and rain, and the whistle fell down and bombarded Ada's back!

boom! boom! boom!

The soil crystal fragments in the bone of Ada were exploded, and many defense methods and defense weapons were shattered and cracked. It was too late to protect Ada bone!

Boom~! Ada bone was knocked to the ground, Shen Lingshuang's small face was full of seriousness.

"Are you surrendering or dying?"

Ada bones were bathed in blood, and his pupils showed fear!

"She... has she noticed my weakness, **** it! I would lose to a little girl for what was supposed to be a winning ticket!"

In the end, Ada suffered a serious injury and admitted defeat. He knew that he would be killed directly if he continued to fight, and he would not be able to save even the Holy Realm.

The location of his parasitic Xuanjiao parasite is exactly his spine. Although Xuanjiao became his Xeon ace, once he fell, it would become his weakness!

The parasitic spine became particularly fragile, and the fall of Xuan Jiao would become a fatal weakness. Unexpectedly, this weakness was penetrated by Shen Lingshuang and took the opportunity to kill him!

"The winner, Shen Lingshuang!"

The Holy Man of the Wind Spring announced that once he swept his sleeves, the Holy Light bathed, the two recovered, but the parasitic extreme fog Xuan Jiao died completely!

"Master, how did I lose?"

Shen Lingshuang jumped back and forth to Lin Chen's side, and before a second, Lin Chen grabbed her cheek with both hands.

"You tell the truth, did you not study hard!"

"Master, it hurts! Sister Qingxuan, he bullied me!"

"It still hurts, buttocks want to bloom, right? Say nothing!"

"I... I said, wow!"

After someone Lin "severely punishes a confession", Shen Lingshuang fully entrusted and silently took out eight half-orange exercises.

"Sister, they have given me more exercises..."

Shen Lingshuang's little hands were twisted, her lips were pursed, and her gem-like eyes stared at Lin Chen with watery eyes.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, these eight half-orange-order combat skills, this Nizi did not learn one kind of co-author?

Thousands and thousands of geniuses watched Shen Lingshuang come up with eight volumes of half-orange-level exercises, and they were instantly dumbfounded!

When will this half-orange-level exercise become Chinese cabbage!