My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 995

Vol 5 Chapter 995: Almost Lost

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Chapter 995

Seeing the eight kinds of half-orange-level exercises, many geniuses twitched their mouths slightly.

The half-orange-level exercises, even if placed in the Fifth Sect sect, are also very important, not bad streets!

Why do so many geniuses in the Genius List practice 2 to 4 half-orange exercises?

Almost all the half-orange-level exercises practiced by geniuses originate from their own sect or family.

This is the benefit of the large denominations. The half-orange-level combat skills, top core disciples can practice the re-engraved version. If you want to buy a new half-orange-level exercise, at least 10 million or even tens of millions of silver holy yuan coins!

Each sect can purchase a half-orange-level exercise indefinitely. The only drawback is that it consumes the manpower and material resources of the top strongmen and cannot be mass-produced.

Shen Lingshuang is not without combat skills. On the contrary, Shenyan Palace provided many top-level exercises to her, but she did not practice at all!

Her talent is excellent, and she is invincible in the Shenyan Palace.

The brothers and sisters who are really strong are basically self-respecting and will not take action on this little nizi.

This caused her to completely crush many disciples by virtue of her bloodline talents. The half-orange-level exercises provided by Shenyan Palace, she did not learn any of them!

Knowing the truth, Ning Qingxuan smiled, and Nizi was still a child after all.

Lin Chen is different, angry with Qiqiao!

Almost got rid of this nizi!

The geniuses ranked 1000120000 in the genius list far exceed the geniuses behind.

It is extremely difficult for more than 10,000 geniuses to move a ranking. No matter how strong Shen Lingshuang's talents are, he can't rely on his talents to defeat these geniuses who stand near the top of the Holy World.

The most important thing is that she is too young, her bloodline talent has only just been opened, and she has not even reached the edge of her first exposure. The geniuses present are all levels that have been thoroughly tempered.

"Give me a hard time now and pay me back what I owed!"

Lin Chen said fiercely to Shen Lingshuang, Xiao Nizi was grieved and frustrated.

Geniuses can't help laughing when they hear it!

This Lin Chen is not crazy? It's still too late to learn a fart in such a short time?

Lin Chen picked up many half-orange-level exercises, and actually carefully selected the exercises.

"Is he mad at the head? Isn't it time to practice the half-orange-level exercises?"

"It's all in the fourth round. The battle skills of the frontal grinder only expose the flaws to the top geniuses."

"Wusheng Bloodline can't learn half-orange-level exercises in such a short time."

The geniuses who did not participate in the war cast Lin Chen's scornful eyes on him. The genius of Baishengmen glanced at Lin Chen just like he treated beggars.

"It's really a pitiful aphid, and he deliberately offends our brother."

"In my opinion, Lin Chen is a mediocre, isn't it just because he has better luck and finds an apprentice of Wu Sheng bloodline, this apprentice's strength has nothing to do with his fart point."

"Sure enough, I responded to the words of the brother, this is a waste hiding behind the woman, I despise this kind of person most in my life!"

The geniuses of Baishengmen dismissed it, and their contempt for Lin Chen reached its extreme.

"Master, less than three days before the next round, I don't have enough time to learn..."

Shen Lingshuang grumbled and grumbled.

Shen Lingshuang won four games in a row, and the individual has already received the quota to enter Rainbow Island.

But in the next top ten battles, the genius encountered must be stronger than the Ada bone in the wild domain!

If you dont get the top ten, you wont get extra places, and Lin Chen will miss the Rainbow Island.

Although Ning Qingxuan is strong, her ranking is 20001, and the task of competing for the top ten can still only be handed over to Shen Lingshuang.

"Relax, there is a master. Since I let you learn, naturally I won't let you blindfold. The "Creative Nine Tribulation" that I passed on to you has been cultivated to be close to my realm. Strong, then learn this one!"

Lin Chen picked up a half-orange-level combat skill "Fighting the Demon Burning Fist", and Nizi's mental skills were also "Creating Nine Tribulation"!

She has played a role in Shenyang Palace with her own strength, and she has gained a lot of cultivation resources. Many advanced and top-level attribute magic pills and treasure medicines have been enjoyed, and many attribute cultivation secrets controlled by Shenyang Palace!

If calculated by element attribute value, the advanced element attribute value of Nizi, the nine element attribute values are equivalent to 800 points! Fire Department is over 1000 points!

After all, Shenyang Palace majors in fire.

But why didn't she exceed Lin Chen, because she didn't have "heart strengthening", after all, it belongs to Lin Chen alone!

Seeing the exercises selected by Lin Chen, Shen Lingshuang was even more wary!

This is the hardest of the eight books to practice!

"Nizi, be happy, and then I will teach you well for the teacher!"

Lin Chen smiled evilly, and Shen Lingshuang was horrified: "Master...... Master, what do you want to do, I don't want to eat lollipop!"

"Wow, I knew it was wrong!"

"Huh? This... Master, this is!"


"Crazy, this kid is crazy!"

"With a narrow mind, even his own apprentices are troubled."

"Eh? Then Shen Lingshuang was really meditating and practicing. The master and apprentice broke the pot."

The genius of the Sun and Moon Hall no longer paid attention to Lin Chen and others, focusing on the battle situation.

After three days and nights of fierce fierce fighting, the four-round battle finally ended!

During this time, the list of geniuses has undergone several changes, which has caused the Quartet to shake!

But a more terrible storm will burst more and more in the next!

There are 3819 geniuses in four consecutive victories!

Of these 3819 people, there are only 30,000 ranked geniuses, only 16 people, more than 20,000 ranked geniuses, 117 people, and the rest are all 10,000 ranked geniuses!

All of the above geniuses have been awarded the Rainbow Island entry quota.

In the void, the hundred saints stepped into the air, and the meaning was still not enough.

"This year's top list is much better than before." An old man in white shirt was surprised.

The old man in the red robe hated that iron was not enough, and cursed: "His sister, these two discouraged apprentices actually lost a game, and now they are going to participate in the screening competition!"

The two immortal saints smiled at each other, "The old man also noticed a few little guys, the strength is a bit evil..."

"Oh! Lin Chen's apprentice is afraid that he can't stand it."

"If he enters Rainbow Island, then the risk is greater. If he falls on Rainbow Island, all of us will have to throw a basket of water."

"The two deacons of this Chamber of Commerce and the bundle of ropes are already on the road. It won't take long for this kid to become a turtle in the urn!"

There is a fire in the heart of the Holy Realm and other holy realms. They are tortured by Lin Chen's "Mighty Skill"!

It is impossible for any genius to play around with more than a dozen holy realms, let alone escape from the group saints again and again! But it was this wonderful work that made them hold back the dark fire!

"The remaining 181 places will be selected in the screening competition later. The next ten are the top ten competitions. The current genius is 80. The competition will be divided into three rounds, and the final round will determine the final ten. Strong!"

Fengquan Saint's eyes applauded and looked around the world. This time, the gold list is extremely high!

There are even some little guys, even their two elders can't see the details, very mysterious.

Not all powerful geniuses will compete for the top ten places, the actual reward is just one more place.

Among the four-game winning geniuses, there are many strong and violent geniuses who deliberately refused to compete in order to retain their strength and hole cards in order to have more opportunities and opportunities for the next Rainbow Island.