My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 996

Vol 5 Chapter 996: At A Glance I Taught

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Chapter 996

"It's finally coming, the top ten battles!"

"Although it is not to compete for the top ten in the genius list, but to win the top ten will undoubtedly be one of the leading figures in the next era!"

"I'm optimistic about the prince of the sun and moon palace. Although this group of people is very proud, but their strength is indeed very strong. All the battles they have experienced are crushed!"

"I'm more optimistic about Dongfang Yao and Ji Wushuang of Baishengmen..."

"Cut, you didn't find the black horse..."

The geniuses beyond 40,000 were enthusiastic, heatedly discussing the sky, watching the battle for so long, the enthusiasm did not diminish, and it became more and more high!


The golden list of Holy Light scrolled through the brilliant Holy Fai, and the names of the golden names dazzled, and began to list a list of battles.

Countless eyes have cast their expectation.

"14503 in the list of geniuses Ke Taiyuan vs. 10009 in the list of geniuses Dongfang Yao."

"16220 in the genius listLong Yin vs. 15990 in the genius listEastern."

"19400 in the list of geniuses, Shen Lingshuang against the 14997 in the list of geniuses, Chang Sun Tianyao."

The faces of all the geniuses are wonderful!

Shen Lingshuang surpassed more than 3,000 rankings to Chang Sun Tianyao! This person's strength is much stronger than Ada bone!

The elder Sun Tianyao was armed with a Blu-ray war rifle, rotating five holy light war wheels behind his back, his eyes were like swords, and he was staring all over the world.

The whole body is shattered by the wind and starlight, scattered freely, breathing through the rainbow, and swallowing the world. Standing here alone is enough to scare the courage of countless people. It is like an ancient war emperor standing proudly in the field!

"Sanpin Shengmai, refining five pieces of alien crystal fragments. It is said that he also cultivated the archaic marksmanship of the Archaic Shura tribe, as well as the fusion of a half-orange-level gunmanship..."

"He still has swallowed a hundred fierce beast cores of the seventh-order peak, it is just a monster..."

"If the accomplishment of single-round shooting is strong, it is said that Chang Sun Tianyao can be ranked within the top 100 of the genius list! There are not too many bells and whistles, only the strongest shooting skills!"

Many geniuses focused on the 12th Qiyuntai, and the strength of Chang Sun Tianyao has made everyone discuss the topic of Shen Lingshuang's defeat after a few rounds!

Suddenly, Shen Lingshuang opened the bright eye from the seat, and there was a glimmer of glory.

Lin Chen patted Shen Lingshuang's show shoulders and took away all the attribute light **** in her body.

[Obtain 10 points of advanced exercises, 33 points of advanced exercises, 19 points of advanced exercises...]

Lin Chen scored a total of 97 advanced exercises.

Thats right, Shen Lingshuang. When Shen Lingshuang learned combat skills, the moment the bloodline talent was launched, a large amount of advanced exercises were produced in the body, which was derived from the characteristics of her bloodline.

"Ok... so magical, Master, you are so amazing..."

Shen Lingshuang glanced at herself, almost admiring Lin Chen in admiration!

"Don't be infatuated with the master, the master is just a legend." Lin Chen said with a smirk, immediately jokingly said: "If you lose again this time, don't blame you for being a teacher..."

"Lingshuang knows! Hee hee, I must beat them!"

Shen Lingshuang jumped into the field again and again, like the simple girl in the neighbor's house, and the aggressive Changsun Tianyao are completely two extremes.

Many female geniuses with a lot of sympathy are looking down.

"Lin Chen, what kind of man are you! Let a little girl go desperately, but you sit back and enjoy it?"

"Fortunately calling yourself a master of others, have you taught this little girl anything?"

"As a master, you haven't even learned the combat skills of your apprentice, so you are a mediocre who wants to kill people!"

The strength of Chang Sun Tianyao far exceeds that of Ada bone. Shen Lingshuang and Ada bone were almost at risk of life. Fighting with Sun Sun Tianyao, it is indeed possible that even the Holy Land could not be cured.

But more people still hate Lin Chen, the incompetent teacher! Motivated a little girl to fight, to sit back and enjoy his own achievements, this cowardly behavior caused the anger of the geniuses!

In the face of ridicule and insults, even Mo Qingsuan and Lan Ruoxue felt very stressed!

Only Ning Qingxuan and Lin Chen had nothing.

Ning Qingxuan is as plain as water, and even expects Shen Lingshuang Yin.

She always believed in Lin Chen, starting from that little Divine Emperor Wu Zong, until today's Holy Realm, he is still the most special person!

And Commander Lin silently extended a **** to those ridiculed and abusive geniuses, with a slight smile.

"A group of big pens."


The geniuses were furious, and when they were about to yell, the situation inside Qiyuntai suddenly changed!

Sun Tianyao, the unprecedented one with a single shot in his hand, is terrified of his pupils!

"Fight the Demon to Burn Sky Fist!"

Along with a whispering sound, Qiyuntai suddenly blew a tremendous storm!


As if heaven and earth were to be blasted away, the explosion of the earth burst into a punch that burned through the world, many defenses, all kinds of guns, all broken and annihilated!

boom! The war gun flew across, and Chang Sun Tianyao was bombed thousands of meters away!

All geniuses froze!


Weird silence...

The tens of thousands of geniuses in the audience briefly fell into the silent silence of falling needles!

Even those geniuses who have just entered Taiwan without war are stunned!

In Qiyuntai, the fire cloud was rolling, and the fire robbery and fighting gas burned on the stage like a sea of fire.

Shen Lingshuang made a pink dress, her hair was tied up, her eyes were bright, she was bathed in the flames of fire, her feet were flying, and the flames of the burning sky were flowing between her fists. Heroic attitude is as cool as the peerless Valkyrie!

Long Sun Tianyao fell to the ground like a dead dog and twitched, covered with blood!


The opening is both a spike and a punch?

"She...she used half orange-order boxing skills?"

"Isn't it that she can't do half-orange combat skills? What's the situation?"

All the geniuses in the audience were awed!

what happened?

They haven't even twirled Lin Chen, this long Sun Tianyao was blasted away?

The holy realms that are as strong as watching in the air also show horrified expressions!

The punch just now was too much!

"That fist is seamless, climbs to perfection, and contains the principle of returning to the original, beyond the original grade of combat skills. In the hands of the four robbers and the emperor Xiu Wei, he exhibited the taste of turning decay into magic!"

"Even the old man failed to spy on the punch of the punch. This is not the level of the first glance! At least five times more than the original grade, no, even higher power!"

"Could it be said...she learned half-orange-order boxing in such a short time and practiced to perfection!"

The strong men in the Holy Realm thought about terror, and their scalp numb!

The eyes of the Holy Realms stared at Lin Chen's body, staring at him violently, as if to see all his secrets through!

Someone Lin nodded approvingly.

"Well, that's good. Look at this child, and I will respect the old and the young, and give others courtesy. If you don't move, you will be merciful.

The geniuses looked at the long sun Tianyao, who was covered in blood and with convulsions, and his mouth twitched...

What's so special about being merciful?