My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 998

Vol 5 Chapter 998: This Teacher And Apprentice Is Outrageous

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Chapter 998: This teacher and apprentice is outrageous!

12,250, this ranking is 2700 higher than Chang Sun Tianyao!

The top 20,000 in the genius list, each ranking is extremely difficult to improve, and geniuses who have reached this step have little qualitative transformation, and it is extremely difficult to impact forward.

With a gap of 2700 rankings, the true reflection of the Sun and Moon Hall may be more difficult than that of Chang Sun Tian Yao!

The lady in purple dress is coming down, the head of the moth, the skin is like a fat, the fish is falling and the goose is beautiful, the beauty is alluring, the appearance of the hibiscus is out of the water, and the exquisite figure is full of grip.

It's the loneliness and arrogance between the eyebrows, it's incredible! It seems that the genius present is not in the eyes at all, and the afterglow in the corner of the eyes is contempt!

The geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall are as if every one is so immortal.

"Yeah, she looks so beautiful, but I don't like it at all."

"The genius of Sun Moon Palace is too lonely and arrogant. In contrast, Shen Lingshuang is quite cute."

"Its not high, but look at the top five ranks of the 36 ranks. What is the difference between the ordinary rank 4 ranks and the top rank 4 ranks? The gap between the five products!"

"In the Fifth Sect sect, just picking a few core true stories is the top 60,000 level of the genius list. Her level and origins can't be underestimated. There are some secret killers in eight or nine."

The geniuses dignified in their hearts.

At this time, Shen Lingshuang also opened her eyes, radiant, radiant, and jumped into Qiyuntai.

"Afflicting aphids, think they are talented and arrogant? Let me run for you guys."

Zhen Yingyue's lips were extremely disdainful.

She was born in the Sun and Moon Hall, but not the geniuses in front!

Sun and Moon Hall is the top five ranks sect, can it be the 30 most powerful true biography of contemporary, how could it be a mortal? Why not be afraid of her martial blood!

Shen Lingshuang squeezed his fist, and the old-fashioned hummed"The master has said that life and death are bearish, and if you don't accept it, you can do it. People like you are not doing well with the Five Elements."

What stuff?

Many geniuses heard the words, their mouths twitched, and they all looked in the direction of Lin Chen.

Zhen Yingyue's eyebrows were trembling, and her face was like frost. "It really is a raccoon with that kid. The dog's mouth can't spit out ivory.


At the order of the Saint of Wind Spring, the momentum of the two surged!

Zhenyingyue's warfare turned into a shape, suddenly released all the warfare, slammed down, and headed towards Shen Lingshuang!


Shen Lingshuang predicts in advance that his figure will become a residual image, the battle will shatter the Qiyuntai, and the overbearing power will change.

That battle spirit actually condensed into a battlefield among the electric light and flint, and the trend of reclamation and Zhenjiang broke out!

Zhen Yingyue's hand turned over, five fingers grabbed the fissure crack, and the flare of Qingshan burst into a blue wind claw!

Shen Lingshuang leaned over with a fist, and the earth robbery was as steady as Qianyue, with a weak click to break and hit the wind claw! Countless wind blades go away with the bounce of the boxing wind!

The true reflection of the moon's body flashed, launched a series of defensive combat skills, condensed the blue light curtain to the whole body, while blocking the rebounding wind blade, the whole body retreated.

"Not even a few decent combat skills, what are you fighting me for? Talent? Ha!"

Zhen Yingyue sneered between sneers, jade fingers swiftly touched the void dozens of fingers!

The dozen-foot wind blade energy fingers covering the sky and the sun were turned out, and they slammed into Shen Lingshuang with the force of a violent wind and a shower!

Countless genius looks are particularly dignified.

Zhen Yingyue's body skills, defense, and attacking combat skills are all half-orange steps, perfect for offense and defense. The "Extreme Meteor Sacred Body" derived from the Sanpin Holy Vessel is placed at the top of the Sanpin Holy Vessel!

Shen Lingshuang dodges again and again, and actually has a perfect insight into the shortcomings of this set of fingerings, which can avoid the bombardment of fingerings!

"It's a small loach, how do you hide next?"

Zhen Yingyue took out a seventh-order peak war bow, squeezed his hand and pulled the bow, and his body shone with five pieces of alien crystals.

These five pieces of abnormal crystals are not comparable to those of lower-level abnormal crystals like the Shaotiange Qin Shaotian, and the energy is extremely powerful!

When the fighting spirit of the wind system is condensed, the arrow light that pulls the bow string like a strong wind shoots wildly, and the speed is as fast as the mysterious light penetrates!

It is also a perfect half-orange-order wind arrow technique!

Shen Lingshuang gradually began to reach the limit of avoidance by relying on blood talent!

"I can't escape! Then Shen Lingshuang is going to lose!"

"The wind-style fighting spirit blessing the arrow method is like a tiger's wings. It's too fast. I'm looking at it!"

"She can't punch with that punch, even if it breaks the weakness, it will leave a flaw!"

"Fang Xiuwei's gap is too big, and the leapfrog in the genius list is extremely male. Her punch can only be maximized by melee combat supplemented by pure power! But Zhenyingyue will obviously not give her a chance to get close!"

The geniuses quickly saw the current situation and Shen Lingshuang was about to lose!

Even if she can break the best weakness and rebound the offensive, Zhen Yingyue also has extremely strong defensive skills and body skills, and can be full of legs!

Bang ~! Hundreds of arrows fired at the same time, the aurora-like arrows covered Shen Lingshuang, and all thoughts echoed in their hearts.

She is going to lose.

"This is the end against my Sun Moon Hall! Shoot her to death, Yingying sister!"

The young man in white laughed in the sky and looked at Lin Chen with contempt and disdain!

When the situation broke out, Lin smirked.

"Nizi, let those ridicules who laugh at you look at your skills."

Bang ~!

Hundreds of arrows flew into the air, collided and strangled together!


Everyone hasn't recovered yet, and a fist beat out from behind Zhenyingyue!

Zhenyingyue was shocked and instinctively touched goose bumps! Quickly urge body skills and defensive combat skills, the glaucoma air curtain rotates and flows.

Tear ~! Bang~!

Zhenyingyue is fast, Shen Lingshuang is faster, a Fighting Demon Burning Fist suddenly penetrates her blue light curtain, her defensive combat skills are broken, and the sapphire blue vest she is wearing begins to crack!


Zhen Yingyue vomited blood and retreated, his eyes were horrified!

"How is this possible..."

Brush ~!

Another colorful rainbow flashed, Shen Lingshuang appeared above her head, with a familiar formula and a familiar fist! Facing the heavenly spirit cover is a hammer!

Zhen Yingyue couldn't prevent it, and raised her hand to use the bow as a block, Shen Lingshuang punched the bow with a punch! Fist through, vomit blood again!

Simultaneously being attacked, Zhenyingyue vomited blood and gritted her teeth, and her left hand's five fingers ripped open a fighting spirit blade to cut Shen Lingshuang.

Poof~! Shen Lingshuang's residual image shattered into a gorgeous colorful rainbow, appearing behind Zhenyingyue next moment!


All geniuses are breathing cold air!

You cant go wrong, its half-orange!

Zhenyingyue specializes in wind-based fighting style, specializing in speed, and at least has a half-orange-level body skills to catch up with the possibility of Zhenyingyue's abnormal speed!

During the election to the top list, have you continuously practiced the two half-orange exercises to perfection?

How is this Nima! How is this taught?

This is more than just an apprentice, this master is also a monster!

This teacher and apprentice is so outrageous!