My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 999

Vol 5 Chapter 999: Uncomfortable

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Chapter 999

How can this be taught to complete a half-orange-level exercise in a few days? The sage can't do it!

All geniuses feel scalp tingling, is this still a person?

This teacher and apprentice is afraid that no one is human! Isnt this a monster!

"Yes, hit him! Grass, just hit her behind!"

Master Lin shouted excitedly outside the court-"Beating him, don't keep your hand! Explode her, blow her chrysanthemum with one punch! How to teach you how to teach, never hit the front when you can fight, do her!"

The genius of the audience twitched...

"How is it possible, how did she manage to master such a delicate body so quickly?"

Zhenyingyue's body flashes back and forth, and the **** bursts suddenly, or the claws of war are turned into tears, and sometimes they are turned into war.

But these offensives were all broken by Shen Lingshuang one by one! The counterattack is intensifying!

With the half-orange step method, Shen Lingshuang's combat power can be called a qualitative leap!

Strictly speaking, Shen Lingshuang's body speed is slightly weaker than that of Zhen Yingyue.

But she can predict the movement trajectory and direction of Zhenyingyue almost every time. Together with the advantage and agility of the short-distance burst speed of "Jinghong", she can seize the opportunity every time, close to the close fight, will be pure The advantages of strength are exerted to the fullest!

If she said that she was a little fierce tiger, she is now a little tigress plus hot wheels! Outrageous!

On the one hand, it is also because of the violent and unstable state of mind of Zhen Yingyue, she was crushed by the reverse suddenly, the mood was shaken, and the result was a fate of defeat!

Zhen Yingyue, who didnt even hold on for 90 rounds, was finally beaten by Shen Lingshuang and lost many of her killing moves. She surrendered violently, covered in blood, and was poignant and miserable!

The white man in the Sun and Moon Hall has a very ugly complexion. He looks like he has eaten overnight, with purple in the green, which is wonderful.

"This little guy really did..."

"How did he teach that Nizi? In such a short period of time, he has mastered a kind of half-orange-level exercises, my God..."

Even the saints were amazed, even Wan Jin and others were horrified and appalled!

The people in the dark horse club are terrible! This Lin Chen, they must be eradicated!

Otherwise, I am afraid that it will not be long before they will become their number one enemy!

Shen Lingshuang, who was the first to appear, made her head to the top 20!

Next, as long as she wins another round and wins the top ten, she will get a place!

The geniuses looked dumbfounded at Shen Lingshuang and returned to Lin Chen's side with a shy expression. Before he said anything, Lin took out the remaining six remaining half-orange exercises.

All geniuses: "Grass!"


The top 40 and the top 20 are held in a single game and played down one game after another.

In the top 40, except Shen Lingshuang, there is no genius below the ranking of 15,000!

At this level, every battle is a classic battle, unique to the confrontation and collision of the peak genius!

Shen Lingshuang is still the same as before, entering the state of submerged repair. Seeing many geniuses thrilling, could she still practice a half-orange combat skill?

At the same time, Lin Chen also began to observe inside the Taoyuan capsules. After absorbing tens of thousands of incendiary beads, Longqingshu and Qingyaoshu finally produced 13 fire-like crystal fragments!

These 13 pieces of fire-like crystals are equivalent to one-sixth the size of a complete crystal, and the color is above average!

Amorphous fragments have a misunderstanding. One-sixth of the size of a complete crystal does not have one-sixth the energy of a complete crystal.

The value of the complete product of the following product is 1000, a tenth of a piece, the actual value may be only 10-20, not 100% of 10%.

If there are half-sized fragments of the complete alien crystal, the remaining value may reach 100-200, which is more than ten times more than one-tenth of the fragments!

When the abnormal crystal breaks into fragments, the energy will be greatly disintegrated, and it is fortunate that it can maintain 10 to 20%.

The more complete the fragments are, the more energy will remain.

"My red gold tree has finally entered its peak period! You can find enough free time to try to cultivate a complete alien crystal!"

Lin Chen was excited, but he didn't refine the 13 alien crystal fragments for the first time. It seemed that he had other plans and magical effects...

Under the enthusiasm of the audience, the top 20 was born!

Lin Chen's mind was withdrawn from the Taoyuan capsule.

At this time, after the battle of the rotation of the heavens, hundreds of Qiyuntai and the void dropped a lot of attribute light **** and attribute treasure chests!

There is no other reason. First, for Lin Chen, the geniuses who participated in the election have a very high gold content, even if they have advanced attribute values, there is a chance of falling.

2. Few geniuses who participate in the top list will keep too many cards, and they want to compete for the quota of Rainbow Island. In extreme battles, there are not many people who will drop the attribute light ball!

"Damn, I'm not a candidate. I can't get close to the Qiyuntai. How can I get those attribute spheres. The distance of each Qiyuntai is too far, and I can't get it by running the mind, It is impossible to get close to Qiyuntai after releasing the Dragon Emperor..."

Lin's heart tickles!

It's like a millennium drunken encountering a ten-year-old wine close to the eyes, smelling the fragrance of wine but can't taste a bite, and just like a century-old bachelor meeting a long-time beautiful lady, he can't go to bed after stripping to the bed.

Horizontal approval: Uncomfortable one!

He uses the mental method to absorb the attribute light sphere, which is also limited to the growth type attribute sphere. For example, the non-growth type such as the sky value, the strengthening point, and the attribute treasure chest still need to be touched to get it.

Moreover, there is also a specific distance for the light ball of the absorption function of the running mind method, and Lin Chen is too far away.

Bang ~! The Light List has many names, and it starts to appear.

Everyone held their breath, what kind of genius confrontation will this time set off?

"10351 on the genius list You Fangxuan on the genius list 10299 Huang Yuntian."

"12250 in the genius list, Shen Lingshuang against the 10099 in the genius list, Dongfang Yao."

"Talent list..."

The whole audience was in an uproar!

Shen Lingshuang vs. Oriental Yao? This is too awesome!

Wusheng Bloodline VS One Sword Swallows Heaven?

The unforgettable Eastern Yao Yao showed a touch of sarcasm and murder.

This nizi, lose!

When he meets his Eastern Yao Yao, he will die even if he is evil!

Dongfang Yao's ranking, looking at the genius of the audience, is enough to rank in the top 30. The most important thing is that this ranking was achieved by him a hundred years ago!

No one knows what kind of state he has reached in a hundred years!

"Boy, you can get away. Your apprentice meets me and is destined to be an end. You have no chance to enter Rainbow Island."

After losing his hands, Dongfang Yao pretends to be extraordinary, and looks down on Lin Chen's gaze when he looks down on him!

Lin Chen opposed each other with a slight smile"Dongfang Gongzi is so brave, don't get the bragging before you hit it. After losing, it's reasonable. Someone in Lin, I'm not interested in enjoying your poor performance."