My Skills Depend On Picking Book Chapter 447

Vol 5 Chapter 447: Redeem The Fifth Volume Of The Nine Brilliant Changes

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Chapter 447, Exchange the Fifth Volume of Nine Huang Changes!

"The demon race is not a dead enemy of our human race, and future generations don't have to be gunned down. Hundred Saints have fallen, all of them are inherited by all the Saints of our generation. Although the sacred hypocrisy failed to achieve its purpose, sooner or later, there will be descendants who will take control of Kyushu. If future generations will eventually achieve something, please subvert their descendants and save Kyushu!"

The incomplete spiritual will became thinner and thinner. Lin Chen finally saw that many sages fell on many boundaries of the mainland of Kyushu. Their bodies became mountains and seas, and they condensed into a vast and magnificent stone tablet, suppressed on the continental plate!

The stone tablets are engraved with the divine power and spirituality of the saints. They have the power to transform themselves into the world, some of them become mountains, some turn into storms, some form stars, and some pave the desert.

In addition, it turned into a high tower, as high as Jiuxiao, rushed to the sky. When condensing, Lin Chen saw a series of codes.

Fire PhoenixBeidouNo. 19!

Lin Chen was so absorbed that he was afraid of missing a detail!

Then he saw again that a town-level sacred monument fell into the extreme east of the mainland, and finally changed into two gorges, like a half-moon.

It is engraved with the words Chen God Xuanlong No. 47 on it!

Lin Chen remembers the location of the mountain gorge very clearly. If it corresponds to the current mainland of Kyushu, the general position is.

Shenzhou! Chenshen Xuanlong No. 47 is the most prosperous and most prosperous Shenzhou in mainland Kyushu!

It is said that there are God's servants and descendants of God in charge of the world!

After reading this spiritual light group, Lin Chen's heart could not be calm for a long time. That battle was really shocking. He had not fought even the eighth and ninth levels of Yuanzun Realm, not to mention the battle between the emperor and the saint!

"No, there is something wrong. On the mainland of Kyushu, even children and mortals know that the human race of the mainland of Kyushu was created by the gods, it was God who gave us wisdom and life, and the **** created the mainland of Kyushu, divided into nine continental plates. "

"But why in the previous spiritual light group inheritance, the gods did not appear to cover the sky, and the gods did not appear. And the mainland of Kyushu is not nine continental plates, but it is connected and integrated. It is an unprecedented experience. After some wars, the mainland of Kyushu only split from one piece into nine continents and evolved into the last Kyushu!"

"Who is lying? Who represents the truth is the truth? Where is the **** and what is the descendant of the god? Why did the **** never appear during the war, but after countless years, the descendant of the **** is rampant in Kyushu mainland?"

Full of questions filled Lin Chen's heart, and he seriously looked at the'Fire PhoenixBeidou19' above the giant gate.

Accepting the information contained in the previous spiritual light group, Lin Chen knows that this is a holy stele of the town!

It is a relic left by a saint, containing the inheritance of the saint!

However, according to the spiritual light group, the sacred monument of the town will not show its true shape. This day, the spirit war tower has shown its true shape for many years, and it is clearly already a possession.

What about "God God Xuanlong No. 47"? According to previous memories, No. 47 Town Boundary Monument is located in the most prosperous Shenzhou, where ancient geniuses are everywhere, even descendants of God, have they also been found?

"No matter what, I have to go to Shenzhou when I have time. This town's sacred monument is very rare. It contains the inheritance of a saint. If I can get the inheritance of a saint, maybe I can get closer to the truth and face the back of Ning's family. Respecting the so-called gods, I can be more confident!"

Lin Chen's eyes flickered, and he had made up his mind. As long as there was a chance, he went to China to check it out!

The light flickered, Lin Chen stepped into the exit of the ninth floor and disappeared.

Outside the battle tower; Yandu caused an unprecedented earthquake because of Lin Chen, Lin Chen seemed to have expected it, deliberately cast'Qinglong Piying' to dive into the void, except for a few strong men, everyone did not see what he was When leaving Tianling Battle Tower.

The Soul List Conference ended. A magnificent list hanging over Yandu rolled down, as high as a thousand feet, listing countless names and rankings!

And the names of previous champions, etc., but there is a very conspicuous name on the list!

Lin Chen! The 79th Celestial Rankings Conference: The first arithmetician, the first battle list, the first casting tool, the first refining medicine!

The first four consecutive championships in history, the light shines through the ages and will be unprecedented! In particular, he was the first person on the eighth and ninth floors in history. Still the only one to challenge the two-person team mode with one person!

Lin Chen rushed to the Treasure Pavilion at full speed, regardless of the shock that Yandu had. Buy the fifth volume of "Sura Nine Changes"!

In addition, he has more than a thousand points of spirit points left, and the final champion can get 500 points of spirit points, but he won a total of four final champions!

Each point of Tianling points is extremely precious. 1 point of Tianling points can be exchanged for Tier 6 heavenly and earthly treasures. This time Lin Chen has exhausted all Tianling points and purchased hundreds of medicinal materials and a few rare and rare ore.

After the purchase, Lin Chen buried his head in the closed room and spent only one day adjusting to the heyday!

Then, it took another 90 points of skill to pass on the fifth volume of Shura Jiuhuang change!

After completing the inheritance of the fifth volume of Jiuhuang Change, Lin Chen only ended the retreat. At this time, Yandu's strongmen had begun to leave as much as possible.

After the senior officials of Tiange College have dealt with many issues, the deputy dean personally took Lin Chen back to Tiange College!

One day later; in the secret room of the college.

All around was bounded by fighting spirit, and Lin Chen was standing by.

He placed a jade box inside the Naling Ring in the secret room, and then tore off the seals containing two powerful fighting spirits, and the jade box exploded!

A black sword flew into the sky, and the sharp edge was like the reincarnation of the night, annihilating life between silence and silence!

It's the seventh order sword "Yong Ye" in the soul!

Although the previous Lin Chen could temporarily suppress this knife, it was still unable to completely surrender it, and there was still a mark of soul-white fighting spirit, and it was a mark engraved in the vein of the gods, so that this knife should be subject to him. , Not so easy.

In addition, this knife can't see the light, the seventh-order knife device, even the general war emperor may not have it, easy to use is easy to attract the scourge of death, plus if someone knows the identity of the soul, the white knife, He Lin Chen is more likely to have an accident.

So this knife, Lin Chen will only use it at the critical moment!

"Now the strength of the young man is not the same as before, and you can't drop a knife for you, let me calm down!"

Lin Chen lightningly launched Jiuhuang into triple changes, and his strength climbed into the triple stage. One hand controlled Yong Ye and violently suppressed it!

Seven kinds of Heavenly Tribulation war bodies were urged in turn. Lin Chen forcibly injected his own fighting spirit into the War Sword. The Blue Dragon possessed his pure power to reach 100,000 Dragon Power, which suppressed Eternal Night!