My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Refining Medicine Collision

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Chapter 10, Refining Medicine Collision!

The Nejong ranking competition didn't end until the early morning of the next day. With the previous battle between Lin Chen and Liao Jianhua, the rest of the elite brothers' battles were splendid, but they were still much worse than the previous two.

And what more people are looking forward to is the unprecedented refining matchup in the history of Shen Wuzong!

In the simple dormitory of the disciples of Waizong

Lin Chen sat cross-legged and opened the status bar of the system.

Host; Lin Chen

Cultivation: Refining Qi

Ultimate strength: 1253 tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 55884 points.

The essence of exercises: 552 points.

The essence of fighting spirit: 15465 points.

Mental Strength: 1799 points.

Mindset: None.

Skills for learning the meeting: Split Wind Leg (Complete Level), Breeze Step Dust (Complete Level), Starfire Gun Method (Complete Level), Thousand Thousand Swords (Complete Level)

Owned items (Secret Tips): Popular Shoes, Celestial Pills, True Water Guiyuan (10%)

Possession of Bloodline: Blue Dragon Bloodline (45 points)

Energy of each element: 2995 points in the fire system, 1871 points in the soil system, 2242 points in the wood system, 3156 points in the gold system, and 2462 points in the water system.

After Lin Chen determined that no one around him was monitoring him, he swallowed a qi-enhancing pill and ran the real water to return to the original formula. His injury quickly recovered!

"The speed at which this true water returns to the Yuanjue's recovery from injury is not trivial. I'm afraid its value is much more precious than my Tianlinghua Dan fingerprint."

Lin Chens injury recovered at a blink of an eye, and the treatment effect of True Water Guiyuan Jue was excellent. Lin Chen never dared to run such magic secrets in public.

"The essence of this fighting spirit is enough for me to break through a realm and practice first."

Lin Chen took a deep breath and quickly absorbed all the light spheres of combat energy stored in the system space. The air in the Dantian shuddered and began to evolve a trend of splitting out the second.

In a blink of an eye, two days passed in an instant, Lin Chen stepped into the second level of the Qi Refining Realm, and practiced the True Water Guiyuan Jue.


Early morning; Nejong ranked the venue.

This time, like the previous, almost filled with the entire disciples of Shen Wuzong, no one wants to miss this unprecedented refining matchup!

Today, one of the two genius figures who will rise up against the sky will fall here!

On the 7th ring, the two jade platforms are filled with seven or eight rare medicinal materials, a bronze alchemy furnace, and a roll of sapphire sealed with sapphire.

Liao Jianhua stood tall, stood up against the wind, and was rebellious, which was totally a glance at all eyes!

Because of his talents in refining medicine, he even has to surpass the talents above Kendo!

Lin Chen was not surprised, and slowly set foot on the ring.

"Todays refining medicine competition is to refining the second-order low-level pill medicine of the Shenwu Sect. The two sides have three pairs of medicinal materials. Exhausting the medicinal materials will be regarded as a failure of the test. Contrast with quality. If the quality is equally divided, it is determined by the speed of refining time. The time limit for refining medicine is: three days."

Elder Qi personally presided over this medicine refining competition, which was located in the center of the ring to announce the audience.

"Now, the competition begins!"

The name "Xu Ling Dan" came out, and immediately caused heated discussion among many disciples! Even the faces of the elders have changed slightly!

On the mainland of Kyushu, elixir is an extremely precious resource. Even the lowest-level first-order elixir requires at least the strength of the gas refining environment to be taken.

Quenching Body Realm cannot truly refine the energy contained in an Elixir. The disciples of Quenching Body Realm are only equipped with medicine residues that have been discarded after failure of alchemy practice.

The second-order immortality is already in the field of demand of the psychic realm, this is clear that Lin Chen wants to lose!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, although he could not see it on the bright side, but his mental perception was very keen, and he could be identified by the aroma and energy fluctuations of the medicinal materials. This is all inferior to the medicinal materials prepared for himself in the test!

"This old dog wants to yin to me, and the second-order elixir will give me these inferior medicinal herbs. I just want to mess with me when I make it clear.

Seeing the real conspiracy of Elder Qi, Lin Chen's mouth sneered a sneer!

On the other side, Liao Jianhua has picked up Danfang to urge his mental strength to read. He is full of energy and full of energy, obviously taking some kind of temporary medicine to improve his mental strength.

"In this way, Danlu should not be used. I only have the opportunity of three pairs of medicinal materials, and I cannot rashly take risks."

Lin Chen glanced at the Alchemy Furnace, and he no longer had any expectations for this thing. Now, he can only rely on empty-hand alchemy!

Spreading out the Danfang, Lin Chen released his spiritual power into the Danfang, reading the content inside.

In less than a moment, Liao Jianhua had already read the recipe for Xu Ling Dan, and that expression clearly knew the content of the competition in advance.

Liao Jianhua grabbed a handful of medicinal materials and began to refine it.

His face was arrogant and arrogant, and he was obviously a master-like frame, but four-finger docking, when he urged the alchemy handprint, attracted many eyes.

A green spirit jade vine was thrown into the alchemy furnace. Both hands and eight fingers changed rapidly. Liao Jianhua finely controlled the refining of the green spirit jade vine.

"Huang Ti's advanced alchemy handprint "Banduan Jinshou", very fast!"

"Is this our alchemy handprint ranked second by Shen Wuzong?"

"Brother Liao Jianhua is only in his early twenties, and he has such a talent that he has given up more than the two alchemy elders!"

I saw Liao Jianhua's alchemy handprints used; many disciples only looked at and marveled.

On the other side, Lin Chen took Liao Jianhuas double time to read the complete volume recipe; he also grabbed the first medicinal material, Qingling Jade Vine, and his hands were sealed with ten fingers, a touch of pure white spirit accompanied by spirit The gush of power envelops the Qingling jade vine.

Seeing this scene, many disciples were stunned!

What the **** is this Lin Chen doing, started using alchemy fingerprints without using alchemy furnaces?

Su Qing'er's eyes are staring at Lin Chen, she never believes that a mortal child will suddenly change into a distinguished pharmacist!

The fingertips were swiping rapidly, and with Lin Chen's handprint and changes in mental power, the impurities of Qingling Jade Vine were beginning to be removed!

Without paying attention to the eyes around him, Lin Chen also began to enter the alchemy process and focused on it.

"Hey, how is this possible? This child is actually a pharmacist, and it doesn't look like a rookie at all! The alchemy fingerprints used are not any of the denominations!"

Several elders of Shenwuzong nodded at Lin Chen's eyebrows, but Elder Qi's expression was somewhat gloomy.

For today, he specially treasured himself for many years, and can take out the superb panacea that can temporarily increase his mental strength and use it on Liao Jianhua.

Before the hour, the two put in the second medicinal material almost simultaneously!

The same time!

"Was the disciple Lin Chen even caught up with Brother Liao Jianhua?"

"Don't stop talking about a foreign sect disciple. People have defeated Liao Jianhua in battle. What really matters is that he is the strongest of our disciples today!"

"It is possible to match Liao Jianhua's speed without using the alchemy furnace. This alchemy fingerprint is at least the top of the yellow rank! No, it is most likely the green rank!"

Some disciples and elders were shocked in the dark center. At this moment, no one dares to underestimate Lin Chen's strength and potential!

Everyone can see that it is obvious that Lin Chen is better, because he does not even use the alchemy furnace! You can catch up with Liao Jianhua in this situation!

His alchemy fingerprints and alchemy talents are definitely not inferior to Liao Jianhua!

The actual situation is even worse than this, because the medicine prepared for Lin Chen is more than twice as rough as Liao Jianhua's!

After the fourth hour passed, Lin Chen and Liao Jianhua made mistakes in refining the fourth plant, and the refining failed!

Liao Jianhuas refining power for Xuling Pill is less than 30%. Even if he takes the ultimate medicine to temporarily increase his mental strength, the success rate is not more than 60% at most.

Liao Jianhua breathed a sigh of relief, then quickly regrouped, and once again invested in a treasure of heaven and earth, refining.

Lin Chen also discovered the difficulty of this immortality, frowned slightly, and sweat beads rolled down his forehead.

Compared with Liao Jianhua prepared in advance, this is the first time Lin Chen has come into contact with the second-order Danfang, and the degree of difficulty is more severe. Coupled with his inability to use alchemy furnaces, it consumes more mental power than Liao Jianhua!

Just when Lin Chen was about to start the second medicinal material, and desperate, he looked in the direction of Liao Jianhua, but his eyes lit up!

Around Liao Jianhua's side, the ground was full of attribute light balls!

"These attribute light spheres are all spiritual attribute light spheres!"