My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Tianxiu

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Chapter 100, Tianxiu! ! ! !

Suddenly, nothing happened to everyone; the little old man of this chamber of commerce would actually be in the imperial city, and even under the eyes of everyone, he showed his murderous claws to Chu soul!

And he actually hides his strength!

Chu Soulsheng reacted extremely fast; a backhand punch and Lin Chen's palm suddenly collided!


Fusion of the four demon seals of the four demon seals, the four-in-one seal of madness exploded violently, setting off a rolling energy storm!

The two retreated at the same time!

Before Lin Chen was shocked, he reached out and grabbed Nangong Yuyan!

It was at this moment; the people in class 66 loosened the rope, and the hot air balloon hidden in the Kongming lamp suddenly took off!

"Everyone goes up immediately!"

Lin Chen burst into a scream, and Class 66 and even Bai Junhao, Shangguan Bihan, and sister Su Lan's two daughters rushed into the hot air balloon basket!

The hot air balloon took off at a very high speed, and the speed was very fast. In a blink of an eye, it rose a few dozen meters!

This moment happened really fast!

No one can respond at all. Compared with the 66 classes that are well-prepared, many VIPs and Di Shajing masters on the scene are still enjoying the beautiful sceneries of Kong Mingdeng!

"Lin Chen, is it you?"

Nangong Yuyan's shock was lost, and all the VIPs could not help but be shocked when they heard the name!

Lin Chen? Isn't this the leader of the mysterious team of the sunset empire?

Who can think of this world!

In an important period of war between these two countries; did Lin Chen dare to break into the heavenly dynasty?

Also carefully selected the time when Chu Soulsheng came to the throne?

"Is he a strong man in Tiangang Realm?"

The VIPs looked at the past subconsciously; it was found that Lin Chen only needed the time to repair the battlefield, and all the VIPs took a few breaths.

It was just a teenager in a battlefield!

With the strength of the war spirit alone, he dared to go alone into the heavenly fighting dynasty; this kind of courage is simply a monster!

This kind of anti-sky behavior, let alone action, the people present dare not even think about it!

"You are Lin Chen? Dare to mix into my dynasty, you are looking for death!"

Chu Lingsheng, frightened and angry, swept away a remnant image, his whole body was furious, and he shot furiously!

The blue light on the left arm flickered, Lin Chen unfolded the green dragon's arm and slammed in the past, once again retreating to the terrible Chu Soul Sheng!

"Yue Linlin!"

Lin Chen shouted loudly; Yue Linlin slapped the thin blue wings behind her, and swept Lin Chen's side.

She took Nangong Yuyan away and flew in the direction of dozens of huge hot air balloons!

At this time; the large hot air balloon has been lifted above the altitude of more than 400 meters!

"Slap them down for me!"

Chu Soulsheng almost madly roared!

If Lin Chen escaped with Nangong Yuyan in front of the messengers of various countries and the powerful sectarians, it would be really embarrassing to the point of irreparable!

"Really I can't succeed in the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty?"


The five figures suddenly rose into the air; all of them were masters above the seventh level!

The headed person is the eighth peak, only one step away from the earth's terrible realm!

The expression of everyone in Class 66 changed; if these five people shot, even the height of more than 400 meters will be beaten down!

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen drank aloud; his hands suddenly hit two gray runes, his rune energy instantly dropped by 15000 points!

The gray runes descended from the sky, and the town became a monster! Delay the five masters of the late Di Sha Realm in the air!

Their faces are horrified. What is the secret? They could make their fighting spirit slower than a snail!

The five people without the support of combat are like living targets!

True flame purple phoenix wings swept across the sky; Lin Chen's green dragon arm swept the sky, 390,000 tigers crushed the airflow, and swept the five men down!

At this time; the hot air balloon has reached an altitude of 500 meters!

Boom~~! !

Hundreds of fighting energies converged into an unparalleled offensive and bombarded the hot air balloons in the sky! The sky's arrow rain suddenly dashed towards the hot air balloon!

"Bing RinXuan Jing Shield!"

Headed by sister Su Lan and her second daughter, she supported the soft ladder hanging outside the basket with one hand, and she unfolded a cold ice shield with a cold hand!

Immediately afterwards; everyone in Class 66 was full of blood, and the cards came out; they launched a super powerful defense of defense, and joined hands to block the attack of combat from the sky!

The momentum of the collision between the two sides shook hundreds of thousands of Kongming lamps from the sky, and the hot air balloon was crumbling!

Chu Soul beat his palms in anger; his violent and fierce palms turned into a **** blade.

Tian Gang's fighting spirit tightly guarded Lin Chen, because of the height, the power failed to shake Lin Chen, but instead pushed to higher altitude with his offensive!

Everyone at the scene was stunned to see Lin Chen jumping into the hot air balloon basket, and let the masters of the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty launch the attack, it would not help at all!

When the height keeps rising to more than a kilometer, even those few masters in the late stage of the terrible realm are not recovered!

"How's it, great prince; big sand sculpture! Wasn't it pleasantly surprised? Unexpectedly? Your elder brother Chen's gift made you feel full!"

Lin Chen's hearty laughter shook the wind and thunder, resounding through the imperial city!

No one can think of it; today, on the day of Chu Xinshengs new king, he made such a big joke!

This Lin Chen is just a dozen or so people; he doesnt even have four territories, not only mixed into this tightly guarded dynasty of heaven; he also took away the newly appointed Kings unmarried concubine in front of everyones eyes!

"The world is so strange!"

"This son is a terrified man! Eight days ago, the Qingyang Fortress was broken, and eight days later, the ghost came to the dynasty; in fact, so many masters of the realm evacuated from the imperial city! Characters!"

Gazing above the night sky where the hot air balloon disappeared; besides marveling and shocking, hundreds of VIPs were still **** shocked!

Some VIPs couldnt even believe it, and looked at the messy scene with a brutal look!

"I'm not going to find a flying beast to catch up with these bastards! You fools!"

For the first time, Chu Soulsheng revealed a frantic roar; many masters of the realm did not dare to say much and quickly dispatched; they went to deploy flying beasts, trying to chase Lin Chen and others.

But people with bright eyes know that the hot air balloon rises extremely fast, and waiting for the deployment of flying beasts, Lin Chen and others are estimated to have left the imperial city long ago. Where is this sky-filled Kongming lamp to find someone!

"Sin should be mortal! Sin should be mortal! Lin Chen, I remember you; dare to let me suffer such a shame! Even if it is the power of the heavenly dynasty, I will kill you!"

Chu Lingsheng growled like a mourning student, his eyes were covered with blood, like a wild beast!

Morning light sprinkled, and it was dawn at this time!

"Look, what is that!"

Many VIPs exclaimed; everyone should look forward to it.

I saw; the morning sun shone on the sky, the red clouds drifted past, beautiful.

What is even more amazing is that in the direction of Lin Chen and others leaving, the slowly drifting red clouds in the sky formed a piece.

Hongxia clouds converge to form, and gradually outline a "show" word!

"It's a show word!"