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Chapter 101: The Heavenly Fight Dynasty Is Paralyzed

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Chapter 101: Heavenly Fighting Dynasty Paralyzed!

At this time, the imperial city was completely messed up; many warriors in the terrible realm and the war-like realm were anxious like ants on the hot pot, and their heads were chaotic and there was nothing to do.

Guarded by heavy soldiers; the master is like a cloud, solid in the imperial city. Lin Chen has almost completed a world-famous feat!

Under the eyes of all the masters of the Imperial City, not only did they safely leave the 66 class, they also took away the Seven Princesses of the Sunset Empire!

Many sectarian young talents who visited the Tiandou dynasty looked up and marveled at the direction of Lin Chen's departure. After today, I am afraid that this matter will become a myth that has passed down the wildland forever!


The morning light shone across the world and floated on the large hot air balloons in the sky; whether it was boys hanging on the ladder or girls sitting in the basket, there was a burst of laughter!

"Successful! We really succeeded!"

"Cool! It's so **** cool!"

"After I left my family and entered the college in my life, I have never done such an exciting thing!"

"Damn, fighting alone in the Lieyang Fortress, 50,000 troops, and rushing into the Qingyang Fortress; and reversing the battlefield with arrogance and heavy waves. Now, in front of the 200,000 troops and hundreds of places, the concubine of the new dynasty was snatched; Its so special to be a great fellow with Brother Chen Chen!"

The boys are called Shuang Lianlian, and the girls' excited blushes are all over their cheeks. They are the objects of important protection in each other's families and forces. Where have you experienced such a riotous and thrilling action!

The morning sun spattered, and Nangong Yuyan had a dream-like feeling until now!

Lin Chens behavior on the night of Chu souls ascension can only be described in four words; the gods are descending!

She stared at Lin Chen flying beside the hot air balloon; Chen Xi sprinkled on the teenager's face, his slightly raised confident smile, had an incredible charm.

Nangong Yan's tone was trembling, incredulous.

"You, how did you do it."

Lin Chen smiled at everyone; Shangguan Bihan explained her ins and outs with a smile.

Nangong Yuyan's heart cannot be calm for a long time when Lin Chen entered Tiange Academy and helped the sunset empire!

Although Shangguan Bihan had taken it by words, she could still feel the thrill and excitement of Lin Chen with 66 classes of hundreds of thousands of soldiers against the dynasty!

"Miss Shangguan Bihan, I am sorry to you for my previous rashness, thank you and everyone for saving the sunset empire."

Arrogant as Nangong Yuyan, she also put down her previous figure at this time, solemnly apologizing to Shangguan Bihan.

"Speaking of course; aren't you the Nangong family, how could you become the princess of the sunset empire again."

Lin Chen asked with great interest; Xianxianyu pointed at the green silk, and Nangong Yuyan briefly described her life experience.

"My Nangong family was originally a branch of the sunset empire. I was brought up in the Nangong family since I was young. Until recently, the relationship between the two countries was tense, I hurried back to the empire. That Chu soul student was interested in my treasure-telling talent. Imprisoned me in the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty for his Heavenly Fighting. If this was not the case, I would have long since..."

Talking about the end, Nangong Yuyan's cheeks were blushing; she whispered softly to avoid Lin Chen's eyes; "I have already signed up for Tiange Academy..."

Lin Chen suddenly realized that there was such a relationship between the sunset empire and the Nangong family!

"Brother Lin Chen, how did your brain grow, these Kongming lights and hot air balloons, and that firework, we have never seen it, you actually made it in a few days, and use them to help us all All escaped! Compared with you, the name of our genius is simply not worth mentioning!"

Liu Liner waved her little pink fist in excitement, her beautiful eyes flickered with admiration and stared at Lin Chen!

"These are all based on the wisdom of our ancestors. I am just thinking of going forward; moreover, there are many peers of this age who are as powerful as monsters. I dare not admit that I am a genius."

Lin Chen's remark was a heartfelt sigh, and it was ashamed and admired to fall in the eyes of everyone. Brother Lin Chen has been so humble at this point. Look at people's demeanor, courage, and awareness!

The hot wind was dancing, and the hot air balloon fluttered with the wind; for a whole day, perhaps because the hot air balloon was already far away, the chasing soldiers of the Tiandou dynasty did not come after.

It wasn't until late at night; the hot air balloon began to descend slowly.

Late at night; the hot air balloon dropped into a torrential river. Before falling into the river, Lin Chen took everyone to jump away from the hot air balloon.

Although it was late at night; when everyone landed on the riverside, they saw the lights outside the riverside, and they could still hear the tumult of vocals.

"This is the Tongling River! It is the lifeblood of the Tiandou dynasty and an important border area dedicated to the transportation of medicine and grain!"

Nangong Yuyan, who was familiar with the Tiandou dynasty, exclaimed immediately and heard Lin Chen's eyes shine!

"You mean, this is where they store grain and transport immortality?"

Looking at the camp tent lights not far away; Lin Chen's mouth scratched a smirk!

"Well~ I know, I know~ Brother Lin Chen, we all know how to act."

Not waiting for Lin Chen to order, Gu Chenfeng patted Lin Chen's shoulder with a heartless grin.


Tongling River; Nanjiang Gate.

Many soldiers are still carrying large amounts of grain and grass; there are more than a dozen boxes of low-level healing remedies, these are the main combat resources on the battlefield. Due to the large amount of grain and grass, it cannot be carried with the Naling Ring.

A huge warship is standing on the ground, and the strong men stand on the ground, guarding the situation around them.


Suddenly; a loud noise rang out!

"what's the situation?"

Several generals in the terrible realm looked around in panic, and before they responded, an entire warship was instantly set off!

The huge green dragon's arm was born, and the moment the ship was overturned, it punched through the iron plate of the ship!

The flames of the fire department entrained the heat waves; the sky was full of arrows, and the battleships connected by several iron ropes quickly ignited a huge fire.

"There is an enemy attack! Come and save the fire!"

Several young figures rushed to the deck to stop all the warriors in the terrible realm; a fire will prepare the grain and grass of the Tongling River, and the medicinal herbs will be burned to the ash!

The vital frontline strategic resources of the Tiandou dynasty were completely burned to destruction!

This night; many battle fronts of the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty began to gradually fall into a state of paralysis!


Four days later; the empire capital at sunset.

Inside the Imperial City; all ministers and even the emperor of the sunset empire stood at the gate of the Imperial City, personally welcoming the wizards of the upcoming Tiange Academy!

The irresistible excitement and excitement of everyone's expressions, they are about to see; the amazing **** who saved their sunset empire and created all kinds of miracles; Lin Chen!