My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 1013

: Quartet

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1013th place, the Quartet vibrates!

Time returns to when the yellow rainbow flyover first appeared.

Qiyun Island; inside the venue.

More than 40,000 geniuses, more than 200 old antiques, saints, who had just recovered from the events of the Hongtian Temple.

In addition to the Hongtian Temple, there were two geniuses whose names were bleak during this period, but no new names were added.

Either die in danger, or die in the hands of geniuses who rank higher than them.

On the list of the Holy Light list, each name that disappears represents the fall of a great genius in the 36th domain!

This is the path chosen by the arrogant sons of heaven. Geniuses who can live on Rainbow Island, even if they become holy in the future, they will open up a lot of others!

But, accident after wave!

The Holy Light list starts to float again at high speed!

"What happened? Come again?"

"This is the genius of Xuanyu... I am grass!"

The geniuses and the saints were dumbfounded!

The list of disappeared genius lists has begun to increase again!

There are more names that have disappeared from the Holy Light list this time! From 20,500 to 21,300 geniuses, 13 of them disappeared in one go!

13 top geniuses suddenly fell!

It's not over yet!

Immediately after, 12 more names dimmed, 19300~19700 geniuses!

On the light list, two new names were replaced, ranking at the forefront of the disappeared names.

"19307 in the list of geniuses, the magical skill of the axeZhende Chang. Belong to: Black Horse Club."

"19301 in the list of geniuses, one sword venerable and true handsome, belongs to: Black Horse Club."

"19300 in the list of geniuses, where Linchen, the **** of heaven, belongs: Black Horse Club."

Everyone's scalp exploded!

Instant kill 25 geniuses?

The saints shuddered...

Another dark horse club!

Lan Ruoxue and Mo Qing count pupils' tremor.

This scene is too shocking and familiar!

That was also the case when the name "Black Horse Club" sounded for the first time in the mysterious realm of the Holy Land in the 36th domain of the Holy Realm!

The history is surprisingly similar!

But how long did it take? It's been less than five months since the Cangyue Secret Realm and the Tianbang Conference!

It took only five months from killing more than 90,000 geniuses in the second genius list to killing more than 20,000 geniuses and even more than 19,000 geniuses!

The growth rate of the dark horse club is unprecedented!

"But how is this possible? Even the geniuses of the Fifth Sect sect can't kill 25 top geniuses in an instant!"

"It's the same thing if you can't beat it. If you want to escape, then it's okay!"

The geniuses shuddered, and their brains fell into a blank space!

"It's him, Father Emperor, it's him!"

Yue Qingli and Yue Youlan stood up excitedly, and tears flashed in the corners of their eyes.

Zhende Shuai shot! Prove that he has no worries about life!

"My God, actually killed 25 geniuses, it's the gods..."

The lord trembles his teeth in shock,

He already had a hunch that this time, Rainbow Island will surely brew an unprecedented storm of terror!

"It's too ridiculous... It's possible to kill dozens of geniuses over 20,000."

"I still don't believe it. After all, Rainbow Island has too many dangers. Maybe the dark horse club just picks up cheap..."

"Do you have any pits in your brain? Can it be picked once or twice if it's cheaper? This is obviously the masterpiece of the Black Horse Club!"

The geniuses who stayed and watched had a lot of excitement!

"My apprentice is dead too?"

A few old antiques changed a little hysterically because of the fall of their disciples, such as mourning.

Some holy places also panic God!

"Well, our Genius this year's genius is weak. Originally, let them form a team to twist into a rope. Everyone cooperated to find opportunities. I didn't expect to be killed more than half!"

"It's over, kill like this, this dark horse club is crazy!"

"Fuck, these cubs, what are they doing to provoke the dark horse club!"

Based on the experience of the saints, it is natural to figure out more details. Even in the face of the genius of the Fifth Sect, if the 31 geniuses of Xuanyu want to run, the other party can't stop a few people.

The only possibility is that the geniuses of Xuanyu took the initiative to fight!

Undoubtedly, combined with the situation of the geniuses in the Hongtian Temple, the people in the Black Horse Club have the power to kill them instantly!

It seems like the opening of the blood curtain, a few hours after the opening of the yellow rainbow flyover, the fierce quarrel in Qiyun Island has not stopped, and the Holy Light list has once again ushered in a lot of changes.

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

A lot of names dimmed, this time the speed is much faster than before!

Whether it's the Holy Land, the geniuses, the sectarian antiques, and the eyes staring at the rolling death list, the scalp is numb!

That's right, it's true scalp tingling! This tone dimmed forty names, and the momentum has not stopped!

"Crazy! It must be crazy!"

"What's the matter, is this a holy beast crisis? There will be so many geniuses falling at the same time!"

"Look, the geniuses that have fallen this time are all from the barbarians! The names of the other barbarians' geniuses have also gradually faded, which must have been seriously injured!"

The geniuses who watched were startled and trembling, and their voices were horrified.

"No, my sons and daughters of the Manchuria! You are the hope of a new generation regaining territory!"

Several old antique heartbreaking growls from the barbaric field, bloodshot eyes, murderous riots!

"No, there is a new name replaced!"

In the fast dim name, everyone clearly witnessed several names like the arrow of the off-string, rushing to the top!

"16665 in the list of geniuses, one-handedly respected and true handsome."

"The 15001 top genius list Dan Sheng Zhende Ying."

"13,136 celestial gods, Lin Chen!"


Weird silence!

I don't know which dear friend squeezed out of the teeth.

"Crazy, all crazy..."


Xuanyu, Xuanhuang stele.

Bang ~! A starry sky exploded, thousands of rays of light shattered, the world was trembling, the sea was rising, and the vast Xuanhuang Stone Tablet permeated the ancient and vicissitudes of breath, absorbing the aftermath of the violent energy.

"Hahaha, old fellow, you are getting stronger and stronger."

"You're not too bad. If you want to win or lose, you always need thousands of rounds."

The two men with great pride and spirit took a sword and a sword and stepped out of the void.

These two are actually sword saints and sword saints!

"Unless there is a decisive battle between life and death, our victory or defeat is inseparable. It seems that the difference between you and us has to be left on our mutual apprentices."

The two shook hands and smiled.

At this time, the gold list in the arms of the two people showed a golden light, and they came up with a single view.


"My apprentice fell into Rainbow Island?"

"Xianer is dead? What's going on?"


In the wild area, the mountains are winding and straight, like an angry dragon lying down, like a tiger in a cloud, with magnificent momentum.

The wild area is inhabited by a large number of fierce beasts, as well as a large number of fierce beast families. This place has been fought for years. The war between the beast and the human race has continued for thousands of years.

The Manchuria is the weakest area of the holy world human civilization, and has almost become the territory of the fierce beast.

On top of the mountain, the five figures stood on their hands, standing tall like giants, shining with dozens of holy lights as bright as stars.

"Over the past hundreds of thousands of years, our human race has become weaker, and this time finally a group of amazing talents has emerged!"

"Haha, those little guys dare to fight and kill, and they will definitely bring me a new chance..."

Suddenly, the golden light was gorgeous, and the five figures invariably took out the gold list to check the status of the genius list.

After half a ring...

"Wh... what?"

"My Manchuria actually fell dozens of geniuses!"