My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 102

Chapter 102: return To Tiange Academy

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Chapter 102: Return to Tiange Academy!

The Imperial City at Sunset;

A large number of people and ministers awaited the evening, but still did not see the legendary boy coming.

Just at night; a loud deafening sound was heard near the imperial city, and fireworks burst into the sky!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The fireworks blooming in the sky are colorful; they are gorgeous and dazzling, attracting all the people's attention!

Just as the people's eyes were above the fireworks, several figures jumped from the height of the imperial city and fell in front of the emperor!

"This, Yaner! You are finally back!"

The emperor of the sunset empire looked excitedly at his daughter. Nangong Yuyan's cheeks always showed a gentle smile, "Father emperor, I'm fine."

"Your Majesty, this is the Lynn who reported to you before from Weichen!"

Song Shan next to the emperor excitedly introduced the young figures behind Nangong Yuyan. The emperor quickly stepped forward and held Lin Chen's hand excitedly.

"You are the Lin En! Thank you for bringing the girl back, and thank you for bringing hope to my sunset empire!"

The emperor was grateful and wanted to kneel and thank Lin Chen directly, and the ministers and princes behind him quickly knelt down.

Lin Chen gave him a hand and smiled lightly, "Your Majesty, but the ninety-five of the sunset empire, how can you easily kneel down; the kid is just acting in accordance with the regulations, if you dont ask the college, I wont come here ."

Then, Lin Chen looked at Xiang Qinghong beside Song Shan, and she smiled.

"Brother Lin Chen is assured that I have taught the soldiers of the sunset empire eight different basic formations to help them kill the soldiers on the battlefield more advancedly. "The soldiers of the sunset empire are so powerful that they have now fully recaptured the front and defeated them!"

Hearing this result, Lin Chen nodded with satisfaction.

"Okay, you didn't let me down. In the process of bringing the Seventh Princess back, the lifeblood of the Tiandou dynasty and the grain storage of the Tongling River were all destroyed; the other party had to reorganize it for several decades. There is no rallying in recovery."

Hearing this, all the people of the sunset empire appeared at the same time ecstatic!

In this way; when the Tiandou dynasty recovers, their sunset empire also has enough time to cultivate their strength to fight against them!

This war is officially over! The sunset empire gets the best results with minimal casualties!

"Time is not waiting for anyone. Your majesty, please hand us the jade card entrusted to us by the task, and we will have to take the time to return to the college."

Lin Chen smiled at the emperor, the latter was shocked, but this is their great benefactor, at least have to stay for more than ten days for them to do their best friendship?

"Your Majesty, I know what everyone thinks, but we need to return to the Academy as soon as possible, and hope Your Majesty understands."

Seeing that Lin Chens heart was decided; when the emperor shook his head regretfully, he took out a jade card from the Naling Ring and shattered it; the identity jade cards of everyone in Class 66 were illuminated, showing that the mission was completed Four characters!

This is the confirmation method of the client. If the students of the college complete the task, they can crush the jade card to confirm the completion of the task.

"Qinghong, let's go!"

Lin Chen unfolded the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing, and took Xiang Qinghong and the three people around him, skimming towards the sky.

"Lin En! All the way downwind!"

This night; the people of the sunset empire have never seen the legendary teenager so far, attracted their attention by the beautiful fireworks. But his deeds will be permanently remembered in the history of the sunset empire!

The wind is dancing; the three-headed lion eagle beast is carrying everyone back in the direction of Tiange Academy.

At this time, there are as many as 9 people in the state of cultivation on the back of the lion, the beast!

In this battle of the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty, everyone in Class 66 has benefited greatly.

Repeated battles close to the limit and life and death fleeing near desperation have given their hearts and fighting strength a great temper, and they have become an opportunity to break through the realm!

Even some people have already started to touch the bottleneck of the terrible situation!

The most important thing for Lin Chen's strength is his "Chaos Five Spirits", which has climbed to 100% perfection! His five attributes of fighting strength, to reach the pinnacle of a true middle-level mental skills!

The two daughters Su Lan and Sister Su Lan looked at Lin Chen who was standing in front of the lions, eagles and beasts.

Through the previous incredible actions and miraculous power to turn the tide, they have fully felt his incredible.

What's even more amazing is that they don't hate Lin Chen as much as they hate other boys and stay with him, but they always have a feeling of expectation.

With the eyes of the sisters and two daughters in full view, Shangguan Bihan sighed and muttered like a girl.

"There are so many opponents..."


Tiange Academy; Arena!

Today's arena is in full swing and almost all the students in the inner courtyard are gathered!

Even 90% of the students in the outer courtyard are here!

Generally speaking; if it is not a major event, students in the outer court are rarely called into the inner courtyard.

The thirty young figures standing in the middle of the arena shocked almost all the students in the inner courtyard!

Some of them stood with negative swords, and the sword was like a thousand swords hanging in the sky.

Some of the blood is rushing, violent and fierce, and the ancient beasts come to the arena!

Some stand up with guns; if they are so thrilled, they will be angry!

Even more murderous and tumultuous, a look can make Di Shajing old and old people fall into an endless spiritual storm!

"It seems that this session of the Wasteland Branch is not very good."

"It's nothing more than some crooked dates; I really don't understand why the quota for participating in the assessment of the General Academy is given to these wastes."

The two young people headed shook their heads and laughed; some fledgling inner courtyard old students suddenly stood up and yelled angrily!

"What the **** are you talking about!"

A young man in white who was holding a fan laughed strangely.

"Don't worry, I'm not targeting you alone. I mean everyone here, all waste."


The violent fighting hurricane started from the audience, and many old students in the inner courtyard were completely irritated!

There is a tendency for the two sides to cross each other, and there is a tendency to fight immediately if there is a disagreement!

"Brother Feng, is there anything wrong with this move. You indulge your students to insult our students, would you forget the rules of the school?"

The old bald man sitting on the table told the two middle-aged men in blue shirts with a smile.

"What's wrong; this can be regarded as an insult? My students are just elaborating the facts. The reputation is made by themselves. If they have the strength, how can the students of our college humiliate them."

A man in a blue shirt sneered under his sleeves; he flicked his nails and continued.

"Hurry up, the quotas assessed by the General Hospital are very precious, and not all wild dogs that have been recruited halfway can go."

The shirtless man's arrogant attitude, even the deputy dean who has always been light and breezy, the old face at this time was shaking violently a few times!

At this time, the bald old man slowly stood up and proclaimed loudly.

"Everyone is quiet! These ten friends are students of Tiange Branch from Tianyu. It should be said that they are the seniors and school sisters of your gang."