My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Team Competition Class 66 Is Back

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Chapter 103, Team Competition! Class 66 is back!

The bald old man slowly stood up and announced aloud.

"Everyone is quiet! These ten friends are students of Tiange Branch from Tianyu. It should be said that they are the seniors and school sisters of your gang."

The next moment; the tone of the bald old suddenly changed!

"But! My college has not been humiliated and hasn't fought back! This competition is related to the important matter of going to the General Academy to participate in the assessment. Who of you beat this group of bastards! Lao Tzu directly sent him 20 credits plus one This is a kind of arbitrarily selected blue-level combat skills, and there are places to participate in the assessment of the General Academy!"

A bald old man's words boiled the audience!

200,000 credits plus youth skills! This kind of heritage has few top 30 old students!

The most important thing is; the examination quota of the main school of Tiange College! !

Many old students who have been quiet for many years have begun to rub their hands and fight, fighting, and eager to try!

Lingzhou is divided into 24 regions, and the wasteland is located downstream.

At this time, the Tiange branch located in Tianyu is the strongest branch under the main courtyard!

They are in charge of the quota for entry into the General Hospital; almost 50% of the quota for entry into the General Hospital is occupied by them.

The remaining 50% is allocated by 23 branches!

The excellent martial arts and training resources of Tianyu are countless times higher than that of the wasteland. The characters carefully selected and cultivated from the inside are even monsters in genius!

"The rules of this team competition are very simple. Teams with a team of ten will be awarded five places in the General Academy if they can beat any of their teams! During the battle, although the elders stopped it, the sword was blind. The old man still wants to remind you one sentence; dont challenge them if you dont want to do anything above."

Bald foreigners are cold and internally hot. At the critical moment, they are still concerned about the students in their inner courtyard who are going to have trouble.

"Team of ten..."

Many old students looked at each other one after another, and their former opponents also developed a sense of mutual trust at this time.

It is because the opponent understands the opponent, so I want to form a team together to fight against this group of unseen guys!

"Since no one is taking the lead, let's go play with them first."

In the arena; several blue figures suddenly appeared, as well as two young men with white swords and jades.

"It's the top 27 and 29 double swords of the emperor! And the seniors of the blue shadow sword gate!"

Some old students are looking forward to seeing it; the combat power of these ten people is placed in the inner courtyard, ranking close to a hundred!

"On these things? Lengyue, Qingfeng, Xiao Chi. You three get them."

When there are only three people sent by the other party, many old people feel angry! Three to ten? This is obviously to look down on them!


In Tiange Academy, the team competitions that have participated in the assessment of the General Academy have been held in full swing.

Three days later

When Lin Chen was about to return Bai Junhao and Shangguan Bihan to the outer court, he suddenly found that the whole outer court was empty except for some mentors!

"How is this going?"

Lin Chen, who was sitting on the back of the lion, eagle, and beast, had so many expressions on his face. With so many students in the outer courtyard, how could he disappear in a sudden?

"I remembered! It was the assessment of the General Academy! Recently, it was the time for the 24 branches to choose the number of people who decided to participate in the assessment!"

Su Lan, as a present, exclaimed the oldest student who had been in the college for the longest time!

"Headquarters assessment? I heard that Tianyu's strongest branch is responsible for assessment. Isn't this everyone in the inner courtyard watching the battle between our college and the guys in Tianyu Branch!"

Gu Chenfeng's eyes lit up; his eyes were full of war!

After following Lin Chen's troubles in the heavenly fighting dynasty, Xiu Wei has broken through the realm twice, always wanting to check his own combat power now!

"Then go back to the inner courtyard and see!"

Lin Chen was intrigued and drove the lion, eagle and beast back to the inner courtyard.

Inner court; arena.

Whether the audience is an old student or a freshman from the outer court; there is still incredible shock in the eyes!

Ten old students who fell in the arena; howling, screaming, coma, and terrible appearance!

They are not only the top 25 in the inner courtyard, but also the team of the strongest students in the college; they are still being beaten by the students from Tianyu Branch!

After three days, based on the top of the wilderness Tiange Academy, with a ten-person team competition, no team can win!

The most terrible thing is that there are ten other people with the highest cultivation level who have never shot, and only twenty people have knocked down the elite students in the entire inner courtyard!

"Look clearly without our poor strength. Wild dogs like you are not qualified to participate in the assessment of the General Academy. Even if you participate, it is a waste of places."

A teenager in purple clothing raised his **** to everyone and laughed jokingly!

Both the old students in the inner court and the freshmen in the outer court stood up angrily, and there was a tendency to start a war without a word!

"It seems that you want to group together."

At this point; Ling Tianyu, the strongest student in Tianyu who had been sitting quietly beside the arena, had been silent for a while.

His eyes closed tightly, his dragon spirit was surging, and there was a tendency for the ancient dragon to scream. The blue war gun that had been suppressing on the ground suddenly burst into tearing the sky, responding to the master's fighting intention!

An unprecedented atmosphere like a hurricane has crushed every student on the scene!

In their hearts, an afterimage of the ancient green dragon appeared in an instant, and they rushed towards them with great force! 90% of the students were scared to sit back on the seat!

Ten thousand people in one person town!

This scene shocked even all the elders! The potential of this young man is beyond the scope of their common sense in the wasteland!

"Unexpectedly, the old folks in the Tianyu branch can still recruit such monsters as disciples. No wonder they dare to come here aggressively, threatening to distribute the assessment quota of the General Hospital in a fair way in a team competition."

Leng Yueqi, who was sitting on the stage, narrowed her eyes and was as strong as her, and she had to admit that the strength of this child and the young Tianjiao who were present were not one-dimensional powerful!

When everyone is desperate, on the other side of the arena, a figure gradually enters the arena with warm frolics!

"Wow, it's so lively today! Are everyone welcoming us to return after completing the level 6 mission?"

"The ugly people are still practicing. The handsome people have returned after completing the most difficult tasks of the college."

"Go to your uncle, calm down!"

"The girl in the red dress on the stage is good, I give 87 points, because there is another 13 I did not see."

"Hey, the seniors from the Tianyu branch on the stage, can you also teach us some of our younger students?"

The atmosphere of the crossbows was dismantled at this moment, everyone looked at it, and only 21 students from class 66 slowly entered the arena!

"The bunch of rabbits are back?"

Leng Yueqi stood up suddenly, a trace of doubt and shock flashed in her eyes!

She is the most aware of the situation of Class 66. At this time, the whole class not only cultivates as a group to break through the bottleneck, but also has an atmosphere of hating the enemy, working together and acting like one!

This is the 66 class I know?