My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Class 66 Play

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Chapter 104, Class 66 playing!

"The guys in class 66? Didn't they go to the most difficult task in the history of the college, how come they came back so quickly."

"Strange! You see their atmosphere is very strange, I have never seen their class so harmonious!"

"All of them have broken through the realm, and several others have broken through to the ground!"

The crowd of Class 66 came back strong; the deputy dean lit up and stood up immediately.

"How did you go out to carry out your mission; what about Lin Chen who took you out?"

If there is any possibility of defeating the Tianyu Branch, it is Lin Chen who had previously played against Ning Qingxuan!

"Oh, deputy dean, don't worry. The task has been completed. As for our Lin Chen squad leader, he will go to the Gong Fa Pavilion first, and he will arrive later!"

Gu Chenfeng shrugged his shoulders and stirred up thousands of waves!

Their 66 class completed the most difficult task in the history of the college in such a short time?

From Gu Chenfeng's mouth, they also heard a name that had never been thought of. Did they call Lin Chen the'squad leader'?

Is it possible for this class, which is classified as class 66 of ghost talent, to unify all of them?

"Hey, the seniors on the field, do you still have the physical strength to come with us again? I haven't taught you the high-level moves of Tianyu Branch."

Gu Chenfeng kicked the scoreboard of the arena with a kick, bursting with madness and grinning!

Also standing with Gu Chenfeng were Ying Liang, Yan Begonia, Liu Lin'er, Yue Linlin and other students in the terrible situation. Almost all the old students in the inner courtyard were stunned!

Question 66 geniuses will actually join forces to fight?


At the moment when all the people in Class 66 and the people in the Tianyu Branch were on the verge; on the other side was the Gong Fa Pavilion.

Lin Chen submitted the task; when he received a huge sum of 900,000 credits, he rushed to the Gong Fa Pavilion.

The 900,000 credits belong to class 66, Lin Chen only occupies a part of it, and the rest is left for everyone.

The third floor of the Gongfa Pavilion; when Lin Chen arrived, he was relieved to see that "Shenhuang Jiu Jue" was still there.

"Elder, I want to buy this "Nine Secrets of Gods and Wilds"!"

"Huh? Isn't your kid the Lin Chen, did you really complete the most difficult task of level 6?"

The elders who guarded the Gongfa Pavilion said with a rare smile; on the one hand, they took Lin Chens identity jade card and deducted 140,000 credits.

"The kid is just lucky."

Lin Chen stumbled casually, looking forward to picking up the unsealable "Nine Secrets of the Sorrow"!

"This thing can't be practiced by all martial arts, you can exchange this skill, but it depends on Yun Dao..."

The elder's words didn't finish, old eyes suddenly widened and looked at Lin Chen in shock!

I saw that Lin Chen sat down on the ground after receiving "The Nine Tricks of the Sorrow", and he looked completely in cultivation!

"Good boy! Sure enough, it's the little guy who is favored by the deputy dean. Even the ancient skills such as Shenhuang Jiujue can be deciphered, great!"

The elder sighed and retreated silently. When he left, he specially launched a fighting gas barrier for Lin Chen to isolate the external momentum and let him practice with peace of mind.

[The host obtains combat skills; "Nine Secrets of God Waste". Grade: top-level blue.

When Lin Chen got the "Nine Secrets of God", when he took away the attribute light ball hidden in it, the system's light screen popped up one after another.

[The host obtains the mental method: "Genesis Nine Tribulation". Grade: Unknown.

[The system prompts the host; "Genesis Nine Tribulation" is the incomplete part of "Chaos Five Spirits". It belongs to the advanced mind method, and the host can practice directly.

[Heaven belongs to pick up the system detects the latest version, update time: 4 hours. The update includes: detection of more advanced attribute light spheres, open optimized version of the second-level feature rune function, open blood vessel upgrade system, and update of the types of attribute light spheres available.

The amount of information popped up by the system this time made Lin Chen stunned. This hidden skill "Creation Nine Tribulation" in "Shenhuang Nine Secrets" was actually in the same vein with his own mental system!

"System, I want to integrate "Shenhuang Nine Secrets" and "Creation Nine Tribulation."

[Consuming 780,000 merits and demerits, merging target skills for the host: "Shenhuang Nine Secrets" and "Creation Nine Tribulation".

A large amount of memory, such as the initiation of Daigo, poured into Lin Chens sea of spiritual knowledge. If his spiritual power was different from ordinary people, this huge amount of memory was enough to break the sea of spiritual knowledge!

[The system prompts the host; it has entered the automatic update state, and the system enters a 6-hour update state. During the update, temporarily shut down all system functions.

When Lin Chen was preoccupied with the fusion of the two great skills; the difference between the creation of the nine-robbery heart method and the Wuling tactics was the split and transformation of the fighting spirit.

Wu Ling Jue is to create 5 kinds of attributes from the martial arts Dantian Qihai, and Chuang Shi Jiu Jie Ji is to further sublime the five kinds of Qi attributes!

In addition to the sublimation stats attribute itself, Lin Chen will also get 4 other completely different attribute stats! By the time he is out of the game, he will have nine kinds of fighting attributes!


A wave of turbulence that blows over the river explodes around Lin Chen! The war energy barrier left by the elders of the Gongfa Pavilion is dotted with faint ripples, and Lin Chens cultivation is a breakthrough to the four levels of the battle spirit realm!

The five attributes in his Dantian Qihai changed into five cyclones with different colors, and they began to furiously blend in, resulting in new attributes of qi, and helped Lin Chens cultivation to a higher level!


On the other side; the center of the arena.

The spirit of fighting, such as the storm of raging storms, swept the audience!

Above the competitive ring; the silhouettes are criss-crossed, and the naked eye can't capture it at all, and all the new students can only see a blurry afterimage passing the void!

Afterglow images of blue light cut through the sky like blades of sword, and slashed towards the two students of the Tianyu College. They sacrificed their swords and waved their swords.

"These offensives are endless, wave after wave, and there is nothing wrong with the coordination; let's not separate, gather together!"

The young man in white robe standing against the sword suddenly sneered, and the other seven students beside him gathered together at the same time, covering them back to back!

"Waiting for you to get together!"

Yue Linlin, who fluttered in the sky, laughed with a geeky smile; meeting the eyes of several other people, her hand shook the silvery silver bell.

"Silver String No Lock!"

The strings shining with silver brilliance are tens of meters long, flipped from mid-air; they cover eight students of Tianyu College in an arc shape!

"Sky Monster Gu poison!"

Ceiling-like pale green poisonous lines soared over the ring; it was almost too difficult for the naked eye to catch and dazzled! Form an offensive outside and inside with the silver string!

The combination of Yue Linlin and Liu Lin'er attacked the students who saw the off-site dazzled and dazzled!