My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Ji Tiantian Branch

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Chapter 105

"It's such a powerful toxin that can quickly corrode even the defenses of other places like me!"

"Full shot! Break their defense!"

Eight students from Tianyu College were running into a violent and violent battle. When they were about to spray out, they were shocked by dozens of feet of ice and tide!


Sister Su Lan whispered from the side; Su Lan's beautiful shadow emerged from the sky!

Her fair-skinned jade hands rolled out horizontally; two groups of cold air poured into her sister's icy tide, and two rows of towering ice warfare condensed into dozens of feet of ice-cold giant palms slammed towards the position of the eight. under!

"Bingtian Palm!"

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

Rin Bing's giant palm was filled with cold air; the powerful continuous shooting, rolling a wave of cold air and shaking up, even the audience felt the chill!

The momentum of the sisters' team is terrifying; the ringing is shaking!

Tianyu Academy and others, corroded by Liu Lin'er's toxin, weakened their combat defense while being temporarily controlled by Yue Linlin within the limits, bringing the power of Sister Su Lan's cold attack to the limit!

Yan Haitang is in a perfect position right in front of the eight people; all the positions of the eight people are blocked. Only the front is likely to escape, and her arrows have already been pointed there!

"Bai Li wears soul!"

! !

The waves of arrows flashing at a rapid speed, like waves of electricity, penetrated like a cold tide!

The icy storms in the sky are rising up, and even such a seamless attack and cooperation, even Leng Yueqi is slightly air-conditioned!

Isn't this group of little guys always discordant, how come after this Lin Chen, this battle coordination is perfectly natural, just like one!

The five girls stood together, fragrant and sweaty. This battle is also a battle for them to the limit! The opponents are also from Tiange Branch, and the cultivation of mentality, cultivation, and even combat skills are almost the same or even higher than them!

"I don't know what happened to the boys and Yan Haitang..."

Yue Linlin's eyes glanced to the other side;

Blood guns are like dragons, Gu Chenfeng and Dao Ying's overbearing Ying Liang swarmed up and dealt with a star robe boy.

The star-robed young man has a five-fold cultivation base for the earth, and the strongest in this team is the only peerless genius in Kendo!

His swordsmanship is endless, and each sword is intertwined with the skill of reaching the peak. Five types of top-level green swordsmanship have been cast in one shot. Resist Gu Chenfeng and Ying Liang's offensive head-on!

The two men were forced to retreat with a sword, and the young robe of the Xingpao turned around; like You Long turning around, stabbing Zhang Yu behind him, a sword hole pierced his left shoulder, Zhang Yu spit blood and flew, and the whole person fell out of the ring like a broken kite. outer!

"Zhang Yu!"

Gu Chenfeng and Ying Liang burst into drinks at the same time!

"Is this your strength? It looks no different from the waste in front of you. Don't hurry to tell you what **** Lin Chen got out, see if he can take this master sword!"

The star robe boy was condescending, despised the two, and disdainfully said.

"You are not allowed to insult our brother!"

Gu Chenfeng drank angrily, and the blood gun stabbed into the air; the star-robed boy held his sword, and the serpent-like sword gas strangled the gun body into Gu Chenfeng's arm. Gu Chenfeng was swept into the air!

"That shrinking turtle named Lin Chen, get out! Are you just a **** that tells your little brother to play the striker?"

Gu Chenfeng fell heavily on the ground; the Xingpao boy shouted, and the Tianjiao over the Tianyu branch laughed.

Even the girls in Class 66 felt angry in their hearts; their faces were frosty, but because of the obstruction of the eight students on the opposite side, they failed to have any chance to help the boys.

All the students on the side of the Wasteland Branch were angry and gritted their teeth!

The rest of the 66th class who did not participate in the war were even splitting their eyes; if they were not stopped by the mentor, they might be able to rush to fight with the gang of Tianyu Branch at any time!

"I just listened to what class 66 people brag about how strong Lin Chen is, and how affectionate he is.

The two holding hot tea crowns shook their heads and smiled; the black robes beside them sneered disdainfully.

"This Lin Chen really damned a grandson; his brother was beaten so that he can be a tortoise."

"Being a brother with a group of wild dogs in the wild, he is a lowly species himself, is it right to be a tortoise in front of us."

Lying on the bench; the blue man with his hands on the back of his head did not even glance at the battle in the ring, and smiled freely.

Hearing the conversation in the seating area of the Tianyu Branch, the remaining boys in Class 66 showed violent fighting spirit, and their murderous intentions skyrocketed!

"Damn it! It's so deceiving; we went up and killed these gangsters!"

"This group of guys who are spitting shit, grass! Dare to scold Lin Chen; Lao Tzu fights with them!"

Seven or eight elders beside him saw this scene; they were hurriedly stopped!

"What are you doing! If you fight with them now, the battle on the ring will be stopped! Do you want your classmates to give up their efforts!"

An elder calmly and rationally calmed everyone in Class 66. Their eyes were red, and for everyone in the ring, they just swallowed this breath temporarily!

Ziyi is like fluttering clouds, a cold and proud girl slightly raised her eyebrows, and witnessed the scene of class 66 just wanting to run away, sneering indifferently; "Untouchables are untouchables, vulgar, brutal, unreasonable."

This sentence fell into the ears of many old and new students in the inner courtyard; everyone who heard it was shaking with anger!

These people from the heavens; one is more arrogant, domineering and self-respecting than one! The words spoken are extremely vicious!

When the gunpowder under the ring is full of flavor; the battle above the ring is more intense!

"This person is handed over to you, Aofei!"

Fighting violently, Qin Xiaofeng flipped his hand and opened his body. He gave the last person from Tianyu Branch to another person in the class alone.

"Dare to insult Brother Lin Chen, I will kill you!"

Qin Xiaofeng glanced at the star robe's eyes, full of killing intention and madness!

"That's it, it's over. Senrow changes!"

The star robe was tired of pulling the blade, and dozens of swords were pierced in an instant. The sword shadow bloomed all over the sky, changing more and more, and the soul-like blade penetrated from each sword shadow!

"To deal with your stuff, you don't need a big brother! Kylin Fury!"

Ying Liang, who was ready to go, burst into tears; with a single knife he suddenly pulled out a fury unicorn-like majestic knife gas, swallowed mountains and rivers, up to ten feet, the moment of flipping and cutting, strangling and smashing all sword shadows!

"Blood shadows flash three times!"

When Ying Liang cut through the opponent's swordsmanship; Gu Chenfeng, who was seriously injured, once again turned his palms, the blood guns danced round and round, and the shots were like flashes of light, piercing the airflow; lightning penetrated three spiral guns, straight Huanglong!

Both of them came up with their strongest attack! Super fighting skills ranked among the youth!