My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 106

Chapter 106: 66 Class Wins

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Chapter 106, Class 66 victory!

"But so!"

Seeing Yingliang and Gu Chenfeng's Jedi fight back, the Xingpao boy sneered.

His arms were violent, his swords were shaking, and he struck out hundreds of meteor-like sword energies, such as a new moon rising, puncturing the gun and the sword, and frightening heaven and earth!

Sword-like afterwords of scattered stars scattered out and stabbed the two!

Ying Liang vomited blood and retreated, flying out!

Gu Chenfeng's blood gun was released. If he was hit hard, the corner of his mouth was bleeding, and the sound of bones breaking from his chest!

But the weird thing is! The star robe has just performed two killing tricks. It is at the time of exhaustion that a ghostly figure appeared in front of the star robe!

It is the strongest Qin Xiaofeng in class 66!

Qin Xiaofeng holds a golden dagger! Stabbed fiercely into the chest of the star robe!

"What; there is another rubbish?"

Xingpao's face changed slightly, the sword sharply provoked, and cut towards Qin Xiaofeng's arm!

I thought that this sword could force Qin Xiaofeng back, but I never thought that Qin Xiaofeng, who was famous for his timidity, did not flinch this time. Even the deputy dean and other high school leaders stood up in shock!

"Dare to scold Lin Chen's dog stuff, I will kill you!"

Poof~~! !

The sharp edge of the dagger pierced the defense of the star robe, and pierced into the chest of the star robe!

But at the same time! Qin Xiaofeng's arm was also severed by a star robe boy, blood spilled into the sky!


"Moon Star!"

Everyone in Tianyu Branch and Inner Court was shocked! No one thought that Qin Xiaofeng would actually fight his life in this way!

Qin Xiaofeng's expression was fierce and mad, and his arm was cut off, and he didn't care. The dagger wanted to stab the heart of the star robe again. If this second stabbed, this person would die on the spot!

"Enough! We admit defeat in this battle!"

A strong and unmatched fighting spirit shot into the arena; restrained the crazy Qin Xiaofeng.

Hearing the word confess; Tianjiao, the last one who was still struggling to persevere, was relieved.

The elders of Tianyu Branch walked into the arena personally; they raised their own students and started the combat therapy.

"Xiaofeng! Are you okay!"

"Quick! Elders and mentors in the refining medicine department, help Xiaofeng save his arm!"

Everyone in Class 66 immediately came around; very concerned about Qin Xiaofeng, two mentors of the refining medicine department immediately rushed to the stage!

This scene; completely make all the inner courtyard old students dumbfounded!

Actually won!

Eight people from Class 66 cooperated with the sister Su Lan and the second daughter, and actually won the arrogance of the Tianyu branch that even the top 20 old students in the inner courtyard could not beat!

"Sister school is mighty! The seniors are invincible!!"

"Damn! The sting is good! Why don't you stabb this king to death, what a pity!"

All the students from the foreign colleges burst into cheers and applause, which was the only victory in the past three days!

"The elder actually conceded defeat?"

"We lost to these lowly barbarians?"

The arrogance of the Tianyu branch at the moment that was very relaxed and relaxed at the moment, suddenly stood up at this moment, just like the expression of **** when eating delicious food!

Stupefied, puzzled, shocked, different!

Only the old students in the inner court; besides shock and ecstasy, they looked at each other; more is incredible!

What shocked the oldest students was not the victory of Class 66, but what happened to them in this short half-month period so that the problem geniuses of Class 66 became so tacit and cooperative?

The reputation of Class 66 is the stink of the entire inner courtyard.

They often fight and fight with each other. If Leng Yueqi takes over this class, no one can hold them! Not to mention letting them play team games!

In the previous class competitions; the record of class 66 is unbearable, not even a single victory!

Just because there is never team action in class 66; there are even jokes about fighting with classmates in class team competitions.

"Could it be Lin... Lin Chen!"

The elders' eyes met, and they swallowed their throats unconsciously.

"Absolutely Lin Chen... It was him who unified Class 66 of this ghost class!"

"Yes, this kid is too wicked!"

"It's terrible! How did he do it? Even if he really unified Class 66, how did he let the fighting coordination and tacit understanding of the whole class have this qualitative leap in such a short time!"

Even the bald elders sitting on the seats were shining!

If Class 66 can be united, it will undoubtedly be the strongest class in the whole college!

After elaborate rescue by elders and mentors of the refining department, Qin Xiaofeng's arm was successfully saved.

The sword of the Xingpao Junior did not urge too much fighting, so that the vitality in the arm was not completely lost, but at least it must be carefully recuperated for more than half a year to recover.

"Unexpectedly, there are guys who can beat our college in this barren land."

"Certainly, if it wasn't Yuexing Xuedi who had fought with those guys several times before, even though the loss of fighting spirit was supplemented by elders, there was still a loss of spirit and consciousness, or else it was the wild dogs..."


Ling Tianyu of Tianyu Branch spoke indifferently, interrupting everyone's discussion.

"These guys are not just idle people. Even if they didn't experience the previous battles, Yuexing and others may not be their opponents. I have to admit that there are still a few decent guys in this branch."

When the elders and mentors of the Refining Medicine Department helped Qin Xiaofeng keep his arms; ten figures walked slowly out of the entrance of the arena!

"They are finally back."

The deputy dean sitting on the bench was relieved, and his eyes shone with hope again.

"The little guys have never disappointed us. It seems that this time maybe we can get ten places."

The old bald smiled; looking at the ten students in his own house, the more satisfied he was!

When I saw these ten people, the morale of many inner courtyard students shone brightly!

"Xiang Dingtian Senior!"

"The strongest inner courtyard is back!"

"There is also Ziyue Senior Sister ranked second and Lei Xiao Senior ranked fourth!"

The whole arena is boiling! The top ten strong men in this inner courtyard are all back!

The real highlight is now the beginning!

"Oh? Here are a few of them."

Sitting in the seat area of the Tianyu branch, the man who had been tilting Erlang's legs, his hands on the back of his head, laughed at the cynical blue man.

"Several students in class 66, you have worked hard. I didn't expect to see you joining the day together; let's hand it over to us next."

The ten-headed young man in sackcloth smiled heartily at the 66 class; he walked into the arena.

The cynic blue man looked at Ling Tianyu and raised his eyebrows, "Senior Tianyu, do you want me to lead this time?"

"Well. They will give it to you. If you lose, you know it."

Ling Tianyu had just finished speaking, but his eyes suddenly turned and suddenly looked in a certain direction; his eyes narrowed.

"Is it an illusion?"