My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Lin Chen Is Back

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Chapter 107: Lin Chen's Return!

"give it to me."

The blue man was confident, stepped on the soles of his feet, and stood with nine other students on the ring.

He snapped his fingers, arrogant and arrogant; he provoked Xiang Dingtian;

"Are you some of the strongest waste materials in this group of untouchables, come up and lead to death!"

This arrogant and arrogant attitude; suddenly surprised all the students who already had the fire of counterattack in their hearts!

"Senior Xiang Dingtian! Let them know the true strength of our college!"

"Senior Xiang Dingtian is the pinnacle master of the Sixth Level of the Earth, and a martial arts wizard who has encountered a thousand years in the wilderness. Cultivating several blue-level combat skills is definitely more powerful than you!"

"Grandma, I can't wait to see Master Xiang Dingtian take all the seniors and sisters to beat the gang of bastards!"

Passionate emotions; after the first Jedi counterattack in Class 66, everyone realized that these guys are not invincible!

"Can't the most powerful one come out; it seems that we are really underestimated."

Xiang Dingtian randomly glanced at Ling Tianyu, who did not even look at him. Sitting with his eyes closed, his body is full of war, like a giant dragon lurking.

"With your crooked melons and jujubes, you don't need Tianyu Senior to do it yourself."

The blue man stretched out his thumb and slowly turned down, extremely arrogant!

Just when the two sides are on the verge; even the elders are ready to start the game at any time.

The youngster's chuckle rang throughout the arena!

"Is this the seniors of Tianyu Branch? It seems that it is not as good as the few dogs I have."

Everyone looked at it; a young silver robe appeared spontaneously.

When I saw the silver robe, the body of many mentors and elders was shocked!

When all the 66 students saw the silver robe, their eyes were full of unprecedented excitement and fighting spirit!

He walked slowly down the arena. When passing by Qin Xiaofeng's position, he was shocked, and a drop of elaborate water energy merged into Qin Xiaofeng's wound, making his painful look instantly calm and quiet.

"Dare to beat Xiaofeng like this."

The teenager seemed to be light and windy, but the murderous intent in his eyes made people close to him within a hundred feet feel the bone-like coldness!

Bang ~~!

The thunder that was about to tear the sky exploded from inside the arena, so many students in the outer courtyard looked up at the sky and couldn't help wondering.

"How can it thunder in the clear sky?"

Some of the tough old students have their pupils shrunk! Staring at the silver robe boy, he said slowly with a cold air.

"No, thunder came from him!"

"Which green onion are you! Dare to pretend in front of Brother Ling Tianyu!"

The girl in purple cloth and cloud yarn stood in front of Ling Tianyu, looking arrogant and questioning the teenager.

The silver robe boy converged back to the killing intention, turned around and shrugged, jokingly laughed.

"Who am I? I'm afraid it will scare you out!"

"Bah! In these twenty-four domains; no one can scare the aunt and grandma by name. Unnamed junior, sign up!"

The girl in purple chuckled; she smiled in anger.

"Below, the top ten handsome young men from District B of Guangshuai City, a stand-alone province, are known as Dvor Gil Inbong!"

As soon as the voice fell, the audience was silent...

"Senior, why is his name so strange?"

A pure-hearted girl in the outer court asked, and the next school sister's face was flushed, and she whispered something in her ear.

The girl's face was as blushing as a glow...

At this moment; she grew up.

"You dare to play with Miss Ben!"

The woman in purple is angry and angry; her silver teeth bite lightly.

Ignoring the woman in purple, Lin Chen walked towards the seniors.

"Several seniors and elder sisters are the hallmarks of our academy, killing the chicken with a sabre. Just let my younger brother do it for me."

The silver robe rolled over, and someone Lin gracefully moved out several couches and benches from the Naling Ring, and greeted several school sisters to sit next to them.

"Let me tell these guys from Tianyu that dealing with their crazy dogs does not require the top ten of the Wasteland Branch to personally hand them over and give me a freshman, which is more than enough."

"Who are you crazy dogs!"

The woman in the purple clothes is as cold as frost, murderous!

"Whoever calls my dog is chanting."

Someone Lin's mouth slightly lifted, and the other person choked on nothing.

Ling Tianyu stared at him closely, a trace of doubt and brutality passed through his deep pupil!

He walked slowly into the ring; he was only seven centimeters away from the brother in blue.

The two face to face, generally speaking, this distance is either to fight or to kiss.

The tutors and the students in the outer courtyard couldn't help but sigh with air!

These words, singled out, is singled out!

Lin Chen singled each other ten? This is the top arrogant from the strongest branch!

This kid is now only the ninth of the battlefield, so why not pick this group of top arrogance!

Ok? Nine heavy battles?

The bald elder and the deputy dean were almost shocked at the same time, and the old eyes were full of incredible!

"When this kid took the admission exam, he was only as good as psychic realm! It was only more than a month, how did he soar into the war spirit realm!"

Some old students in the inner courtyard also found signs! Nine heavy battles? Didn't this kid just break through the battlefield last month? Even if he can refine the fourth-order immortality, he can't have this kind of speed!

"Boy, you're hanging out. I hate people who are more crazy than me!"

Blue muscles were exposed on the blue man's face; Lin Chen laughed casually.

"No, no, you just hate people who are more handsome than you."

Brush ~~!

The blue man's legs are transformed into blades!


The sonic boom in a flash tears the airflow and explodes throughout the arena!

The whole ring instantly cracked a shocking crack and rolled up a violent tornado!

"So fast!"

The top ten seniors and sisters in the inner courtyard all had the same idea in mind! Several people were sweating on their foreheads!

"Hey, a few elders. He took this action without permission. I can think of him as recognizing my heads-up suggestion."

The smoke was rolling; Lin Chen's shoulders twirled with a golden light of fighting spirit, and the slender whip leg of the brother in blue was blocked by the golden light of fighting spirit!

"What kind of defensive skill is this so powerful?"

The blue-eyed boy narrowed his eyes, turned around, and stepped back.

The contempt for Lin Chen in his heart has converged a lot, and this battle can not be tolerated!

"No! Brother! Your strength is extraordinary, but it is too reckless to single them out!"

The responding Xiang Dingtian hurriedly stopped Lin Chen; everyone in Class 66 rushed out and asked to take the initiative.

"Squad leader, let's do this group of **** with you!"

"Yeah Brother Lin Chen! They just scolded us and scolded you. We have to join the war. How can we let you fight alone?"

Lin Chen waved his head without looking back;

"Senior students are drinking tea while singing songs, and you, no one is allowed to shoot. The arrogance of these crazy dogs, I will step on them. Their pride, I will fight. I will put the one in class 66 All of this copy and this copy of our entire college are recovered!"

Lin Chen showed a rare smile like the murder of Liao Jianhua that day!

"I will make all of them regret coming here!"