My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Tiandao Picking System 2.0 Start Up

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Chapter 108 start up! !

See Lin Chen's voice is not big, but there is an irresistible overbearing!

"In this case, freshman Lin Chen! In this team match, you will play on behalf of Class 66, and any consequences resulting from this will be your own responsibility!"

Seeing Lin Chen's determination at this time, the deputy dean simply fulfilled him and delivered a voice for Lin Chen!

All the elders were seated quickly, and if any accident happened, the game was suspended as soon as possible!

"Thank you Vice President Cheng Quan."

Lin Chen took a deep breath and thanked with clenched fists.

"You are Lin Chen?"

The blue man exclaimed; the nine people next to him looked at him in amazement.

At this moment; a light screen popped up in front of Lin Chen's eyes!

[...100% loading is completed, the version 2.0 of Tiandao Picking System has been updated!

[This update: Open the level 2 feature rune system, greatly optimize the rune energy consumed by feature runes. Open the blood vessel upgrade system, the host blood vessel can be upgraded at a higher level. Open attribute numerical enhancement function; the types of attribute light spheres available to the host increase, and those facing higher cultivation can still obtain attribute light spheres from the other party.

The updated version of the Tiandao Picking System 2.0 version pops up Lin Chens status bar for the first time.

[Tiandao Picking System 2.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Nine Heavy Battlefield

Ultimate strength: 81,000 tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 491.2 thousand points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 12.51 million points.

Spiritual strength: 79,200 points.

Essence of exercises: 281 thousand points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (5%)

Xihui exercises: Tianlinghuadan, Bahuang Xuanhuo, True Water Guiyuan Juice (85%), Tiangang Battle Spirit (65%), Taishi Bible (9%), Shenhuang Nine Juice (33%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (15%)

Possess blood energy: Blue Dragon Blood Vessel (761 points), Purple Golden Eye Blood Vessel (10000 points)

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 1 (Upgradable), Corrupt Rune Level 1 (Upgradable), Recharge Rune Level 1 (Upgradable)

Rune energy: 62,000 points.

The energy of each element: 99.2 thousand points in the fire system, 81.5 thousand points in the soil system, 911,000 points in the wood system, 13.12 million points in the gold system, and 11.87 million points in the water system. Thunder system 500,000 points, wind system 500,000 points, light system 0 points, dark system 0 points.

"It's just right!"

Lin Chen was full of enthusiasm, and the evil charm smiled!

He stepped out in one step, shaking the mountains and shaking, and the whole situation in the arena changed suddenly!


The wind and thunder Qi Xiao; Lin Chen was bathed in the thunderfire fighting spirit, and the thunder and the flames of flames intertwined and fluttered, and the elders hurriedly launched the fighting barrier; protect the audience!

"What kind of exercise is this?"

The elders and bald elders of Tianyu Branch stared at Lin Chen in a desperate manner. A battlefield could actually arouse such terrible momentum!

True flame purple phoenix wing spreads out the magnificent purple flame, there is a trace of thunder and lightning flashing between the burning, Lin Chen stands on the sky, and the eyebrows have the domineering world!

"what is that?"

"The Phoenix Wings of the High Orcs, how could such peerless treasures be obtained by a boy with a warlike realm!"

"How did he surrender to that Phoenix Wing!"

The elders of the Tianyu branch are well-informed; when they see Lin Chens true flame purple phoenix wings, the shock in their hearts is more like a storm!

"Interesting! Look at your great skills, or my genius is better!"

The young man in blue was angry and smiled; he was full of fighting spirit, and his cultivation base has reached the level of the sixth peak of the earth's evil!

He clasped his hands at a rapid speed, pushed the void horizontally, and fired a viper-like vigor from five fingers, circling around Lin Chen constantly!

"Heavenly Prisoner!"

Ten fingers clenched in anger; twenty or more feet of breathless training strangled the space around Lin Chen in an instant, trying to blow him into blood residue!

The pupil of Xiang Dingtian shuddered, just resisting this trick, even he had to go all out!

This blue-clothed boy named Lan Yin; ranked 10th super master of Tianyu branch.

The "Heavenly Shark" mentality he practiced was inherited from ancient times. He moved the mountains and the sea, and he was the most powerful way to be cultivated by extraordinary people!


The golden fighting spirit turned into a golden ocean, changing into a golden barrier, forcibly resisting the strenuous strangulation!

"It's now! Fight to death and destroy this kid! He can only defend!"

On the occasion of Lan Yin's order; the other nine Tianjiao were merciless and swarmed up; launched a fierce attack!

"What are you doing there blindly, untouchables in the desert!"

The two young men in black robes with big backs and giggles giggled, and they outflanked Lin Chen, and took the lead!

"True Tiger Split Mountain Boxing!"

The two rose into the air, their hands slammed out, and their fists exploded, causing the air wave to explode due to the violent shock!

These two people are physical arrogance, and each punch is like a great force to break up the mountains and rivers, and the pure power even reaches 300,000 tiger power!

This series of violent fights went on; even the terrible six or even seven territories of the earth had serious injuries and even death!

The arrogant sons of the heavens from the Tianyu branch all shot one after another. The situation is changing, as if the end is coming!

"Dafan Leiyin!"

The palm wind roared; the fighting spirit condensed into the thunder light, and the palm of the fighting spirit bathed in electric light was like the rage of heavenly power, suppressed from above Lin Chen's head!

"Qing Huo fingers!"

A beam of fire light is dotted and bright, and as the spiral shoots out, it continuously expands and changes into the fiery fingers of a broken star! Want to shake Lin Chen's Tiangang fighting spirit head-on!

"Yu XiaojianSeven Swords!"

Seven-handed phantasmagoric swords and shadows are all around Lin Chen. The sharp edge released by each sword shadow makes the terrifying mentors startled!

"Canglong kills claws!"

A Canglong phantom was angry for nine days, entrenched in the void, the dragon claws protruded, and greeted Lin Chen's Tiangang fighting spirit!

"Jiangshan WanhetuEternal inheritance!"

Several pillars of light containing Buddha's light spur the sky and the sky; from the space directly below Lin Chen rammed up, the space was agitated with faint ripples!

"Jiuyang Lihuo Palm!"

The two heavy overlapped fire energy spirals attacked by the palm, like the strongest shot taken by Taikoo Yan King; shine through the ages!

Sword Qi is vertical and horizontal, thunder sound is rolling, the fire is sky, Long Xiao cracks the sky!

Many ultra-high-quality combat attacks turned into a wild tide, pushing the mountains and rivers, sweeping the eight wilderness and ten domains, bombarding Lin Chen's "Tian Gang combat spirit"!

The whole arena is crumbling, the wind is raging, and the explosion of energy storms rises into chaotic mushroom clouds.

The vice president personally appeared in the void, with one hand, one move, and a wall of fighting gas enveloping the four sides; completely separate the audience from the arena!

All the students and even the instructors watched the ring in the center of the heart in shock, and suffered such a violent attack by turns.

The strength of these ten people is more than several times stronger than the ten people who were defeated by 66 classes before!

However; the storm is not over, the cold drink of the boy resounds through the sky!

"System, slow rune upgrade!"