My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 109

Chapter 109: The Strongest The Most Hanging The Craziest

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Chapter 109 The most hanging! The craziest!

"System, slow rune upgrade!"

[The host chooses to upgrade the slow rune; consumes 50,000 rune energy, and the slow rune is upgraded to a level 2 feature rune, which consumes lower rune energy and has a stronger effect.

The moment the system's light screen pops up; the golden light of Tiangang suddenly explodes!


The golden battle spirit blooming in the sky swept through all energy storms; Lin Chen, who suffered so many bombardments, was unscathed!

Lin Chen's original Tiangang fighting spirit can withstand the full-strength attack of Dixie Realm!

Now that he has cultivated the "Creative Nine Tribulation" mentality, the gold energy has reached more than 1 million points, and his defensive strength is already at the peak of the territory of Desha!

At the moment when everyone hasnt reacted yet, Lin Chens palms lifted up!

A grey and white rung that shocked the heavens and earth fell from the sky and crashed into the bodies of ten people!

Slow runes entered the body, all the arrogance of the Tianyu branch that was shot was scalp numbness; at this time their whole body of war was slow as a snail!

Tear ~~!

True flame purple phoenix flapped, Lin Chen's figure pulled out a residual image of purple flame from the void!

"how is this possible?"

Lan Yin was overwhelmed and was about to retreat. Lin Chen's speed was several times faster than the previous Qin Xiaofeng. He appeared in front of Lan Yin instantly!


Before the words were finished, the hand knife beating the rage of thunder and thunder suddenly chopped off, breaking Lan Yin's arm like lightning!

More than a dozen attribute light **** suddenly rolled out from the breakage of Lan Yin's arm!


The violent red flame ignited in the place where the arm was broken, and the pain was so blue that Lan Yinzheng was screaming wildly. Lin Chen punched out and hit his handsome and twisted face in front; he beat his facial features with blood and blood!

"Since your mouth is so good at BB, then shut up for me in the rest of your life!"

Volley kicked his whip, Lin Chen kicked Lan Yin, who knew nothing about life and death. Zi Yan flashed, and came to the woman in purple clothes who opened her mouth to scold Lin Chen.


She was terrified, Lin Chen's expression was indifferent and crazy, and there was no such kind of ridicule and cynicism before!

Lin Feng slashed the air between the five fingers, sizzling, Lin Chen slapped on her face!


In the absence of combat defense, Lin Chen's more than 80,000 tiger powers directly smashed the silver teeth of Ziyi's woman, clenched her fist with one hand, and smashed the woman's Dantian with one boxing!


A lot of attributed light **** were dropped from the abandoned Dan Tian in the woman, all over the ground!

The fierce fighting spirit of the wind attribute swept across the void like a wind cut, Lin Chen whip legs like a gate knife, turned around and pumped, the moment that the real flame purple phoenix flapped, the figure shifted for more than one kilometer, and the kick kicked off The head of the famous body training Tianjiao, the corpse on the spot!

At the time of the death of the body refining arrogance; a black bronze bronze chest jumped out; suspended in the void!

Lin Chen grabbed the other person's body with one hand, and treated his hardened steel shell like iron hammer. None of the other Tianjiao could escape, and Lin Chen was beaten by the sky!

All this just happened in less than two seconds!

When everyone was shocked that Lin Chen's defense was so strong, he never thought that Lin Chen would be able to destroy many Tianjiao in Tianyu Branch instantly with such a terrible offensive!

"Damn it, grass! What are you doing, stop him!"

The elders of the Tianyu branch who sat on the bench reacted immediately and thundered!

"Wait a minute! There is no point in winning or losing; you cannot enter!"

The deputy dean stopped the elders of the Tianyu branch who wanted to break into the venue; when Yu Guang in his eyes aimed at Lin Chen, his heart burst into joy and wonder!

Is this kid playing too hard? However, I like it!

"We admit defeat, admit defeat! Quickly let your students stop!"

Several elders yelled like the mourning concubine; the deputy dean hadn't had time to lift the fighting blockade.


Lan Yin was thrown into the rest area of Tianyu Branch of Tianyu Branch, and a shocking crack was broken along the way.

The smoke is raging; when everyone is stunned, Lin Chen has already walked in front of Ling Tianyu! Take your time!

The distance between the two is less than ten centimeters! Close at hand!

Ling Tianyu's expression was extremely gloomy, under the eyebrows of his slanting heroic sword; a dark blue glance passed through his dark eyes!

The thin lip angle revealed the grimace that gritted the teeth; Ling Tianyu spoke indifferently.

"You dare to move people in my domain!"

Ling Tianyu immediately screamed and screamed before he finished talking; Lin Chenyu's soles under his soft leather boots were flattened into a pie shape by Lin Chen's feet!

"Are you pretending to be you!"

Lin Chen was angry and raised his left hand to make a fist! Thunderfire warfare wrapped around his fist, the blue dragon tattoo flashed a faint blue light, and without showing the blue dragon arm, suddenly broke out more than 300,000 tiger power! One punch hit Ling Tianyu's right face!


With a punch, Ling Tianyu was beaten and flew to the auditorium, crushing a 100-meter-long crack all the way to the auditorium!

The nine Tianjiao standing next to Ling Tianyu couldn't help but stunned on the spot! Mouth slightly open; nothing happened at all. What happened? Their Ling Tianyu was actually beaten?

Everyone is stupid!

shocked! Completely stunned!

The arrogance of the untouchables who opened their mouths a moment ago, lying on the ring like a dead dog at this moment and passed out!

They are either twitching or wailing, or they are dying on the spot, and some people are beaten up and come out!

Not only did Lin Chen withstand the attacks of the ten peerless arrogances, but also kill them with the power of electric light and flint! All disabled, killed and scrapped!

This only happened between two breaths!

The most shocking thing is that Lin Chen went straight out of the field after finishing these ten Tianjiao, punching the strongest Ling Tianyu in Feitianyu Branch!

The girls in Class 66 such as Yue Linlin twitched their bodies, and softly covered their red lips. Only the admiration of the girl and the almost crazy worship were left in the beautiful eyes!

Whether it is a student in the outer courtyard or an old student in the inner courtyard!

Whether it is a male or female classmate or a tutor elder!

At this time, there is only one thought in everyone's mind!

Too domineering! It's crazy! Too **** cool! !

All old students understand! Why is Class 66 suddenly united!

What if they meet Lin Chen, they must also be convinced!

"Big Brother Niu Chai! Big Brother Lin Chen is the best in the world!"

"It's so handsome! Squad leader, I love you so much!"

"Lin Chen! Lin Chen! Lin Chen!"

The earth-shattering shouts and applause struck like mountains and rivers, not to mention the students, even the tutor and all the elders couldn't help shouting, waving their fists excitedly!

Lin Chen's series of operations is so depressing!

There is no doubt that Lin Chen will become the strongest, most hungry, and most mad student in the history of the Wasteland Branch!

"Ah! My Yin'er, my Chang Yin, but you are the pillars of the future heaven!"

"Wuqing, why is your Dantian broken? No, no! For the teacher, I hope you will be the day when you become a Tiangang Realm!"

"Little beast; you dare to move the people of my Tianyu Academy, the old man can't spare you! Give me death!"

The elders of Tianyu College stepped forward to investigate the situation of their disciples and students, and all wailed and roared!

As if they were crazy, they locked Lin Chen in an instant! Murderous!