My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Mental Power Skyrocketing

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Chapter 11, Mental Power Soars!

The mountains and rivers have no doubts, and there will be another village in Liu Anhuaming!

When Lin Chen wanted to prepare for a desperate fight, actually let him see the light ball of spiritual power attribute on the ground!

"Damn, don't be too cool!"

Lin Chen, whose eyes were bright, suddenly stopped his hand and walked towards Liao Jianhua.

"What does he want to do?"

"Did the refining medicine fail once, is he going to break the pot?"

The elders were very puzzled. While Elder Qi was about to speak out against Lin Chen, he was stopped by the master of Shenwu Sect.

"This kid doesn't have any murderous spirit. He shouldn't want to break the rules. Just look at it."

Everyone watched Lin Chen approach Liao Jianhua, and even Liao Jianhua himself was alert to him and scolded.

"You are close to Ben Shao, do you want to break the rules!"

Lin Chen smiled, "You make your medicine, I take my steps, I have not broken the rules."

After finishing talking, Lin Chen stooped to pick up a light ball of mental power attribute, and the system popped up the light screen.

[The host gains 93 spiritual power.

Lin Chen picked up the attribute spheres around Liao Jianhua one after another, six in total, all of which are high-quality spiritual attribute attribute spheres! Lin Chen picked up 573 mental strength in one breath!

The mental exhaustion caused by the previous refining medicine has now been completely restored, and the mental strength is even higher!

"Maya, it turned out that when the pharmacist was refining medicine, he could still drop so many spiritual lightballs next to him."

Lin Chen simply sat on the ground, smiling at Liao Jianhua.

What is this for?

The elders and the disciples who watched were sullen, feeling that this was to be violent.

But looking at Lin Chen's face, he smiled like a rose flower! It doesn't look like it's arrogant!

"Well, is this Lin Chen's brain bad?"

"Why is he staring at Liao Jianhua when he is making medicine?"

"Does he want to steal Liao Jianhua's medicine refining skills?"

"It's impossible. Alchemists use different alchemy techniques when making immortality medicines, and they have very different control over spiritual power. How can they learn it secretly."

Even the two alchemy elders didn't see what Lin Chen wanted to do. Although Liao Jianhua was unhappy, Lin Chen stayed by his side, but he could waste his time and only make his refining medicine more likely to succeed!

Elder Qi's eyes signaled that the two elders with the ninth Qi Refining Realm stood next to the ring. If Lin Chen had any abnormal behavior that violated the rules, they would immediately rush to stop it.

However, Lin Chen didn't like what everyone thought. He just stayed beside Liao Jianhua with a smile, and from time to time stood up and bent to grab a hand at the air. Apart from that, there were no other violations!

This scene made Cheng Yan and Yue Ying and the disciples at the martial arts field that day strangely think of Lin Chen!

Time passed, after spending a day and night, Liao Jianhua had experienced two failures, and finally began to condense the young pill in the third refining!

It is less than a day before the end of the competition!

Just when some people began to return with disappointment, as if to anticipate the results. Lin Chen finally stood up, and he returned to his own medicine station!

"Is this kid finally ready to make medicine!"

"But his time has not allowed him to make any mistakes. Once he fails, this competition must be Liao Jianhua's victory!"

The elders of the two pharmacists narrowed their eyes, and the master of Shenwu Sect cast an interest.

Grabbing the first medicinal plant, Lin Chen's mouth showed a confident smile.

"I got 1369 points of mental strength. I squatted for a day and night without hesitation. Hey, it's me next!"

The combination of ten fingers, the seal of Lin Chen, and the majestic spiritual power wrapped the first medicinal material with circulating fighting spirit!

Then, Lin Chen grabbed a handful of mysterious chalcedony and blended them together. The impurities of the two heavenly and earthly treasures turned into a stream of gray air, which was removed at the same time!

Compared with the previous drug refining speed, it is more than doubled. Lin Chen's spiritual strength has broken through, and it is more handy to use the green level intermediate alchemy fingerprint!

"He even refined two medicinal herbs at the same time without the alchemy furnace?"

"The green-order alchemy handprint, this child absolutely makes the green-order alchemy handprint!"

The two elders of Alchemy were shocked and lost their voices, and there was a trace of greed in their fanatic eyes!

"Damn, does this guy look down on me these days? It's only now refining!"

Liao Jianhua's eyes crossed envy and resentment.

Lin Chen didn't pay attention to the eyes around him, turned his fingertips at a rapid speed, and manipulated a trace of fighting spirit to pierce the second-order medicinal material "Kwai Ling Cao" like a needle tip.

"Abandoning a part of the medicinal material itself, but this will lead to insufficient energy and failure of refining medicine."

Sovereign Shenwu captured the details of Lin Chen and was puzzled.


With one hand holding the essence energy liquid for refining medicinal materials, Lin Chen patted the medicine table and put a sunflower grass into refining again!

This time, as before, Lin Chen also removed a part of sunflower grass and combined the essence of the two herbs into one!

The participating Danfang cannot falsify, but the medicinal materials can be used. Elder Qi in order to let Liao Jianhua maintain an absolute advantage, the medicinal materials distributed to Lin Chen are all inferior and refined into extremely low power!

And even if the refining is successful, the quality of its immortality is absolutely inferior to Liao Jianhua!

"He actually used two copies of medicinal materials to make Xuling Pill!"

The two alchemy elders glanced at each other, and they both saw each other's shock!

However, the use of two herbs to make a panacea requires a very delicate control of the pill-melting process, and only those with extraordinary mental powers can do it!

I saw that Lin Chen used all the medicinal materials in one breath, and all the disciples in the audience could see what Lin Chen was doing. Many of the disciples stood up excitedly and shouted excitedly!

If Lin Chenruo surpasses Liao Jianhua in refining medicine, it will completely symbolize the counterattack of their foreign disciples. This exciting thing has made countless foreign disciples cast their fiery and exciting eyes!

Time passed by one minute and one second, Lin Chen with a sweat bead rolling down his forehead concentrated on controlling all the energy fusion into one!


A refreshing storm wave swept the audience with a strong medicinal scent, and the two were at the same time a panacea!

"It's not that easy to win less money!"

Liao Jianhua's face is full of rebellious self-confidence!

The two pale blue elixir were suspended, and the energy fluctuated, and the two sides were evenly divided. Even the master of Shenwuzong could not see the difference!

Lin Chen's two medicinal materials were merged into one to be equal to Liao Jianhua's. Obviously, the medicinal materials he used were not only inferior products, but also elaborate products.

"It really made this kid successful in refining! However, at least not the worst result, I can at least draw even Jianhua!"

Elder Qi looked at Lin Chen's eyes and flashed a killing intention!

"Seems to be tied?"

"Fortunately, both of them are the best geniuses of Shen Wuzong. Losing one is a huge loss, even if it is tied."

When everyone didn't see the difference between victory and defeat, Lin Chen held the pale blue "Void Spirit Pill" with one hand, and laughter spread throughout the audience!

"The show is just beginning, please watch it."

Lin Chen spread his palms, a touch of blue light, flashing in his palm!

The majestic pure energy fluctuations rolled up like a hurricane and directly overwhelmed Liao Jianhua!


Liao Jianhua and Elder Qi were shocked!

The most important difference between the green-order alchemy fingerprint and the yellow-order alchemy fingerprint is not just the speed of alchemy, but more importantly the unique value it contains!

Each type of green-order alchemy handprint has its own unique benefits.

Lin Chen's "Tian Ling Hua Dan Jue" is to extract a trace of heaven and earth aura in the refining medicine and integrate it into his own spiritual power, thereby inspiring the spirituality and potential of the medicinal materials to exceed the original medicinal materials by more than 40% of the energy!