My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 110

Chapter 110: 3. Shock The Audience's Practice Methods

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Chapter 110

"Want to break the rules, then come on! Is it okay for you to be our college!"

In the face of several elder peaks and two elders in the Tiangang realm, Lin Chen did not show any timidity, but sighed with majesty!

At this moment; all the students and the tutors and elders stood up almost simultaneously! As long as the elders of Tianyu Branch dare to act, everyone will stand on Lin Chen's side!

Leng Yueqi's slender rounded jade legs stood in front of everyone in Class 66, and her cold cheeks showed a cold killing intention.

"What are you doing! This is the predecessors of Tianyu Branch! One by one, you want to rebel!"

The bald old came out of the air, seeming to teach everyone in the academy, but actually stood beside Lin Chen for the first time.

"Okay, old bald ghost, don't play these little tricks."

It was at this moment; the blonde old man who had been sitting quietly on the table slowly spoke.

His immortal wind and bones are plain and unremarkable, and his eyes are as deep as the stars and the sea, as if seeing through the red dust.

This old man is a top strongman from Lingzhou General Hospital! He will not favor any party and truly preside over the peak power of justice!

The blonde old man took a deep look at Lin Chen, then said indifferently; "According to the regulations, this kid of Lin Chen did not violate the rules, he defeated the second team of your Tianyu branch; it should be that the wasteland branch won another five. Places."

"Ying Lao, but he killed 3 disciples of our branch, abandoned 3 people, and seriously injured 4 people. How should this account be calculated!"

Two elders from Tiangang Realm reluctantly shouted; before the blonde old man spoke, Lin Chen immediately took the conversation.

"Just you guys who beat our college, I have problems with them? The two elders are a good plan, otherwise you dont have to do the assessment later, just take all the quotas assessed by the general college back to your branch. Come on."

Lin Chen sneered; the two elders looked gloomy and couldn't think that the Maotou was so fierce!

"No disputes; competition rules, although there are elder referees, but life and death are destiny, although this little friend's means is cruel, but under the premise of one to ten, this is a necessary means to guarantee victory. If you are afraid of failure, then Better to give up practicing martial arts sooner or later!"

The expressions of the elders from the Tianyu branch changed slightly; this sounds fair, but it does not mention the fact that Lin Chen just attacked Ling Tianyu, but actually leaned on Lin Chens side!

Could it be that the potential contained in this Lin Chen made this great power from the General Hospital also touch the heart of mourning?

"This senior from the head office, then what should he do if he attacked me!"

Slowly sounded with a violent low drink; everyone looked at it and saw that Ling Tianyu's whole body was cracked, revealing the faint mysterious lines in front of his chest!

Lin Chen's pupils shrank; he felt a pure breath similar to his green dragon's arm on Ling Tianyu!

It is the breath of the ancient Qinglong!

"I didn't beat this punch too much. Your group of beasts didn't think about the consequences when they scolded our college, so why should I worry about it. This is the case for me; when playing dogs, it's more convenient, generally Will not let go of the craziest one in the mad dog group."

Lin Chen was tit-for-tat and made no concessions!

"Since both of you are intolerant, both sides will rest for six hours and each will send a team to finish this last game."

The fair-haired old man was clearly leaning towards Lin Chen's side; this time, even the three elders from the Tiangang branch of the Tianyu branch had a bad attack!

For the General Hospital, it is more beneficial to discover the more outstanding young people. Obviously, the potential that Lin Chen has shown so far has moved this blonde old man into a hidden heart!

"After six hours, I will personally scrap you!"

Ling Tianyu touched Lin Chen's neck, showing a brutal sneer!

"This guy seems to have some relationship with the ancient Qinglong!"

Lin Chen did not care about Ling Tianyu's provocation; the Qinglong breath hidden in his body may be second only to Bai Junhao. The latter's current blood power has not yet been fully triggered, so it is too weak compared to it.

Regardless of everyone's doubtful eyes, Lin Chen jumped into the ring; picked up a large number of attributed light **** just dropped!

[The host gains 820,000 points of essence of war energy, 120,000 points of thunder energy, 180,000 points of wind energy, 13,000 rune energy, 940,000 points of qi and blood energy, and 550,000 points of merit.

After this update; if Lin Chen attacks someone with a higher cultivation level, it is also possible to drop the attribute light ball of rune energy!

At this moment; Lin Chen's attribute value appeared a wave of unprecedented hurricane!

That's right, it's Cyclonus! Not only the battle between Lin Chen and Lan Yin, but also the attribute light ball left by the 66th squad with the first team, which was also accepted by Lin Chen at the moment!

Lin Chen, who picked up the attribute light ball, suspended two blue light chests in front of his eyes. Lin Chen licked his lips and grabbed it.

[The host opens the blue pattern treasure chest and obtains the blue-level intermediate combat skill: Dafan Thunder Sound Palm.

[The host opens the blue pattern treasure chest and obtains the blue-level low-level refining combat skills: Mysterious Python Split Heart Fist.

I couldn't care to see what was in those treasure chests; Lin Chen was violently picking up at the other side of the ring!

[The host gains 280,000 points of merit, 580,000 points of fire energy, 770,000 points of combat spirit, and 470,000 points of gold energy.

[The host gains 12,000 points of mental power, 210,000 points of water energy, 310,000 points of wood energy, 990,000 points of qi and blood energy, and 610,000 points of fighting spirit essence.

Attributes are dazzling, and Lin Chen's attribute values are not as fast as this moment!

At first, everyone who saw Lin Chen grabbing at the air suddenly had no idea, but some people who had dealt with Lin Chen found that Lin Chen's breath began to rise rapidly; the pupil shuddered violently, his lips tremble, and died Staring at Lin Chen deadly!

"This, this is?"

The eyes of the blonde old man in the General Hospital were gleaming, and he stared at Lin Chen in disbelief! Seems to snoop all his secrets!

His pure power is rising rapidly!

His mental strength is breaking through!

His fighting strength is broken through the shackles!

The more powerful aura made everyone recover, and stared at Lin Chen in amazement!

"What's happening here?"

"Here, even if you touch the air, you can break through to cultivate behavior? What kind of ghost training is this!"

Yan Haitang's beautiful eyes shone with memories and murmured lightly;

"Do you remember the time when the squad leader had fought before? He seemed to be in such a mess!"

Shangguan Bihan could see the scene of Lin Chen; a gentle smile like water appeared, and it was like a girl's disorder, with a faint sigh.

"Go on like this; am I even unable to catch up with his back."

Looking at Lin Chen's all-round climbing practice, everyone has a feeling of numbness in the scalp!

What the **** is this! There is such a cultivation method in this world?


Lin Chen's body exploded into the strongest fighting spirit of Xiaohan.

On top of his head, nine colors of cyclones converged, as if he could swallow the world, a purple flame phoenix and a blue dragon remnant danced in the nine colors of cyclones!

"Squad leader, he broke through..."

Liu Lin'er's lips twitched slightly, looking at the teenager's back, for a while he was infatuated.