My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Descendants Of God

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Chapter 111

Quenching body, refining gas, psychic, fighting spirit, earth evil, Tiangang.

The warrior quenches the body and accepts the gas, which is the realm of gas refining.

The spirit of warfare transforms, and it initially contains spirituality; it is the spirit state.

The fighting spirit condenses into the entity, gathers the spirit into the soul; as the battle spirit.

The fighting spirit has taken shape one after another, taking shape initially;

Fighting into the world; walking in the air; for the sky!

At this time; Lin Chen picked up all the attribute light **** left on the competitive ring, and obtained a large number of essence values of the fighting spirit. The fighting spirit flew into the sky and broke through the ground to repair the situation!

Lin Chen, sitting on the ring with his eyes closed, released a sense of war, a warm and intimate feeling.

"Is this the terrible realm of the earth? The fighting spirit and the spirit of heaven and earth have a familiar intimacy, like being part of this world."

Lin Chen looked at himself, inside his Dantian; suspended a nine-color battle spirit.

This nine-color battle spirit is the result of Lin Chen's changes after he practiced "Creative Nine Tribulation".

This mentality has passed through the heavens and the earth, as if created by the sun and the moon. Lin Chen was only cultivating to a 5% progress, and he rose from the triple of the battle spirit realm to the nine of the battle spirit realm.

At this time, the nine-color battle spirit was suspended with a layer of light, which represented a heavy cultivation practice.

"My spiritual power has also reached the late stage of the spirit realm, and the strength of the flesh shell has reached 280,000 tiger power. It is very good. The harvest of this battle is very good!"

Lin Chen carefully looked at his current strength and was very satisfied.

Lin Chen looked at the situation of his body; the older generation of strongmen on the other side could not sit still!

What the strong people in the Tiangang realm didn't understand is that they have seen a lot of different ways of cultivation!

However, the more swordsmanship goes, the more the practice corresponds to one field.

But what's the matter with this kid?

His physical training, spirit, fighting spirit, and all aspects are growing rapidly, until he breaks through the ground!

Is there such an anti-nature exercise in the world that can simultaneously practice these three major fields?

"Fairy, wicked!"

"Where is this monster from your wasteland?"

"We are in a wasteland, we must rise up a peerless strong!"

"In addition to the mysterious trick he just made, he can actually turn the fighting of the Tianjiao people in the Tianyu Branch extremely slow, and one move will win or lose!"

The elders of the Wasteland Branch are excitedly crazy; the vice president and the bald elders stare at Lin Chen enthusiastically. This child must be kept in their wasteland branch, but this is their chance to surpass other branches!

Staring at Lin Chen's blond old man, his eyes were deep, flashing memories; sitting on the table, he suddenly opened his mouth and muttered to himself.

"In ancient times, our human race has the power of sages to protect the eternal flame of heaven and earth. In the records of those sage powers, there was such a legend."

"Legend; in this heaven and earth, when the heaven and earth yin and yang first opened, the human race world just appeared; the ancient times earlier than the ancient times; there once existed a race of creatures above the heaven and earth, they seem to come from other time and space, occasionally There are some unique creatures who enter the world of human beings. When they play the world, they fall in love with mortals and give birth to descendants with their bloodlines. The mortal world is left behind, which we will call the descendants of the world; descendants of God!"

The elder blonde murmured, making the elders on the table shocked!

At this moment; Leng Yueqi, who embraced her chest with both hands, took the conversation and spoke quietly.

"It is said that those descendants of the gods who are left in the world have the cultivating physiques and talents that are contrary to the principles of heaven, and have unimaginable peerless magical powers. The sons and daughters of the state. In front of the descendants of gods, talent is nothing more than the difference between fireflies and Haoyue."

"Is this kid a descendant of God?"

The bald old stared at Lin Chen in surprise, after all, this little guy dared to shoot at Ning Qingxuan!

"No one can know that in the history of the human race today, there is no detailed record and description of the descendants of God, and no one has personally seen what kind of peerless magical power they will have. But the old man can be sure that this child The hidden potential will not be lower than those of the sons and daughters!"

The blonde old man nodded with certainty and looked at Lin Chen's eyes with more appreciation and full of goodwill.

The old bald and the deputy looked at each other with ecstasy! If this kid is really a descendant of God, don't say that they have a branch in the wasteland, even if it is placed in the main courtyard, it can be called the glory of Gao Pan's son!

Just when all the powerful people in the Tiangang realm didn't understand Lin Chen's situation; he took out something again, which caused many old students in the inner courtyard to take a cold breath!

Especially Song Qingheng, who had fought Lin Chen at the beginning, couldn't help but twitch.

What Lin Chen came up with was the Heavenly Soul Ziqing Pill that was refining with Song Qingheng when he was practicing alchemy!

The fourth-order elixir; Tianpo Ziqing Pill, can make the user break through the cultivation base, fight the spirit realm, and break through two to three realms. Disha Realm is below sevenfold; there is a 90% probability of breaking through a realm!

"This monster, he actually wants to break through another realm?"

Song Qingheng's eyelids shook violently; with a deep sigh, it was impossible to catch up with this monster in this life!

The entrance of Tian Po Zi Qing Dan; Lin Chen chewed his belly, and a gentle and majestic energy spread as the medicine was crushed.

"This kid, does he want to break through a realm after he enters the real world?"

Sitting in the rest area of the Tianyu Branch, the young Jinyi Yupao was not childish, and there was a flash of violence between the eyebrows.

"In front of us, there is no difference between the first and second levels of the terrible earth. Even if he forms a team with other untouchables, there is only one way to go."

The young man next to him wore a crown of feathers, a leash, a single knife, and a pair of sharp eyes like an eagle with a sharp edge!

"I haven't seen any guy who provokes Ling Tianyu's senior still live alive; he attacked Ling Tianyu's senior once, shouldn't he really think he can play against us?"

"Hee hee, Senior Tian Lingyu's expression is to kill, maybe he will see his true strength for a long time."

A pair of snow skirts are picturesque, the twin sisters with exquisite facial features giggled; thousands of girls are charming, raising their hands and throwing a charming charm into their bones.

"Hey, I am very interested in him, can you leave him to me~"

A young man in white looked at Lin Chen up and down and was surprised.

Facing these few people, the top ten old students in the inner courtyard are full of dignity! Even afraid!

These ten people are the top ten in the top ten of Tianyu Branch! All have the same potential and strength as Lan Yin, even above!

Each of them, in the wilderness, is an arbitrariness, a worldless figure! The team of ten of them shot, even Lin Chen and the top ten students in the inner courtyard are completely unknown!

Only everyone in Class 66 has always believed in Lin Chen!