My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 112

Chapter 112: The Ultimate Battle

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Chapter 112: The Ultimate Battle!

If Lin Chen heard the conversation between the elders and the elders, he was afraid to laugh out loud.

The meridians of the whole body are flowing with nine colors and ten colors. Lin Chen put all the energy that has dived into the meridians into Dantian's nine-color battle spirit. A new aperture is formed around the nine-color battle spirit!

The terrible situation is double, and the promotion is successful!

"From admission to today, it took less than two months to step into the terrible situation. This little guy is really shocking!"

The mentor Li Ruoli, who was sitting in the back row of the audience, was amazed. On the day when he wanted to be admitted to the hospital, he was still a psychic boy. It was only two months since he was flying into the sky!

"Time is just right!"

Lin Chen stood up and patted the dust on his body; Xiang Dingtian and others were about to speak, and Lin Chen smiled first.

"Seniors, leave it to me at this time. I said; the freshmen in our wasteland branch can put down their mad dogs!"


All the freshmen in the audience were in an uproar!

Still heads-up! Lin Chen's strongest team against Tianyu Branch this time, is it still heads-up?

"Let's talk nonsense, change the ring, I will single you ten, and you ten groups will pick me one. You choose."

Lin Chen jumped to the second ring; he pointed his finger at all Tianjiao of the Tianyu Branch and joked.

"Do you think you can single us out by advancing into the terrible doubles, too naive. Little brother, you think we are that blue Yin!"

Two charming and beautiful shadows jumped into the ring; standing in front of Lin Chen, just the cultivation of these two women, it was already above the six peaks of the real world!

Ling Meier, Ling Meier. Tianyu Branch Shuangjiao, fellow practitioners, an extremely charming practice! It can be exciting in battle, and even women can't escape their fascination. If there is a moment of distraction in the battle, it may be the time to win or lose!

"Maybe people feel that they can win ten in their battlefield, and they are even less serious after the terrible situation, aren't they."

The Feather Crown Youth sneered with a single pole. Tang Luo, Tianyu Branch's strongest swordsmanship!

"Don't kill him, I will study the structure of his meat carefully later."

The white-faced youth feather crown and silk scarf are personable and always stare at Lin Chen with a curious look.

Qiao Qianzhi; the top Tianjiao ranked 7th in Tianyu Branch! He is good at mental arithmetic deduction; the organization is exhausted, the ghosts are unpredictable, and the opponent can be played between the palms when talking and laughing.

The sickle cut off the airflow, a pale face; the blood-covered young man carrying the black sickle stood silently in the field.

Although he looked weak, he was the strongest one among the people on the scene!

Yin Xuexiao, ranked 6th in Tianyu Branch, assassinated Tianjiao, killing people like hemp, Ru Mao drinking blood! It is said that he was born of Evil Sect, and because of his potential against the sky, he was admitted to Tianyu Branch!

"I hope that your defensive combat skills just now can withstand my full beating."

There was a scary scar on his face, and a young man in Jinyi embraced his chest with both hands, releasing a dragon-like fierce momentum!

Even if this person is a breath, a small tornado can be blown, the flesh is strong, like a human-shaped barbarian!

In Tianyang Town, Tianyu Branch is the strongest body of Tianyu, with a pure strength of 450,000 tigers.

It is said that he also practiced a rather unique piece of body training; the defensive and destructive power of pure power is extremely powerful!

"He was so arrogant just now, and he really wanted to see what his mental breakdown was like~"

"I hope that Ling Tianyu likes it~"

The goose-yellow dress like autumn chrysanthemums blooms, the two beautiful ladies of jasper are beautiful, and the cat is soft, but it is only a four-fold cultivation, but the appearance of the second woman, even the pupils of individual tutors are slightly shrunk!

Shen Qingshuang, Shen Lingyu.

"You don't need Ling Tianyu's senior to play, I only need three swords to break everything!"

Tsing Yi teenagers are proud of the dust; as a peerless swordsman standing proudly at the top, holding a three-foot green front, the afterimages of the sword light falling like a leaf falling beside him!

The strongest swordsman in Tianyu Branch; Sheng Feng, the seven-repair of Disha Realm! Proficient in three kinds of blue-level swordsmanship; true kendo wizards!

"Lin Chen, I will let you survive; you cannot die! You have no chance of surrender!"

In the end, Ling Tianyu was so angry and sullen that he locked Lin Chen!

Ling Tianyu; the strongest student in the history of Tianyu College, who was born in an ancient family suspected of having the blood of the dragon family, has a terrible situation, and is one of the pinnacles of the younger generation of Tianyu!

These ten people, no matter how they are, let alone in the wilderness, in the heavenly domain belong to the extreme arrogance.

Its not without young people who can beat them one-on-one, but among the peers, find a character who can pick ten of them! No one can do it!

At least, for now, the entire twenty-four domain does not exist! Unless it is a figure outside the twenty-four domain!

"Lin Chen, since you have to face the challenge, then the academy will fully support you! Let go, even if it fails, you have done enough for the academy!"

The deputy dean shouted steeply; Lin Chen was allowed to pick ten, which is a near impossible request!

"If Lin Chen can beat this group of guys here, it is equivalent to being the first person of the younger generation in the 24 domains!"

Leng Yueqi said word by word; her indifference was as harsh as her. At this time, she was full of anticipation and dignity, and she was even ready to shoot out into the arena at any time.

Lin Chen now is too important for the Wasteland Branch, and he cannot tolerate any mistakes!

The vice president personally airborne and waved his sleeves to block the space and auditorium in the ring, allowing everyone to witness the battle safely.

"Let me try your power."

Lin Chen's expression became dignified and energetic in a moment, with one hand!


The dark dragon-like edge of the evil dragon is like a vast abyss, splitting the center of the ring across the sky; the sharp sharp breath of the killing makes everyone jump!

The war rifle is more than half-length, and the left and right sides have double-round half-moon blades. The tip of the gun is deep and dark. The whole war rifle exudes wickedness. Lin Chen holds this gun.

"This gun; there is a sense of crisis with fear."

Ling Tianyu's blue-light warrior trembles slightly, trembling as if encountering a natural enemy!


A purple flame firelight rolled up, and when the true flame purple phoenix wings unfolded, Lin Chen had only one residual image left in place!

"It's fast! It's faster than Qin Xiaofeng's speed. I don't know how many times!"

See this scene; the morale of everyone in Class 66 is greatly boosted!

Black light is like a shadow, and the black abyss gun is held high above his head;

The fighting spirit spreads over the entire black abyss gun, rotating the sharp edge that tears the void!

"Die to me"

The Black Abyss cut through the sky and slammed toward the center of the ten people; the gunshot pulled a golden light from the void and pierced the sky, severing the shocking waves!

The target of Lin Chen's gun was actually directed at the strongest Ling Tianyu!