My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Pinnacles

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Chapter 113

The golden brilliance stretched for dozens of feet, the edge of the world was chaotic, and the mountains and rivers were swallowed up. Only the aftertaste of the edge of the mountain split the entire ring into two!

"Only you can't get Ling Tianyu's senior to deal with you!"

Tang Luo sneered, a dragon-tooth sword was held in his hand, and he was like a sword light; Ling Ling killed Lin Chen!

"Cut the moon!"

The dragon-toothed sword flowed with a faint and cold awn, and a blade of white aurora flashed out of the air. The speed was extremely fast. The airflow seemed to be cut in half, and the space was distorted!

The top ten disciples in the inner courtyard were cold and sweaty, and they didn't even see when Tang Luo was pulling his sword! The strongest swordsman in Tianyu Branch is well-deserved!

The golden light came crashing down, and what everyone did not expect was that Tang Luo's lore, only slightly blocked Lin Chen's offensive!


Tang Luo's after rhythm was twisted by the golden light into the sky, and Tang Luo lost his voice; "So strong?"

"Life and death ruling sword!"

In the electric light and fire stone, Sheng Feng has a sword in his hand, and the bright sword inlaid with the star jade pulls out the long sword-like awn, flowing the breath of life and death, and hardening Lin Chen!


The energy storm exploded in the space between the three, and rolled up countless gravel remnants!

Tang Luo and Sheng Feng were shocked to retreat more than one hundred meters; Lin Chen took the lead with one enemy and two opponents!


However; the other party is ten people! The offensive will change rapidly in a flash!

In the energy storm, pierce a fiery storm, the center of the storm is the black abyss gun! The arrow from the string hits Ling Tianyu!

The moment when the black abyss gun was thrown out; blood shadows appeared like ghosts walking in the void, staying behind Lin Chen in haunt!

It is a murderer like Tianyu Branch, Yin Xuexiao!

The wide **** sickle appeared like a ghost, and the sickle blade rested on Lin Chen's neck, and suddenly cut!

Most of the tutors on the scene and a few old students in the inner courtyard were immediately shocked! This is enough to kill Lin Chen's life!


The sickle blade passed Lin Chen's neck, bursting with a harsh sound of gold and iron collision.

"It's not the texture of cut meat and bones."

Yin Xuexiao's pale paper-like face crossed a trace of doubt.

Zijin pupil's light is as bright as the stars in the night sky, Lin Chen's neck has already launched Tiangang's fighting spirit to protect the vital point.

The moment he turned around in the air; there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth. The palms of both hands condensed the shocking spirit of overturning the river!

"Charged Rune Four Seals in One!"

"Dafan Leiyin!"

Thunder sound rolled, as Tianwei was angry. The four fingerprints of crystal light energy are wrapped around the power of extinction, and the two green-level combat skills are instantly photographed on Yin Xuexiao's chest, accompanied by the fire storm caused by the black hole gun piercing the void and exploding at the same time!

Yin Xuexiao vomited blood and retreated, rolling thunder sound mixed with mental attack, pierced his eardrum, Lin Chen flew the Tianjiao killer out of the ring with one palm!

"This is Xiao Xinglei's big fan thunder clap! How is this possible?"

"This kid will also applaud Fan Lei?"

The people outside the Tianyu branch suddenly stunned and dumbfounded! How could Lin Chen know Xiao Xinglei's mastery combat skills in Tianyu Branch, and he is faster, more skilled and stronger than the latter!

In the flame storm; the black abyss gun was returned after being shot, Lin Chen grasped it back and saw Zhen Tianyang and Qiao Qianchi standing beside Ling Tianyu.

"How can you move our king as soon as you come up."

Qiao Qianzhi smirked, and Zhen Tianyang had a solemn face; "This kid can repel Sheng Feng and Tang Luo head-on, is he using a high-level combat skill?"

"I'm afraid it's more than that. Even if it's a high-level advanced combat skills, the skills he cultivates are also extraordinary.

Shen Qingshuang looked dignified, and looked at her sister Shen Lingyu, the second daughter nodded.


Lin Chen stood in the air; eyes narrowed; two female catkins swayed, and two delicate and delicate jade fans appeared.

As the jade fan emerged; the second woman waved her mind and mouth, and the spiritual storm swept through like a turbulent storm, and it seemed to be destroyed by a tsunami.

"Let's cover! Come on!"

The second female sneered, and the sword, sword, and sword flashed vertically, and Sheng Feng and Tang Luo were directly under Lin Chen!

"No! It's a mental attack!"

"It's the best mental assault type. This kid doesn't know if he can survive it."

"The two Nizis in Tianyu Branch are very talented. The jade fan in their hands is made of the unique snake bone of the Ethereal Snake. It is used for mental attacks, and the effect is even more powerful!"

The inner hearts of the bald elders and all the elders cry out in no time!

"Senrow Wanjian!"


The **** sword gas and the dark blue sword light like a peacock opened the screen, and the sword swords wandered in the void and intertwined with the sharp sword air, pushing towards Lin Chen virtual!

"A means of mental attack? Not only you have it!"

Lin Chen's mouth sneered; before the war, his Zijin pupil had already peeped into the field and hole card where the other party was good!

When I am thinking about the obscure formula; a snow-white spiritual lightsaber dances violently, tearing the spiritual storm of the two girls alive!

"Taishi Spirit Sword!"

When the thunder **** was furious, Lin Chens eyes narrowed, and his majestic mental strength condensed into ten swords, pierced the void, and made the two female flowers look discolored. They were pierced by the spirit sword, and their pretty faces were pale for a while, and their throats were one. Sweet, spit a lot of blood!

"Nine Skills of God Wasteland Lightning Burst! Charge Rune Stacking!"

Holding the Black Abyssal gun and storming down from the void, Lin Chen suddenly slammed; the thunder dragon-like thunder blast spurs away, running through the sword-mandled light from the joint strangulation!

Bang ~~!

Thunder's electro-optical warfare broke the sword, and the two quickly feared to retreat, exploding the cracks in the ring nearly one hundred feet!

A stream of air tears; as a human-shaped barbarian rolls in, Zhen Tianyang rushes up to the sky, his body explodes with strength, and the flesh shell bursts like a torrential tsunami, hitting Lin Chen sideways!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The airflow exploded and was torn by tremendous pure power. This town of Tianyang learned special body training techniques. The power of each punch is as strong as a sword, and the lethality is far more than 450,000 tiger power!

The black abyss gun spun around, Lin Chen took all the bombardments from the other side, and was about to kill him, his eyes suddenly squinted; there was no sign of unfolding Tiangang fighting spirit!


The blood blade sickle hidden in the void is blocked by Tian Gang's fighting spirit!

He had bleeding in the corners of his mouth, and his skin was still covered with shocking cracks, but the corners of his mouth could not help but rise wildly! Becoming cruel and fierce, he began to show his true nature, **** battle spirits, wielding a sickle at speed, and attacking Lin Chen in desperation!

The two swordsmanship came back again, Sheng Feng Tang Luo hit Lin Chen with one left and one right!

Even more surprising is the former!

All the Tianjiao's group attacked wildly; Lin Chen's marksmanship opened wide, and the four Tianjiao's crazy attacks alone did not fall down!