My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Completely Kill

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Chapter 116

In a roll of the Green Dragon Arm, Lin Chen picked up all the attributed light **** that Ling Tianyu had previously dropped; a low-pitched sound was heard inside the Green Dragon Arm, and his power climbed again!

"He's the identity of the blue dragon bloodline, I have known for a long time. Do you think you still have such a trump card?"

As Lin Chen walked in the court, the cyan light flashed more and more brightly!

The gusty wind is changing, and the situation is changing! He stepped closer to the people in the Tianyu branch, and Qiao Qianzhi's face became more and more ugly!

"Lin Chen; either you died today or I died! Burning my blue dragon blood!"

Ling Tianyu, who fell to the side, climbed up flatly, growling hysterically!

"No! Tianyu, don't burn blood! Don't be impulsive!"

The elders of the Tiangang realm of the two Tianyu Branches panicked and shouted. If the power of the bloodline is overused, it will affect the future growth potential and development. This has a fatal impact on the arrogant of heaven!

However, Ling Tianyu's words just fell, his face suddenly changed!

His expression was like an old woman with constipation, staring at Lin Chen stupidly; "You, what did you do to me..."


Lin Chen put a backhand on his hand, and the green dragon's arms swooped down across the sky, shooting him into a pile of meat sauce on the spot!

In Lin Chen's perspective; that is to explode a local attribute light sphere and a suspended blue pattern treasure chest.

He smiled lightly; "I've gotten so many corrupt runes I still want to desperately, and still burn the blue dragon bloodline. I still burn my calories."

The audience was silent...dead silence!

Ling Tianyu actually died! Moreover, Lin Chen was shot dead, and even the powerful people in the Tiangang realm had no time to rescue!

"We surrender, we surrender!"

Qiao Qianchi's horrified face shouted in horror, Lin Chen's green dragon arm strength soared more than one grade! Even Ling Tianyu couldn't stop them, they went to death!

The other party surrendered; Lin Chen was too lazy to chase them, easily picked up the dazzling array of attribute light **** on the ground, and his blue dragon bloodline rose again!

What surprised Lin Chen was that the white circle that had been lurking in his Dan Tian for a long time was throbbing with the ascension of the blood of the Qinglong, as if it was a new consciousness of the source of life.

Immediately after absorbing all the blood of Qinglong, Lin Chens ultimate strength of the Qinglong arm rose to 980,000 tigers before stopping!

It is at this moment; the vision grows suddenly, breaking the silence!

"No, no! Tianyu, you dare to kill Tianyu!"

The old man roared with horror and roaring the entire arena; the white light seemed to be slicing, and the war was distorting the space!


The deputy dean waved his sleeve robe, shattered the white light, and said indifferently; "Why? Do you come up with a self-contrary? Just now Ling Tianyu wanted to work hard, but the students of our college are instinctively defensive!"

"What a joke! Do you know how precious Tianyu's life is, will it be comparable to the cheap life of a wild dog here?"

The elders of Tiangang Realm sulked and sulked; suddenly stood up, and the atmosphere of the audience became fierce.

"Grass you a fairy, you can talk to the wild dog and try to close your mouth?"

I don't know, Lin Chen broke his mouth and scolded, and his eyes shone brightly like stars and jades. He was overbearing, fierce, and gloomy!

His blue dragon's left arm twirled with a fascinating and beautiful blue dragon's breath; pure and lonely, like the blue dragon's anger recovering, coming soon!

The elders of the other two Tiangangjing's eyelids shook violently. The two looked at each other and saw each other's shock!

At this moment they actually smelled a hint of danger in Lin Chen's left arm; if the dragon breath inside Lin Chen's left arm erupted, might they threaten them as heavenly gangs?

With Lin Chen's current 980,000 tiger power's green dragon arm, he urged his only dragon race supernatural power; its power is definitely a big killer for Tiangang Realm!

"Damn, it's too cunning! This Lin Chen even hides a stronger trump card?"

Zhen Tianyang held his broken arm, for the first time in his eyes, a fearful expression appeared to Lin Chen!

"Under the premise of killing Ling Tianyu's senior with our ten people as opponents, can we still have reservations?"

Shen Lingyu's body shivered slightly; full of panic and restlessness.

"It's too perverted. Losing to this kind of person, I was convinced by Qian Chi!"

Qiao Qianchi glanced at Lin Chen, and then looked at Sheng Feng and others who were seriously wounded around him. There was only awe and fear in Lin Chen's heart!

Just when both sides were deadlocked, when the atmosphere was extremely heavy; the power from the General Hospital finally spoke.

"Okay; your Tianyu branch does not have to be entangled. A Ling Tianyu in every district will die when he dies. He blames himself for giving up the opportunity to abstain and save his life, and no one can blame him for the wasteland branch."

The blond old man's tone was a little sullen; immediately made the elders of Tianyu branch stunned!

Ling Tianyu may be placed in the twenty-four domains, which is a real arrogance, but the blonde old man is the most powerful in the general hospital. His vision is many times higher than everyone on the scene does not know; this life has seen too many ephemeral geniuses. How many people can really become the pinnacle?

But what really disheartened him was Lin Chen!

When Lin Chen revealed the blood of the Blue Dragon, he was destined not to be the'descendant of the gods' guessed by the blonde old man. The stronger the genetic heritage of the blood line, the higher the loneliness and domineering. It is impossible to accommodate the signs of the existence of a second blood line in the body.

Therefore, although Lin Chen had many secret techniques that he didn't even see through, he wasn't the'descendant of the gods' at first guess.

The blonde old man didn't care about waving.

"For this time, the Wildland Branch won three rounds. According to your previous requirements, they have 15 places to participate in the assessment of the General Institute after four months."

These words broke into the sky of applause in the Wasteland Branch!

Those cheers round my ears like countless slaps on the faces of students, elders, and tutors in Tianyu Branch!

When they arrived here, they vowed that as long as any team could win a round, they would get 5 places. Unexpectedly, they not only killed a 66 class, but also a Lin Chens. Proud Tianjiao!

If according to the normal assessment, the Wasteland Branch only has three opportunities to challenge, and did not wait for the 66 class and Lin Chen to return, they have long lost!

It was really a loss to my wife and a troop collapse; they were also dragged their old faces to the ground and rubbed them frantically!

The blonde old man walked in the air and came to the center of the broken arena.

He showed a hint of kindness to Lin Chen and smiled.

"Little guy, the strength and heart are good, the old man looks forward to when you take the assessment of the General Academy four months later."