My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Bai Ruoyan Debut

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Chapter 117

Lin Chen nodded; put away the Qinglong arm and clenched his fists, neither humble nor overbearing.

"Young people have seen seniors."

"Well, its not arrogant, its very good. Your assessment will be allocated by your branch, I hope your kid will be more fully prepared in the next time, but there are many in the general hospital that are better than you Double the monster, I hope you can stand firm in the main courtyard, you can understand the meaning of the old man."

"Younger people understand."

Defeat this Ling Tianyu, Lin Chen still can't be complacent, but he has seen that there are many young creatures as terrible as monsters in the world!

The blonde old man kindly told him that the fairy bones flew away by the wind. When he left, he shook his head and smiled; he muttered to himself with a voice he could hear.

"The old man is really confused; how can the descendants of God be so simple to encounter, if not, it will not be called a legend."

After the blonde elders left; only a group of elders and students and mentors from the Tianyu branch.

"Boy, this matter is not that simple; Tianyu's identity is different, even if we can't move you, the dragon clan will not let you go! You who know you will now join us in Tianyu Branch, maybe you can get one. Sheng Lu!"

Lin Chen, a vicious and resentful elder of the Tiangang Realm, a character with eight characters.

"Then let them come~ This little brother is my person, this dragon family in Lingzhou, I don't know a few of them."

It was at this moment; an ethereal and graceful voice like the sound of natural sound, as if people's minds were purified.

The eyes of all the powerful people in the Tiangang realm suddenly froze; they looked towards the sky.

From the sky directly above the arena; the beautiful woman's shadow is pure and immaculate with white smoke clouds drifting leisurely.

The beautiful woman fell beside Lin Chen; her fragrant posture was as beautiful as a roar, gracefully as a dragon, under a cloud of white clouds; her skin was as smooth as a creamy jade, with red lips and jade embellishments, her teeth were exposed, and her beautiful eyes were flowing; nice.

The beautiful lady has no extra decoration, and her white dress is like a cloud of smoke and curls, but everyone saw her at first glance, as if the nine-day mysterious girl appeared in the world as dust, elegance, and ethereal. The so-called fairy, perhaps so.

"Sister Bai Ruoyan, how do you know I am here?"

Lin Chen smiled; a glance in his eyes, Bai Ruoyan's temperament was more elegant and dusty than when he left last time. Presumably it was restored by cultivation.

"Brother Lin Chen, the star jade in your body can naturally let me find you. However; why dont you give me the star jade? There are a lot of disasters on your way. It is a single-headed army and a deep dynasty. Yeah, why cant you bear your sister?"

Bai Ruoyan nodded gracefully and smiled at the corners of his mouth; with a little woman's laughter in his laughter, it looked more like a fairy's vulgar and more beautiful temperament.

"Isn't all those disasters easily solved by someone in Lin Lin. Sister Bai Ruoyan's relationship can't be used so easily, I still have to keep thinking about how to use it later."

Lin Chen shrugged and smiled.

Seeing Lin Chen even talking and laughing with this fairy-like beauty, the ridiculously comfortable, the boys in class 66 are admired, one by one.

"The squad leader is the squad leader! It's really special, even this kind of fairy can get it. I serve, I really serve!"

"Fuck! How can I say, the dog mouth can't spit out ivory, our class leader is so handsome and so literate, can it be called? That's called ! ! Will you use words, go back and do another set The inner courtyard is simulated for five years!"

"Who can stand this!"

The girls are complicated, and even crossed the mind of losing in their hearts...

Leng Yueqi's expression condensed; some surprise and shock in her heart; actually she? Isn't she highly toxic?

A Tiangang elder in the Tianyu branch realized that Bai Ruoyan was unusual and solemnly punched fistfully; "Dare to ask you?"

"My name, you don't deserve to know. You just need to know that this little guy is my goal, no one should move."

Under Bai Ruoyan's ethereal and elegant voice, there was an indifference that was thousands of miles away, which made the other elders of Tiangang Realm stand up in angrily, and suddenly yelled!

"Your Excellency is nothing more than a Tiangang realm, but don't know how to speak big words, and wait for us to summon the Dragon forces behind Tianyu, even if you can't eat it!"

Listen, Lin Chen smiled angrily, blocking Bai Ruoyan!

"Hahaha! Weak meat and strong food, righteousness. You guys fart here, then the strong of the dragon clan will come, and I haven't been so counselling. As for you, the assessment is over; our quota has also been obtained, Get out quickly! Our wildland branch does not welcome you crazy dogs like this!"

Lin Chen's domineering side leaked, and he was willing to be enemies. In front of everyone, he didn't leave any face to everyone in Tianyu Branch. His dashing personality and domineering affect the students.

"Get out! Get out! Get out!"

The sky-long condemnation made all the mentors and elders blush and their lips tremble. In the past, when they arrived at any branch, the other party had to treat all of them politely. How did they suffer such an insult!

"It's not fast to go! A group of crazy dogs who bite when they see someone. My new student is more than enough to deal with you. I dare to stay here without knowing it?"

Lin Chen sneered. For the guys who thought they were born superior in Tianyu Branch and didn't even treat others as people, Lin Chen didn't plan to treat them as people!

"Okay! What a wasteland branch, what a Lin Chen! We remember this account, don't think it will be fine if there is a heavenly environment covering you, if your kid falls into our hands one day, otherwise it will be you No survival, no death!"

After a few harsh words, the elders of Tiangang Realm took their tutors and students and quickly left the arena.

The reason why the bald old and the deputy dean did not prevent Lin Chen from offending the Tianyu Branch was because both parties knew that the most important thing now was whether Lin Chen could pass the assessment of the General Academy!

As long as they pass the assessment of the General Hospital; the Tianyu Branch does not dare to take advantage of their wasteland branch. Branches that can provide fresh blood to the General Hospital are often valued.

On the contrary, if Lin Chen fails, they will also face retaliatory blows from Tianyu Branch!

"Brother Lin Chen; my sister has something to do with you."

Before the deputy dean and others opened their mouths, under the stunned and envious eyes of everyone; Bai Ruoyan took Lin Chen's hand and took him away from the arena!

"The origin of this girl is not small."

The vice president smiled at him; staring at the direction of Bai Ruoyan's departure, there was a look of memories.