My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Who Can Stand It

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Chapter 118

"Okay, little guys, the team competition for the assessment of the General Academy ends here; I hope you all go back to diligent practice and become the pillar of my college as soon as possible!"

The bald old waved a wave of enthusiasm; this team match has already achieved results beyond his imagination! Almost all the mentors and elders are happy and happy!

"Let's go back to practice too!"

The boys in Class 66 laughed; however, a cold, chilling air slowly rose from behind them, making the whole class tremble!

"You guys, think you're proud to have completed the most difficult task of the college, right? Dare to slacken my class, I think you are alive and crooked!"

Leng Yueqi's whole body was full of chilling fighting spirit for nine days, and she burst into the sky with a smile, like a melting iceberg; flowers bloom!

However; in the eyes of class 66, this smile is simply a smile of death!

Every time Leng Yueqi smiled at them, it was when the whole class had to suffer!

Soon; the screams of Class 66 echoed throughout the arena, and many freshmen from the outer courtyard said to themselves silently; even if they entered the inner courtyard, they would never enter Class 66!

Three hours later; in addition to some of the wounded, all the boys in Class 66 were beaten with bruises and bruises, and they all returned to their dormitory.

"It hurts me so much, this witch is really ruthless!"

"It was we who floated, and followed Lin Chen for more than a month, and almost forgot that we were absent from this witch's lesson!"

"Hey, it would be nice if Captain Lin Chen got the devil's head; at least we didn't have to work so hard in the inner courtyard!"

The boys returned to their dormitory with sorrows;; behind the boys, there were Su Lan and Su Lan sisters who wanted to thank Lin Chen; and Yue Linlin and Liu who planned to invite Lin Chen to take over the new task Liner.

As soon as everyone walked up to the second floor, there was a faint gasp and dialogue between the teenager and the woman, which shocked many people; they immediately stopped, turned their war, and raised their ears.

"Hmm~~ why did your speed slow down, hurry up!"

"If Sister Yan, it really won't work. You can give me a break. I can't make a single drop!"

"No; time is precious right now, you can do it if you can't do it~ Hurry up~! Boom~~It's so mad~~"

"Sister Ruoyan, who can stand up to your high demands!"

"But time is pressing, and we will not miss the time anymore, but we will miss the golden opportunity!"

Lying trough? !

A once in a lifetime opportunity? One drop is gone? !

All the boys in Class 66 are petrified instantly!

The girls who came with me heard this ambiguous conversation, their faces scorched, and they were shy and angry!

Listening to this voice, it must be their squad leader Lin Chen and the fairy in white!

"My mother, Captain Lin Chen, is this too fierce? Have all brought the fairy back to the dormitory, but that is the beauty of the Tiangang level!"

"It's too fierce. Squad leader Lin Chen is really my idol. I dare to do this kind of thing!"

"You know what a fart! Brother Lin Chen's name is to be happy, but it needs to end~"

"Ying Liang, Ru Shi Sao!"

I can see the sighs of the boys; before waiting for Linlin to respond, Su Lan and Sister Su Lan are already standing at the door of Lin Chens dormitory, burning Shuangxia with their cheeks, and kicking Lin Chens dormitory door decisively!

"Lin Chen! We misunderstood you and thought you were different from other men. I didn't expect it to be an unchanging color!"

The second daughter is worthy of being a twin sister. At the moment after kicking the door, even the tone and the accusation are exactly the same!

Yue Linlin walked gently and quickly followed, while the boys quietly protruded the dog's head from the edge of the door, trying to observe the situation in the room.

What surprised everyone was that Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan sat in the bed; Lin Chen was behind and Bai Ruoyan was in front.

I saw Lin Chen's hands against the back of Bai Ruoyan's show. In addition to his sweating sweat, the two's clothes were neat and uncluttered. I couldn't see any pictures that were inappropriate for children!

"Huh? It turned out to be everyone in the academy. Hello, my name is Bai Ruoyan."

Bai Ruoyan smiled, ethereal and dusty, elegant and generous, and there was nothing wrong with it.

"Bai...Senior Bai Ruoyan...You were with Lin Chen just now..."

Su Lan was so irritable that he couldn't help asking daringly, Qian Yan also looked at Lin Chen with a strange look from time to time.

"Brother Lin Chen, he was detoxifying me just now."

The beautiful girl's beautiful eyes seldom touched a trace of playfulness; the tone said calmly.

"It turned out to be just detoxification?"

The girls looked surprised; the boys even looked up, perhaps because Bai Ruoyan didn't pose like a strong gangster in the sky, so that they didn't have any feelings about each other and subconsciously blurted out their doubts.

"Senior Bai Ruoyan, Big Brother Chen Chen just said that he couldn't make a single drop...?"

"Of course it is the toxin attached to my body, otherwise what do you think it is?"

"Then... time is running out, and the once-in-a-lifetime chance is..."

"That's because Lin Chen is going to act with me tomorrow, so now is a rare opportunity to detox me."

Bai Ruoyan's calm and doubtful appearance; as if he was really a pure and flawless fairy, making everyone's mouth twitch...

Yes, detoxification!

Someone Lin said that the two were really detoxifying! Its just that Lins brother is going crazy!

"Sorry! Sorry! Many of the juniors are offended. I hope the seniors will forgive me!"

Su Lan immediately recovered and took his sister to apologize to Bai Ruoyan.

"It's okay; just ask you to step back a little bit now. Is there anything I can do to come to him after Brother Lin Chen has expelled the poison for me."

Bai Ruoyan laughed calmly, and everyone nodded quickly to apologize, pulling the room door and closing.

"Sister Ruoyan, did you do it on purpose? You didn't have a voice when they didn't come, why suddenly..."

Backhand stretched out; delicate jade fingers like dragonfly dotted water, against Lin Chen's lips, Bai Ruoyan smiled and said.

"Brother Lin Chen, you haven't come to me for so long, and there are so many beautiful women around you. If my sister doesn't make you smart, I'm afraid my brother won't remember me."

The beauty of a beautiful fairy is in the smiling face of a fairy; with a hint of girlish cunning. For a time, Lin Chen was a little crazy!

The unattainable fairy is certainly spotless, but the fairy who fell into the earth and has a little girl's affection is even more beautiful!

Lifting her hair, dont look away to see Lin Chen look dumbfounded; Bai Ruoyan seems very satisfied with Lin Chens reaction, and Slender Slender Jade points to a little boys forehead; "Brother Lin Chen, the speed of detoxification has slowed down. "

Lin Chen was very upset!

This grandmother really tortures people, can you see what can't be eaten, it makes me a mess in someone Lin!