My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 119

Chapter 119: The Evil King's Secret Realm

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Chapter 119: The Evil King's Secret Realm!

After six hours;

The corrosive rune energy remaining in Bai Ruoyan's body was taken away by Lin Chen again.

This time, Lin Chen gained enough 150,000 rune energy, more than any previous one!

Bai Ruoyan stretched lazily lazily, and his thin, boneless waist outlined a perfect curve, which made someone and his brother dry.

Thinking of the matter just now, Lin Chen thought more and more angry!

Brother Chen, I was so molested by my sister? No way! Must go back to play!

I saw; Lin Chen suddenly stared at Bai Ruoyan very seriously and solemnly. The beautiful lady's side face, beautiful eyes and blue waves circulated, looking at him with doubt.

"Sister Ruoyan, you have messed up my heart just now, when will you mess up my bed."

Bai Ruoyan stunned and threw a smile; thousands of beautiful people in the world lost their sight.

Xianxianyu pointed to Lin Chen's nose, and she said solemnly.

"When you really grow up, your sister will give you another chance~"

"I have grown up! Don't believe you, ask my brother!"

"People are big..."

Bai Ruoyan and Bingxue are clever, knowing that Lin Chen still has too much to sort out after this battle. Instead of entangled with Lin Chen too much, he first left the remaining time to himself.

In Lin Chen's room; he sat cross-legged alone; turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 2.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Di Sha Realm Double Perfection.

Ultimate strength: 447 thousand tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 19.572 million points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 231.95 million points.

Spiritual strength: 90,500 points.

Essence of exercises: 10.27 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (6%)

Xihui exercises: Dafan Leiyin palm, Xuan Python crack heart fist, Bahuang Xuanhuo, Zhenshui Guiyuan Jue (90%), Tiangang fighting spirit (75%), Taishi Bible (10%), Shenhuang 9 Tips (45%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (20%)

Possess blood energy: 2150 points for the Dragon's blood line (the blood line has been automatically upgraded for the host), 10000 points for the Zijin pupil blood line

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 2, Corrupt Rune Level 1 (Upgradable), Recharge Rune Level 1 (Upgradable)

Rune energy: 270,000 points.

The energy of each element: 13.82 million points in the fire system, 1.106 million points in the soil system, 10.95 million points in the wood system, 1.65 million points in the gold system, and 14.87 million points in the water system. The lightning system is 784 thousand points, the wind system is 71.2 million points, the light system is 0 points, and the dark system is 0 points.

Lin Chen's biggest harvest this time is the energy of Qi and Blood and the energy of Qinglong Bloodline, as well as several high-level blue-level combat skills.

The green dragon arm after upgrading the energy of the bloodline; it seems to become a vortex of a bottomless hole, which has been eager to devour energy, and all the heavenly materials and earth treasures in the Linchen Naling ring have been absorbed by it!

All these energies were transferred into the white aura in Lin Chendan's field; then they went into the sea like mud bulls and disappeared.

"After absorbing the energy of Ling Tianyu's blood veins, this blue dragon arm seems to have entered a state similar to the promotion of the fierce beast, and it will actually swallow up the energy stored in the medicinal materials. But why has the power of the blue dragon arm itself not increased?"

Lin Chen couldn't find the reason for the abnormality of the green dragon's arm, so Lin Chen turned to practice the Nine Secrets of God's Famine.

The Nine Skills of Gods and Wasteland ranks among the top of the green rank, with ancient combat skills. It is not possible to help Lin Chen to complete cultivation with the help of the system, but only to assist him to practice part of it.

The strength of this combat skill lies in its creativity. It has no fixed form. According to the user's practice, the Nine Skills of Shenhuang can be a boxing technique, a leg technique, a sword technique, a sword technique, a gun technique, etc.

The magical thing is that it can perfectly control the cultivator's internal fighting strength attribute, and the use of it depends on the cultivator's creativity!

Another six hours have passed; Lin Chen has roughly digested the growth and changes brought about by this war. Strength is more refined!

"I heard that Sister Ruoyan had important things to discuss with me. Let's see what happened first."

Lin Chen withdrew from cultivation.

As the door opened, Bai Ruoyan was already in front of the door, enjoying the view outside the student dormitory.

In addition, there are sister Su Lan's second daughter, Yue Linlin, Liu Lin'er and Leng Yueqi. And some boys in Class 66 are also waiting outside for Lin Chen.

"Have you got it?"

Leng Yueqi glanced at him, said lukewarmly.

Lin Chen nodded with a smile; instead of taking the talk, he looked at Bai Ruoyan.

Bai Ruoyan saw that he was full of energy and full of energy, and he had finished his rest, so he told him straightforwardly.

"This time I came to you, one is for you to help me detoxify. The other is for the evil realm of earth evil!"

Talking about this matter, Bai Ruoyan's expression is solemn!

"Dark Evil King Secret Realm?"

"Yes; this mysterious realm is one of the ten known unsolved mysterious realms in Lingzhou. No one can know its origin. It is located in a new void gap, forming a space alone. There are many unsecret secrets. In the secret territory, You can even find secrets such as Qing-level advanced and even top-level exercises, spiritual cultivation secrets, high-level alchemy handprints, and many other strange treasures!"

"In addition, it is also full of complicated special energy areas. If those special areas can take away a small part of the energy, their temptation has a fatal attraction to the Tiangang Realm!"

Bai Ruoyan said that the young girls in Class 66 next to him were hot and stronger than they were, and they had never heard of the name of the "Secret Realm of Earth Evil King".

Lin Chen was also shocked by the name of the "Dark Evil King's Secret Realm".

With his unique ability to discover the attribute light sphere, the attribute light sphere in the secret realm alone is afraid to make himself happy! Not to mention the many top-notch treasures!

But when it comes to these; Bai Ruoyan is always serious and unwilling to move, as if she did not care about these strange treasures that she talked about at all.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chen spread his hands in doubt, "But with my own strength, even if I go to this kind of secret realm, do I die?"

In the special energy area of the secret territory, any energy intake can have a fatal temptation to the Tiangang Realm.

That's a side note; a person without the power of Tiangang Realm is equivalent to finding death!

Lin Chen now has a trick that can threaten the Tiangang Realm, and the rest of the means in front of the powerful Tiangang Realm are like children playing some tricks in front of the giant.

There is a huge gap between the Earth Shake Realm and the Tiangang Realm! Lin Chen dare to fight and dare to kill, but does not mean that he is arrogant.

"No, you don't enter to die. Because this Di Sha evil king realm, only the cultivation of the Di Sha realm can enter! The Tian Gang realm or the War Soul realm will be directly crushed by the ancient prohibition!"

Hearing Bai Ruoyan's explanation, Lin Chen's face was suddenly overjoyed!