My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Crush Liao Jianhua

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Chapter 12, Crushing Liao Jianhua!

At this moment, the audience is boiling!

The dramatic appearance of the scene was extremely reversed, and Lin Chen's virtual spirit was far superior to Liao Jianhua!

"Lin Chen! Lin Chen! Lin Chen!"

All the external disciples in the audience were shouting Lin Chen's name! Today, it will be a time when the representatives of the external sect disciples have surpassed the internal sect disciples!

"How is it possible? How did the master say that I am a genius of refining medicine, how could I lose to this stray dog climbed by the foreign sect!"

Liao Jianhua's face was pale and murmured in disappointment. When some people's extremely proud capital was broken, they would become extremely vulnerable.

Su Qing'er stared at Lin Chen, who was cheered by everyone's attention. The young man's back appeared calm and calm, without any pride, calm and calm, full of mystery.

"If at the time, I didn't have the potential to covet Liao Jianhua..."

Su Qing'er, who was infinitely bitter in her heart, finally couldn't help sobbing in a low voice.

At this moment, Lin Chen, who was enjoying all the attention, did not get complacent, and at the moment when he revealed the quality of the Void Pill, the opportunity was revealed!

"Blue Dragon Blood Liberation; 70% Power!"

The entire ring, in an instant, fell into endless whirlwinds of whirlwinds and angry dragon screams!

Lin Chen's figure turned into a residual image, and his left arm was covered with a light blue dragon scale, and a palm was shot outrageously. The air exploded and the air flow collapsed!

The cheers of the audience came to an abrupt end. No one thought that Lin Chen would suddenly shoot up. When everyone reacted, Lin Chen was only a few meters away from Liao Jianhua! Even Elder Qi has no time to stop it!

Liao Jianhua, who is on the verge of collapse, has just reacted, and the blue-scale palms with more than 4000 tiger powers are beating on his heavenly cover!


The dull loud noise rang loudly, Lin Chen smashed Liao Jianhua's body with a palm, the latter did not even utter a cry of sorrow, the flesh and bones of the whole body were crushed into flesh and blood, and turned into a pool of blood!

The moment when Liao Jianhua died, Lin Chen's body shuddered unconsciously, as if certain restraints and heart knots were untied from it, and his mind was more rounded.

The dead Liao Jianhua dropped six attribute light **** and a pale cyan treasure chest, and Lin Chen caught it.

[The host gains 5442 points of Qi and Blood Energy, 584 points of spiritual power, 2344 points of essence of qi, 3044 points of merit, and a black iron chest.

[The host opens the black iron treasure chest and obtains the green-level intermediate body combat skill "Wind, Thunder and Fire Step".

After killing Liao Jianhua, Lin Chen refined his attributed light ball for the first time, the whole body breathed and screamed, and the sea of fighting spirit in Dantian trembles slightly, and is about to split again!

At the same time, he was fully absorbed in the strict array, absorbing the energy of qi and blood and constantly strengthening the strength of the blue dragon arm, alerting Elder Qi to counterattack!

The audience fell into a short silence, many disciples were shocked by Lin Chen's decisive spirit!

After two breaths, a roar came as a funeral!

"Damn it! Dare to kill Jianhua, I will kill you!"

Elder Qi fell into a frenzy, and the fighting was raging. He was about to kill Lin Chen and put a palm on Elder Qi.

"Elder Qi, do you want to regard this sect's words as nothing?"

The indifferent voice of the patriarch made Elder Qi sober from the madness,

"Sovereign, Jianhua is the genius of my sect, so just let this kid give..."

"But this case has given you a chance, isn't it. And, now we have a better genius than Liao Jianhua."

The patriarch interrupted the elder Qi's unwilling debate, and the calm voice contained undoubted majesty.

"This...then listen to the Sect Master's decision!"

Elder Qi gritted his teeth fiercely and gave Lin Chen a vicious glance, leaving his sleeves.

Although Elder Qi has a high status, the Sect Master is the only powerful warlord in Shenwu Sect, and his voice is countless times heavier than anyone!

"Oh, Lin Chen killed Liao Jianhua as a result of the refining gambling game. Today, Ben Zong personally announced that Lin Chen was promoted from the disciple of the external sect to the strongest of the internal sect, and there must be no mistake."

When the patriarch waved his hand and announced the result, Lin Chen was relieved in secret.

Regarding the death of Liao Jianhua, the Sect Master didn't even blink his eyelids, and Xiao Xiong revealed his essence.

"Lin Chen, you come to Qingyun Hall with this sect. This sect has something to tell you."

The lord named Lin Chen, and many disciples of the inner sect were envious of them, and they could be favored by the lord. This is a great opportunity to take off in the sky!

Lin Chenli jumped slightly in his heart and nodded quietly.

Looking at the back of Lin Chen following the suzerain, the disciples gradually came to an end.

Emperor Wuzong, Sapphire Hall. Located on a peak of Yunxiao Mountain in the center of the mountain range.

All the elders retreated, leaving only Lin Chen and the suzerain.

"Lin Chen, come with this sect."

The patriarch took Lin Chen out of the hall and walked on top of the mountain.

Lin Chen was puzzled, but he did not dare to have the slightest care, and followed the suzerain along the way.

With the advancement of the two, Lin Chen felt that there seemed to be some magical power on the top of the mountain, which was restricting his and his suzerain's actions.

Walking is getting harder and harder, as if walking with hundreds of thousands of kilograms of weight under your feet, as if there is an invisible force blocking Lin Chens advance. If Lin Chens flesh shell strength is far more than ordinary people, I am afraid that I have to fight now. To walk

In the end the two stood under an altar of order 500.

When he saw the altar, Lin Chen's eyes gleamed!

Every step under the altar is filled with a large number of attribute light balls. Roughly calculated, there are at least a few hundred! Three more treasure chests!

"Damn, with so many attributed light balls, if I pick them all up, my strength can turn up again!"

Licking his lips, Lin Chen was ecstatic!

"This is an altar that has existed since the creation of Shen Wuzong. In the next dozen generations of disciples, no one can climb up, and we have no way of knowing what exists above. You are the most outstanding disciple of Shen Wuzong today. So I want you to give it a try. This altar can only be climbed up by your younger generation, we old guys cant."

The Sect Master turned his head and smiled at Lin Chen. Lin Chen nodded without hesitation and agreed, "Okay, let me try!"

And no matter what treasures are on it, this dazzling attribute of the light ball is worth Lin Chen to take this one!

He lifted his feet and stepped into the first staircase. The surging pressure suppressed every pore in his body, but Lin Chen, who had thousands of tigers, did not feel too much pressure on it. He bent down and picked up more than a dozen. Attributes light ball.

Then, in the second order, the third order, the fourth order, Lin Chen undoubtedly stooped and picked up in front of the suzerain!

[The host gains 5,422 energy points for qi and blood, 754 energy points for water system, 578 essence of combat energy, 972 essence points, 355 spiritual energy...]

[The host opens the black iron treasure chest and obtains: Green Rank's top combat skill "Four Demon Seals".

It's so cool! If it wasn't for the Sect Master, Lin Chen would have smiled and cracked his mouth. He madly picked up the attribute light ball all the way and ignored the pressure from this altar. The 80th, 100th, 150th steps, the higher the higher!

"Hey, how could this kid's strength soar so fast! Did he see through the secrets and chances of this altar?" The suzerain wondered, his eyes narrowed.