My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Leave The College

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Chapter 120

"Little fellow, don't be too happy. Although your current combat strength is enough to kill the invincible hand in the vertical and horizontal direction, few opponents of the same rank can threaten you, but the secret realm of the evil devil has already been considered by some people. The pharmacist and the pharmacist cracked part of the secret."

"They responded to the ancient prohibition and developed a special elixir, which can temporarily suppress most of the warrior's cultivation behavior, and allow the powerful people with the Tiangang cultivation behavior to suppress the boundaries of the earth evil."

"Therefore, this time, there will be a lot of deliberately suppressing the Tiangang Realm of the Di Sha Evil King's Secret Realm! Although their combat power is greatly reduced, it is enough to pick more than ten Di Sha Realms! Your strength is strong , But if you break in, it will only be a crisis, and you will die for a lifetime."

Hearing this; Lin Chen understood it completely!

Feelings Bai Ruoyan is to let himself deal with those powerful people who are suppressed and cultivated!

"Little guy, the right to decide is in your own hands, but with your current cultivation practice, there are already few rivals in the terrible territories, but you cant confront each other in the Tiangang realm, if you want to experience it, this evil kings secret realm will be you The best choice. Of course, unless you want to follow the step-by-step practice to the heavens..."

Bai Ruoyan raised her eyebrows slightly; she stared at him with a smile.

Lin Chen couldn't help rolling his eyes;

"You must know that I will not practice quietly and quietly, so I said that."

Yu Hand concealed her lips lightly, Bai Ruoyan smiled and said nothing, and stared at him quietly.

Lin Chen pondered for a while, he was not without experienced choices, but this time, the secret king of the evil spirits proposed by Bai Ruoyan was indeed the fastest growth route and choice for him!

Of course, it is definitely the most dangerous! No one knows how many years those old monsters in Tiangang Realm have lived and how many cards they have accumulated. They are by no means comparable to common sense!

"Life and death are bearish, do it if you don't agree!"

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow and smiled freely.

"Brother, we also want to go!"

The boys next to them listened yearningly and blurted out.

Even the girls were looking forward, beautiful eyes staring at Lin Chen with little stars.

"No, this time it was not going to the Tiandou Dynasty; you can only die if you go."

Lin Chen shook his head and his tone was unusually firm; he threw his own identity jade card to the whole class, and then said.

"These are your credits, they are evenly divided, remember to leave 70,000 credits to Qinghong, she is indispensable for the task of the Tiandou Dynasty."

Everyone was very sorry for Lin Chen's firm answer. They like the adventure of Lin Chen very much.

"I'm going to the Evil King Realm."

It was at this moment; Leng Yueqi said amazingly!

All the students stared at her in surprise, Lin Chen Jia Leng Yue Qi? What combination?

"Teacher you too?"

Lin Chen was frightened that he had personally taught the strength of this mentor.

It can be said that now Lin Chen can sweep away the realm with the pure power of the green dragon's arm alone, but only for Leng Yueqi, he still has no certainty of victory!

"It turns out that it's no wonder that you haven't broken through the Tiangang realm. Is it because of this?"

Bai Ruoyan gave Leng Yueqi a slightly surprised look, and Mingwu smiled.

"Okay, brother Lin Chen, your mentor stopped the cultivation in the ground for special reasons. She has already possessed an impact on the world. We are one more partner in this trip."

Bai Ruoyan Yingying smiled; Lin Chen stagnate and said in surprise: "We? Sister Yan, do you mean that you also entered the evil realm with me?"

"Did I not tell you at first?"

Bai Ruoyan's fairy-like face showed the girl's cunning from time to time.

Lin Chen clapped his hands and said: "What are you afraid of? There are two big beauties to protect me.

"Ah! Mentor, why did you hit me, damn, you still hit your face! I tell you, my brother Chen... my old waist!"

"Dont be too bully, havent you heard of it! As long as you are brave, the tutor will take maternity leave...!"

"Sorry, mentor, I'm wrong!"


The boys in Class 66 were tolerant and smirk; as strong as Captain Lin Chen could not handle this legendary'Demon Demon'.

The last time to say goodbye; everyone is reluctant. This time the evil kings secret realm is very far away, and I dont know when Lin Chen will return.

Especially the reluctant eyes of the female classmates, not even Sister Su Lan.

This scene even made Leng Yueqi suspect that Lin Chen had the ability to make these two nasty men who hate men have such wonderful feelings and attitudes towards him.

"Speaking of that, you dare to use the names of bald old and deputy dean last time to let my disciples accompany you to perform the most difficult task in the history of the college. You are not afraid to be courageous."

Leng Yueqi said not to be salty; Lin Chen smiled awkwardly and offended her aunt.

"That's because I have enough confidence that I can bring them all back safely. You see, not only are they unscathed after they return, they are even stronger after repairs. Isn't this a good thing."

"Huh; I won't care about this matter with you. When we set off, the mysterious realm of Dixia King opens, and time is running out."

At the end, Leng Yueqi looked at Bai Ruoyan.

"After tomorrow, start immediately."

Bai Ruoyan saw what Leng Yueqi thought, and smiled Yan Yan.

"Okay, I'll ask the elders of the college to explain why."

Leng Yueqi stood in front of Lin Chen, and Qianying jumped up, and was able to do a flight similar to that of a strong person in Tiangang Realm. Lin Chen was stunned.

"Your mentor is very powerful. It's a half-step heaven and earth. Your own fighting spirit can be integrated into the world at any time. Breaking through the realm is only between her one retreat. Only very talented people can achieve this level of control. When will your self-cultivation break?"

Bai Ruoyan explained to Lin Chen with a smile; then he stood in the air and turned into a cloud of clouds floating in the void.

"I am waiting for you here. You can come to me when you are ready."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, and Bai Ruoyan was too smart. Get along with smart people, and you have no place for this unprecedented handsome mouth.

Leaving his dormitory, Lin Chen still had 120,000 credits left in his hand plus the victory in the team game, and 200,000 credits for the bald elders, all of which were exchanged by him for a large number of treasures and spirit stones.

Lin Chen's green dragon arm has now entered a state where the whale swallows the world. Anything with energy cannot escape its absorption, just like a bottomless cave.

The heaven and earth spirit stones and medicinal materials exchanged by Lin Chen were all absorbed by it. Lin Chen had a more prescient white aura. Lin Chen had a hunch that when his white aura absorbed enough energy, his green dragon arm might happen. An earth-shattering change.

The next day; Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi were fully prepared and merged with Bai Ruoyan.

"Brother Lin Chen!"

"Goodbye Lin Chen!"

Lin Chen, suspended above the sky, heard the shouting from behind!

I saw that ninety percent of the old students in the entire inner courtyard stood on the top of each mountain and waved goodbye to Lin Chen.

After the first team match battle, Lin Chenli fought against all the arrogance of Tianyu. He has left an indelible legendary influence in the academy, and almost no one disagrees!

Not only the barren land, but after a while, Lin Chens good news will spread to the twenty-four domains, because in their generation, Lin Chen is the first person in the twenty-four domains!