My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Tianqi Island The Crowd Is Strong

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Chapter 121 Tianqi Island

"Everyone, I will definitely be back!"

Lin Chen smiled and waved goodbye; for the first time in the inner yard, there were people standing on the top of every mountain.

These are the martial art geniuses selected from countless populations in the wilderness. For the first time, someone is so happy and convincing!

"This kid might become the best student in the history of our wasteland branch."

The deputy dean walked in the air, watching the farewell and cheering of the students around him, and watching Lin Chen shake his head and marvel.

"He has become now, isn't he. Have you ever seen these little cubs so united?"

The bald old man took a sip of spirits and smiled happily.

It was at this moment; a group of phantom shadows appeared without warning on both sides, and the deputy dean and the bald elder both clenched fists seriously.

"Principal, why are you here!"

Weak voice came from the phantom shadow.

"The old man is worried about Ni Yan, the Hanyan. The conviction that this nizi bears is too heavy, this time the evil king secret realm, I don't know if it is a blessing or a disaster..."

Hearing this, the second old and one stagnation sighed deeply.


"Tianqi Island?"

Sitting on top of a fast-moving cloud, Lin Chen ate grilled gluten and asked suspiciously.

"The Secret Realm of Dixie King is located in Tianqi Island. It is said that it is the sea area beyond the 24th domain, isolated from the world, and bounded between Lingzhou and the 24th domain."

Leng Yueqi explained to Lin Chen;

"The sea area where Tianqi Island is located is extremely dangerous. Except for the flying Tiangang, it is almost impossible for mortals to cross the sea. Next we may face not only the old Tiangang, but also some peers from Lingzhou. Tianjiao, their combat power is by no means comparable to Ling Tianyu you have fought before. Once encountered in the secret territory, try not to conflict with them as much as possible."

"It depends on whether they are honest, if they dare to provoke me, if I don't fight back, wouldn't I be sorry for my handsome face in the world?"

Lin Chen hiccuped and waved carelessly.

"Speaking of it, your arm with the blood of the blue dragon seems to be reaching the power of 1 dragon."

Bai Ruoyan, who was flying with the two, looked back at Lin Chens left arm and smiled slightly.

"1 Dragon Power?"

"Tiger power is a unit used by mortals to calculate pure power. If the higher realm of physical refining is calculated using dragon power, 1 dragon power is equal to 1 million tiger power. However, this is for the body warrior Speaking of it, the difficulty is no less than that of earthshakes. It is as difficult as a fierce beast.

Bai Ruoyan smacked his hair and laughed casually.

Lin Chen meditation in his mind again, and Bai Ruoyan asked a few more words, then sat down and turned on the system.

"System, I want to upgrade Corrupt Rune and Charge Rune."

[Received by the system; consumes 140,000 rune energy, is upgrading Level 2 Corrupt Rune, Level 2 Recharge Rune.

[Upgrade completed: Level 2 Corrosion Rune, which can make the host's attack with corrosion characteristics, effective for Tiangang Realm below nine.

[Level 2 Charging Rune: Can increase the host's attack skills by 200% to 300%.

Characteristic runes of level 2 consume the same rune energy, but can bring stronger effects!

This upgrade of the characteristic rune will add strength to Lin Chen's next action!

Seven days passed by.

For the two beauties Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi, none of them is irritating. Lin Chen has been surprisingly quiet in these seven days, and has been silent on the cultivation of the "Tai Si Bible" and "Nine Secrets of Gods and Wastes".

I don't know how many miles I flew. After rushing through the dangerous and weird sea, the three arrived at Tianqi Island.

When Lin Chen withdrew from cultivation, he saw the whole picture of Tianqi Island at high altitude.

Tianqi Island is like a snow-white koi. The island is not large; it is only tens of thousands of feet wide. The island is permeated with a desolate ancient atmosphere. It seems that some ancient civilizations have been built here.

There are still some hidden atmospheres on the island. Obviously, there are already strong men who have landed on the island one step in advance!


Lin Chen and others have just logged into Tianqi Island, and more than a dozen streamers have accidentally fallen into Tianqi Island from four directions.

"A lot of masters, we act low-key."

Bai Ruoyan handed Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi a large black robe, this thing can dispel their breath, not easy to be targeted.

Lin Chen was very curious, put on a black robe, and landed on the island to enter the jungle; he immediately found a few attribute light **** scattered on the ground.

Bend over to pick up the attribute light ball; the system's light screen pops up.

[The host gains 120,000 points of the essence of fighting spirit, 21,000 fire energy, three green spirits, and rune energy of 9000 points.

As soon as this came up, Lin Chen put three precious fourth-order medicinal herbs into the green dragon's arm and absorbed it.

Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi are not strange, they both know that this is Lin Chen's own personal secret, and it was so weird when fighting with the Tianjiao of the Tianyu Branch.

Lin Chen was the first to get a group of attribute light balls, and he was in a good mood, striding at the center of Tianqi Island with a step that his six relatives did not recognize.

The central area is a huge basin; it seems to be smashed by a meteorite.

Here; the strong are like clouds!

Some old men drank the pot and drank, their eyes were lazy, and the fairy spirit was boneless.

Some middle-aged men and women; eyes cold, full of murderous!

Some of them are beautiful, and their eyes glance from time to time.

All the hundreds of people present were all powerful in the Tiangang Realm!

In the wasteland, the Tiangang Realm is basically the top strongman, and there are no more than two in a first-class force. There are less than 20 Tiangang Realms on the bright side of the entire wasteland.

Just the Tiangang Realm here, it has topped five wasteland!

A lot of eyes with doubt and suspicion were thrown at Lin Chen, his heartbeat quietly accelerated, and an inexplicable suffocation was like the big hand of death choking his throat!

"Damn it! These old guys all doubted me. I actually wanted to compete with these old monsters in the secret realm. It was just jumping on the tip of the knife!"

After swallowing hard, Lin Chen was both excited and nervous.

Although Bai Ruoyan's black robe can eliminate Lin Chen's breath, there are still many powerful people who are aware of Lin Chen's unusualness.


Bai Ruoyan snorted coldly, and shattered those who tried to unleash the spirit or fighting spirit to explore Lin Chen's heavenly environment.

A surprised and surprised look at Lin Chen, Bai Ruoyan blocked in front of him.

She didn't expect Lin Chen to be able to reveal the flaws in front of the hundreds of Tiangang realms, and change to the rest of the realm. When locked by so many days, she would be frightened and utterly scared!

The investigation was interrupted, and many strong men's eyes were fixed, and they felt a little tricky. This woman is extraordinary!

Suddenly; there was a ripple in the space, and a strong hurricane suddenly raged across the entire Tianqi Island!

In the center of the basin, a deep space vortex is opened!

The Secret Realm of Dixie King is officially opened!